How To Schedule An Appointment With Prospective Client

One of the greatest challenges that salespeople face is landing up their first meeting with their clients. Well, getting an appointment in one go can be a little troublesome.

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Suppose, if you talk about the normal Rookie salesperson, looks forward to selling up their services with the help of a cold call. It is likely for you to pick up the phone, and start making calls. It can also happen that you directly walk straight into the neighbourhood and then look forward to knocking at their door and that true for selling your products. For all those purposes the end goals remain the same that is to book an appointment or a meeting with the decision-makers.

Now that you have successfully booked yourself an appointment after a long wait, it is when you can start to pitch in your products and services to the consumers. But keeping all this aside from the first thing that one should target for is booking an appointment that will lead you to take up the actual real deal.

Here are the few easy ways with the help of which you can easily book yourself an appointment not only help you in selling your product but will also help you in getting rid of this hectic situation.

1. Make Sure To Get Your Homework Done

It is important for you to know the person you are looking forward to having an appointment with. The better you know the person you are looking up to, the better chances for you to get an appointment with them. Sometimes, all that you need to have is just name and phone number and you’re good to go.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Prospective Client

In such cases, the one true friend on whom you can rely completely is Google. Nowadays, media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc can also turn up to be useful and great resources. Apart from taking help from all these, you can also proceed to take help from your available contact list to check whether or not anyone on your list knows your prospects.

2. Proceed Confidently

Now that your dream has come true it is important to look ahead in the right direction. Now that, your prospect picks up the phone, you have all the chance in the world to have held on their interest. If we talk about general random people, definitely the prospects, it just takes them a few words of your conversation to realize that you are trying to sell something to them. That is when their auto-rejection mode is on.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Prospective Client

If you are smart enough to open up the chances and surprise them, that is when you directly passed through the rejection filter and have them interested enough to look forward to having an appointment with you or at least listen to what you have to say.

3. Grab the advantage

This is the exact place where your manual research is taken into consideration. The more research you have done on your prospect and the more relevant data and information you have about them, the better the chances for you to pitch in the ideas that they are in actual need of. It is upon you to bring up to them all the benefit that you think is going to turn out to as an advantage for you as well for the one on the other side of the phone. It should definitely be of some interest to the prospect and make sure to give at least a little detail about the product you provide to them and don’t forget to mention the benefits.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Prospective Client

Look for exactly what your prospect needs and make sure to talk about the same over the telephonic conversation. You can help yourself as well as to get yourself an appointment booked with your prospect.

4. Assume you have done it

This one involves playing the smart game. This is the place where can actually close down your prospect on the appointment. There is not one but plenty of ways of how to close a call that you are actually making to your prospect with whom you are looking forward to having an appointment in the future.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Prospective Client

According to some experts, it is advisable to offer them a different choice of time. That is what would you generally prefer meeting up on Monday at 9:30 or should I take it for Thursday at 5? Whereas others mention to pick up one specific time like I can meet with you on Tuesday at 10 sharp. Is it a good time for you? Experiment both of these and see which one works out to be perfect for you. In case, the prospect turns you down and says a “no”, all you have to do is give them another time and date according to their convenience rather than having limited to the fact that they have said you a NO completely.

5. Just don’t give up

It is very obvious that the prospects that you are looking forward to setting an appointment with eventually turn you down. They can also refuse your request and decline to meet you. Well, it would be really smart of you if you don’t take this attitude anywhere close to your heart as it might be possible that this is not because of you.

How to Schedule an Appointment with Prospective Client

Shift the name of the prospect to some other list and don’t give up. Try getting in touch with them in the coming few weeks or say the next few days. Just make sure to use a different approach this time when you proceed forward to making a contact with them. According to the sales experts, it is said that you should continue to try your luck. Continue doing so until and unless they say you or no for at least three times.

6. Try To Judge Your Prospect’s Mood

I know you are no horoscopist, but when I say “Judge your prospect’s mood”, I’m simply asking you to analyse whether your prospect seems wary of setting up a meeting, or maybe they are neutral, or if you have single-handedly impressed the prospect and now they are clearly interested.

If the prospect sounds a little wary then try to placate the client by saying something of the sort:

  • “Do you suppose we could meet and discuss more/ have an initial conversation on (something of value/helpful to the customer here)?

If the prospect is seemingly neutral then go about it like:

  • Hey, what is your availability over the next few weeks so that we can fix a meeting to discuss/have initial words about (something of value/helpful to the customer here)?

The prospective client is clearly interested (you can already envision a mutually satisfactory professional relationship), then ask like this:

  • It was wonderful having a conversation with you. Please let me know how do I get on your calendar?

7. Don’t Come Across As Too Robotic

While professionalism is the key to any successful business, but while setting up a meeting do not cross the thin line between professionalism and being too robotic.

In fact, being too formal and following the norm may impinge on your goal of setting up an appointment.

For example, if you start off your conversation like, “Hello, I am XYZ….” *click* (yes, you have been hung up on)

The prospects are not averse to simply hanging up when they hear the robotic “Hello”, as this type of opening gives really “salesy” vibes. However, try replacing it with a more amiable “Hi!” and you’ll definitely see the difference.

So, don’t try to overdo the formal tone, open the conversation with a more natural approach and sail through the rest of the conversation with a more laid-back and comfortable approach.

By following these steps, get yourself an appointment favourite prospect that you have been eyeing on. Sure it isn’t an easy thing to do, but that’s definitely can test all your skills in just one moment. 

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