10 Effective ways to Recruit Best Candidates Online

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Recruitment is a process that requires creativity and strategy to pick a candidate that contributes to the growth of an organisation. In a world full of new talents and less opportunities, it makes the process of recruitments difficult for both the candidate and the company.

A proper recruitment strategy and an action plan to perform the process will help an organisation find the best candidate. In this new world of technology, candidates are learning new skills and are helping businesses grow with their skills. Utilizing recruitment software as a part of the strategy can streamline the process of finding a candidate that leverages his/her skills to help an organisation grow, which can be said to be successful recruitment.

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Why is Recruitment Strategy Important?

A strategy that attracts skilled candidates that best suits the role in an organisation is Recruitment strategy. A company looking to expand their team must have an action plan that helps get the right employee. Recruitment strategy involves posting on job sites, running an ad campaign, sending emails to candidate profiles and so on.
In this article, we will help you create a strategy that results in choosing the right candidate for your organisation.
Here are the top 10 ways that can help you recruit the best candidates for your organisation.

Social Media for the Win

Social media platforms have to be one of the top ways in order to find fresh talents for an organisation. Everyone in your friend list or connection list will together help you in finding that right candidate. Social media allows two-way communication wherein you can post a job and reach out to many professionals.

There are chances that your connection wouldn’t be interested in the role but they can introduce you to someone who’d be interested. The social media platforms are performing incredibly and helping businesses in all the ways possible. Hiring for a new role becomes easier with help of a social media platform that you’re most active at.

Perform an Online Employee Referral ProgramWorking professionals tend to have skilled people around their professional network, family, friends, and relatives. Performing employee referral programs strategically while offering incentives and bonuses to the employees creates excitement.
An online program can be performed by conducting a conference call with all the employees. Existing employees of an organisation can help you find your next best candidate for the role that works on the betterment of your organisation.

Portfolio Search Using Specific Keywords

Leverage the google search bar by searching for the portfolios by typing the job profile that you’re looking for. Skilled candidates create their digital portfolio for recruiters to showcase their deliverables to their prospects.
Every portfolio website has a contact page that gives you a chance to send them a personalised email by starting a healthy conversation. You can start by appreciating their work and by pointing out one that you liked the most. This will make them understand that you’re sending them a personalised message so they’d get interested in the role.

Even if they are not looking for a new role or a job change, they might be interested in working with your company in future or recommend you to someone who’d be great for your company.

Utilize the Online Professional platforms

Look for websites that offer a platform for all the professionals to discuss and learn from each other. You can get on the platforms of the profile you’re looking for, it could be a graphic designer, UX designer, UX architect, or web developer.
You can ping the candidate that interests you and discuss while making sure you smartly pitch them by educating them about your company and why they should work with you.

  • Quora is a platform where every professional from all the fields share their experience and knowledge with each other.
  • Github is a platform where you can find web developers.
  • Designer News is where you’d find all the graphic designers.

Job Posting on Popular Job Boards

An online portal that brings Job seekers and recruiters together is one of the easiest ways to recruit and to find jobs. There are many popular Job Boards like Indeed and Naukri.com that help you post the job so relevant candidates could apply to them.

Posting a job on the website does make it easier for both the parties and there’s a high chance that you’d end up finding the ideal candidate through these online Job boards.

Captivating Job Description

The job description of the job posting should be captivating enough to attract the right job seekers to apply for the role. Make sure you add a brief summary before the detailed description to make it more compelling.

The title of the job profile should have relevant and specific keywords for the job seekers to find it easily. The right candidate would get attracted if you have mentioned all the skills, day-to day-activities in the job description. Try to keep the description clear and concise so the job seekers don’t get scared seeing all the responsibilities at one go.

Run a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is filled with all types of ads because Facebook is a place where most people spend their free time at. This is the sole reason why Facebook ads are more popular than any other online ads. The first step to run a successful ad campaign is to design the poster of the hiring and ad copy stating why your company stands out.

Attracting more job seekers will get your ad maximum clicks so make sure you add a link to the website where you’ve detailed job description. It’s better if you add the link to your website where you’ve posted the job description so the job seekers get to know about your company.

Guest Posting on Relevant Websites

Guest posting on websites where your ideal candidates hang out, it could be a Job site or other professional platforms. Research well about the website and look if you can contribute in guest posting on their website. Marketing your company while contributing to their website will help you introduce your company’s work culture to your ideal candidates.

While guest posting make sure you add a link to the career page of your website so your ideal candidate gets directed easily. Send the blog or article to the editor of the website to review it and finally sit back and wait for the applicants to flood in your career’s page.

Treat Applicants as Customers

First impression of the candidate is important, but the interviewer’s first impression is important too. When conducting an online interview or an offline, it is very important to be respectful towards the candidate. The candidate should feel that you are as excited as them for the role you’re offering.

Being punctual at the given time and to ask if the candidate would like to have a glass of water are the basic things that you can do for the candidates. Share your email id with your potential candidates so they can contact you whenever a question arises in their mind. This will help you stay connected with them throughout the recruitment process.

Send personalised Emails by Finding Emails at Aeroleads

If you’re impressed by someone’s work and have come across their social media profile and wish to see them contributing to your company, sending them a personalised email would help. Find their Email address by signing up on Aeroleads and create a compelling email that attracts them to reply to your mail.

You can also send an email announcing that your company is hiring for a role to your subscribers, there are chances that your ideal candidate may be someone from your subscribers list.

Emails have always been a way to contact a person in a professional yet friendly way to communicate and build trust with them. This can help you build trust with your potential candidates.

Wrapping Up!

Additional way that works great is leveraging the LinkedIn Job page. This way you can post on the job section and also share a post saying about your recruitment process. This will again help you reach out to more candidates and your LinkedIn connections would help you by sharing the post with their connections.

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Every company desires for that one ideal candidate that contributes well in the growth of the company. All the ways that are stated in this article can help you find your ideal candidate if you perform the recruitment process strategically.

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