How to Engage Your Leads Before Your Marketing Event

Congratulations are in order, it seems.

After all, it isn’t every day that one launches their own marketing event.

Well, whoop-de-doo!

generate B2B leads for your marketing event

But, hold on: sorry to put a damper on your excitement, but how do you plan to engage your leads before your marketing event?

If you think that sending out invites for your upcoming marketing conference is enough, then you have a different thing coming. Because let’s face it: yours is not the only marketing event taking place.

Your prospects’ inbox is likely to be already inundated with multiple such invites.

Now, you have to do something different to get noticed.

Fret not! We have put together some useful points that will help you engage your leads and potential attendees before your marketing event. Given that you implement them seriously, these tricks can help you drive meaningful conversations, and increase your attendance tremendously.

5 Ways to Engage your Leads before your Marketing Event

1. Promote your marketing event on your blog

You are launching a marketing event. Good for you!

But the question is — are you writing about it?


But, why?

Letting your event exist in a vacuum is not a great idea. You have to make sure that everyone is talking about it — even Grandma Betty.

The easiest yet one of the most effective ways to do it by blogging about it extensively. Your blogs are going to help you get the word around about your event plan.  

And not just your blog posts. For instance, you are hosting your weekly webinar. It’s imperative that you touch the topic of the event at least once.

Let’s see it this way: you control your blog, then why waste even a single opportunity to promote your event? And the best part about this is that you are dealing with your target audience, so your efforts are not going in vain.

See how TechCrunch does it:


They have dedicated a special page for their events.

And they not only list out their events, they extensively talk about their events in their blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and so forth.

Here’s another detailed look at  their event page:


It is worthy to note that they do all this without being salesy or annoying their customers.

So the goal is not to just promote your event, but also to offer tangible information relevant to the event.

2. Social Media Ads

You would think, who takes these ads seriously anymore? Why spend money on them for event promotion?

Well, no matter what you think of social media ads, one still cannot deny how relevant they are.

In fact, according to Adobe’s State of Digital Advertising 2018 report, Fifty percent of Gen Z (18- and 19-year-olds) and 42 percent of millennials (20- to 36-year-olds) think social media is the most relevant channel for ads.


Social Media Ads stats

Hope this alleviates your skepticism about social media ads. Surely, numbers don’t lie.

Now, the question is, how will social media ads help you engage attendees before your marketing event?

The thing is that, while your existing audience will get to know about your event through your blog activity, there is a wide array of your target audience that is still uncovered.

To get the word around, you would need to take help from paid ads. If possible, try to integrate a giveaway or a special incentive with your ad to pique your audience’s interest.

3. Hold Contests to Gain More Exposure

You have gone to extended lengths to engage potential attendees before your marketing event. 

You are writing expressive content to engage them. Spending big bucks on your social media ad campaign. Even connected with micro-influencers with a substantial amount of following. 

Now you are ready to launch a kickass marketing event. 

Wait, hold on. 

You are forgetting something. 

How could we overlook the power of social media contests?

An average person loves freebies! And you can leverage this common human-trait for your gain.

Implementation of contests is straightforward and easy yet extremely rewarding.

They never fail to pique your leads’ interest. And most importantly, it makes it easy for your audience to get involved on a one-to-one basis. 

Have a look at how Social Media Examiner held a contest to get huge exposure for their Social Media Marketing World 2017 event.


Don’t worry about the cost of the ticket. The exposure that you would get from such a contest will surely be well worth the tickets and other expenses incurred. 

You can even encourage your audience to post about the giveaway and the event on their social media platforms.

Two Birds. One Stone.

You will not only get exposure, but the user-generated content will also get you plenty of word-of-mouth referrals. 

4. Email Marketing

After social media, the only other way to have direct contact with your prospects is through email marketing.

However, don’t just send out invites to random people.

First, answer these questions:

Who would benefit from my marketing event? Who can afford to attend it? What type of leads I would like to see in my marketing event? 

Once you find an answer to all these questions, then segment your email list accordingly and start sending out attractive invites.

Follow a pre-defined timeline.

Say, for example, you start building an audience two months prior, then your plan should look something like this:

  • 2 Months Prior: Introduce potential attendees to your marketing event. Tell them what they can learn from the conference and give them a brief about the speakers.
  •  1 Month Prior: Give some more detailed information and send an invite link.
  •  3 Weeks Prior: Run a contest (and it through email).
  •  2 Weeks Prior: Declare winners and send official invites to the winners as well as regular attendees.
  • 5 Days Prior: Send a reminder.
  • 1 Day Prior: Tickets reminder

As you can see from the timeline, sending out invites are not enough.

So, keep on engaging potential attendees before your marketing event if you really want to engage productive B2B leads.

5. Add your marketing event to your email signature

That’s just preposterous. There’s no way I am doing this.

I know! I know!

People often feel that adding anything promotional to their email signatures is downright cringe-inducing.

And I will agree to some extent.

That said, it doesn’t have to be this way. Given that you do it tastefully, it can make a lot of difference.

For instance, have a look at this Bizzabo signature:


It doesn’t look distasteful, does it?

In fact, it is compelling its receivers to open up the link and see what the event is all about.

However, please note that if you can’t make it simple and beautiful, then it is better to stay away from this tactic.

Summing it all up

Engaging potential attendees before your marketing event is veritably important. However, event promotion is no walk in the park.

It doesn’t matter how expansive your audience base is. It is still difficult to get people to attend your event.

Fortunately, we have some tricks up our sleeve.

Leverage social media channels extensively to get the word around, and remember, don’t let even a single opportunity go to waste. Talk about your event as much as you can.

So, how do you plan to engage your leads and prospective attendees before your marketing event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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