How to Find Prospects and Leads on SlideShare

It is the 21st century and no one wants to waste their time on long meetings, discussing matters that need minutes. That is why PowerPoint presentations are becoming more popular every day and respectively SlideShare is getting the attention of business too. If you are less familiar with this social web platform – it stores hundreds of millions of powerpoint presentations on an endless variety of topics. You look for something – go there, watch a few entertaining and at the same time useful slides. There is no wondering why B2B is predominant on this network and it has yet to become even bigger and more popular among users. But now, more on the specific ways to generate leads on here.

1. Use LeadShare

This relatively new feature of SlideShare is available for the PRO users of SlideShare. It is very useful as it allows you to place a contact form in your presentations, connecting you with potential leads, interested in your content. You can use this form for when someone tries to download the original presentation, on a specific slide in your presentation or when you embed it in a blog, website or social networks. Sadly, as the great feature, it is the LeadShare, it is part of the aforementioned PRO users accounts of SlideShare. And those are currently not available for new sign-ups.


Deliver quality niche content

To find your leads, it is important first they find you. For this to happen you have to fight your way through thousands of competitors. So as targeted your presentation to a certain niche is, the better. When you write unique and captivating content, the possibility of making a new connection is a lot higher. First slide – very important. Many of the users on SlideShare go through tens of presentations every day, so you have to win them with the first impression. Also, it is crucial to make up interesting and unique titles, that are more on the point and give the specific solution to a specific issue. Better than every generic presentation you could waste your time with. [slideshare id=45749453&doc=findprospectswithaeroleads-150312070144-conversion-gate01]

3. Share your presentation on other social networks

I have talked to you about Linkedin a couple of times and you already should know, that it is one of the best social networks out there. Especially for B2B, prospect and lead generation and establishing a new business connection. It is a logical decision on a SlideShare part, that you can embed your presentations in Linkedin and in that way, to become more popular, grow your network and online presence. Your main task is to generate interesting content, that would grab the attention of your potential prospects. We have already covered some of the most prominent ways of finding prospects and leads on Linkedin, so consider this a bonus one.

Also, you should make use of other popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Tumblr – as much as they are or not business-oriented.

If anyone shows interest and engages – likes, comments, shares – feel obligated to reach out to them and make a connection.

In SlideShare PRO account, you can make use of the features for data analyses and see who and when exactly is interested (downloaded) in your content – they are your audience, your potential prospects and eventually leads.

4. Grow your network

As we mentioned, SlideShare has an enormous potential and millions new people and businesses are joining every week and month. SToconnect with people in your vertical and establish new connections, that could translate to other channels and eventually become leads.

Many companies have their corporate profiles on SlideShare, as well as individuals from the industry. So growing your network, you should consider following and engaging with them.

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