How to Design Emails That Drive Conversions

An average person receives close to 126 emails in a day. In a cluttered inbox, filled with various kinds of emails, why would someone choose to read your email? This is the first question that every email marketer ought to ask themselves before sending in the emails.  

Before imagining the campaign for the email that you are planning to send, understand what your end users expect from you. It is important to know what they look for in an email, what intrigues them to open an email, and how they consume the email content. And apart from this, if you want to get elevated to a higher rank in your company, then you need to work on creating an email newsletter that will impress your boss. 

There are a few design mantras that you should be aware of when designing the emails in order to craft the ones that convert.

1. Use colors to trigger the right emotions

Haven’t you heard people say that colors tend to influence certain emotions in the buyer, thus motivating them to complete the purchase? Each color represents a different virtue; for instance, red stands for bold, courage, power, etc. while white stands for peace, integrity, etc.

Your choice of colors in the email influences the purchase behavior in the end users. They tend to react according to the colors used in the emails. For instance, if there is red, they easily associate it with power. On the other hand, yellow is associated with sunshine and happiness.

Your color choice will connect with the end users, as the visual conveys and communicates with them. It is always good to combine a bold color with a mild one if you plan to showcase some of the powerful emotions through your emails, thus directing the user towards conversions.

design emails

This email by On-running brand offers a classic example of how colors can grab the attention of the users and convert them into customers. Each shoe is showcased using a different hue, thus communicating how these shoes are different from each other, and what they stand for in an athlete’s life.

2. Pairing the right fonts helps communicate better

How many times have you heard that you should be consistent in your font usage? There are times when it is better if you use a single font to create the entire email. However, if you want to direct the attention of the users towards important content in the email, then the use of a complementary font always works.

For instance, use a particular font in bold in the title while you can use a completely different font in the content part of the email. Make it a point to use fonts that complement each other. If you want, add a dash of color to highlight the content and font type that you wish to connect with the end user, thus helping them convert into customers.

aeroleads email

Royal Caribbean International has intentionally used different fonts, font colors as well as styles in order to emphasize the different aspects of the brand and communicates the end goal perfectly to the users.

3. Align your email design to the website branding

Ultimately, the email you are sending to the end users is an extension of your brand image. If your emails are not consistent with your branding strategies, you might miss out on converting the potential customers into actual customers.

Use the website fonts, color schemes, and even layouts to craft your emails. The users will immediately connect the elements with your brand.F

If you don’t want to create an email from scratch, you can use the email design templates offered by various email service providers and define your email campaign in line with your brand’s website and other assets.

4. Opt for minimal design in your campaigns

It looks like minimal design is the new way of the email world. The focus aspects get noticed as a result of minimal design.

Why should you go for minimal design? For one, it helps in getting the attention of the users towards the key points in your email. A single image in many cases can drive conversions for your brand. Only two lines in the content can also help maximize your conversions.

You should know the central message for the email and drive the user’s attention towards it without using heavy images or a content-heavy email.

Minimal email designs also come with bigger and better CTAs, which are easily noticeable and clickable.

aeroleads-email nest

The Black Friday sale email by Nest sets a perfect example of the minimalistic email. Your eyes are glued to the CTA and the focus message, which is the discount offered by the brand for the products on sale. The white space and the messages are written in a clear and precise manner, thus getting the message through to the customer.

5. Avoid creating an image-centric email

Marketers, often, have a habit of creating an email complete with images. While such emails tend to convey most of your communication without being too verbal, they are not the most email client- friendly emails to be sent to the users.

When your user receives the email, there are chances that the images don’t open in their inbox. So, all your efforts into creating a non-verbal communication are in vain.

Secondly, you will notice that these emails are not accessible by people who are color blind or have other disabilities, thus narrowing down your audience that can connect with your brand via emails.

If you are planning to use images to drive conversions, make sure you use alt+text in your images to make them accessible.

The best way to drive conversions is by using a good copy and including a headline for the copy to grab the attention of the users.

While using an image definitely enhances the scope of your email, relying on images solely can ruin your chances at increasing the reach of your email or boosting conversions.

6. Keep the design simple and easy to comprehend

It is always said that the simpler the email looks, the easier it is for the end users to access the email. Not only should you make way for simpler content, but also introduce simple and functional designs for your emails.

The flow of the email is important to make the design look functional. For a simpler design, you ought to invest time in defining the goal, creating a central message, and devising the CTA that is aligned to your goals.

The idea is to grab the user’s attention and make them take the action you have suggested in the goal.

Wrap up

The design of the email from the usability perspective will determine whether or not your email will enhance conversions for your brand. It is important to consider the design strategy before exploring the various design templates and crafting your email.

You should indulge in colors that are bold and in sync with your branding. Fonts, personalization and minimalist design trends will offer you the conversion base you are looking at.

If you have used one or more of these design tips while crafting your email, let us know what your experience was.

Author Bio:

Chintan is Head of Operations at InboxArmy LLC. He has been into email marketing domain from last 7 years. Chintan is connected to InboxArmy, a professional email marketing agency that specializes in providing advanced email marketing services from email production to deployment. Chintan’s track record of email marketing success covers building email programs from scratch and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.

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