How PeopleHR, a $100k/month Company is Using AeroLeads to Find more Customers [Case Study]

PeopleHR is a major UK based SaaS software company who sells HR software to Small Business, Startups, and Big Fortune 500 companies. To acquire customers, they have the hybrid strategy of Inbound and Outbound marketing processes and are using AeroLeads as part of their sales funnel.

How PeopleHR is using AeroLeads

PeopleHR has a sales team of 5 people and their target potential customers are HR companies, Startups, decision makers of HR departments of major organizations. This is how their sales process works involving AeroLeads –

1. Their sales team search for prospects through Linkedin or Google search,
2. They select the relevant prospects and add them to predefined lists (say Startups, UK HR Companies)
3. If AeroLeads is not able to find the email id, they use the “quick search feature” to see the pattern of emails for that company and can select from the suggested email patterns.
4. If needed, they change the names of the person or move them to different lists. They also do cleaning/removal of lists created based on their quality criteria.
5. Once they build their prospect list, they either export it into csv or transfer it to their CRM.

AeroLeads Screenshot

What does PeopleHR Founder have to say about AeroLeads

Sat Aeroleads PeoplehrSat Sindhar, Founder of PeopleHR told me during our video call about few feature which really makes AeroLeads standout from similar prospect generation software like

1. Finding prospects from Google search.
2. The customer being able to edit emails (if he knows the correct email id).
3. Suggestions made by AeroLeads and the quick search feature for patterns.
4. It shows you company email id which is often useful.

These features make the tool more effective by removing excessive guessing work and reducing bounce rates.

You can watch the full video interview here.

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2 Thoughts on “How PeopleHR, a $100k/month Company is Using AeroLeads to Find more Customers [Case Study]

  1. Sameer Panjwani on August 10, 2015 at 10:14 am said:

    Wow, amazing to hear that your product has been responsible for revenue generation of up to $100,000 in ARR for one of your customers! That’s awesome.

    • Pushkar Gaikwad on August 10, 2015 at 10:21 am said:

      Thanks Sameer, I really liked your software mondovo too.

      There are lot of SaaS startups using AeroLeds to find prospects and potential customers, see if you can use it to find more prospects for Mondovo too.

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