How to Generate Leads from SlideShare

how to generate lead using SlideShare

SlideShare gets an estimated 70 million visitors a month and has about 38 million registered users. It is the best platform for lead generation. You can use this audience and convert them to quality lead sources. It is one of the leading websites in the world. This can help you assign content at the hierarchy. SlideShare helps you to grow your followers, rank better on Google, build your brand and get e-mail subscribers.

Few amazing stats about Slideshare that will blow your mind! 

1.  SlideShare allows you to link your Slideshare account to your LinkedIn account. 

By combining these two accounts, your activity on SlideShare gets fed automatically to LinkedIn and it will be seen in the LinkedIn Newsfeed Connections. As you upload current presentations and ‘like’ the existing ones, your LinkedIn attachment will know.

2. Infographics in Slideshare are 4X liked more than presentations,  and 23X more than documents. 

SlideShare has announced support for infographics. It has published data points that compare engagement and interaction between infographics and other content formats. You can save your infographic to PDF, then use the “Upload” process in SlideShare. It will help you identify that the uploaded document is an infographic and will place it in “Infographics” tab in your SlideShare channel.

3. Gives you actionable results

The slides can be customized according to your lead preferences. It allows Geo-targeting and reaches your audiences on desktop and mobile to create high-quality leads. This allows for quick and seamless lead review.

4. Leads are more relevant than any other platform

Slideshare has 5 times more professional users than any other platform. 70% of Slideshare traffic comes from targeted search by over seventy million users looking for content like yours.

How to use Slideshare to generate leads?

Slideshare users are usually doing research, use this opportunity to generate traffic and leads, most of them arrive via search. Lead them to your website and know who they are. Try any or all of the following tips:

1. Optimize your content

Slideshare Content Optimization

Optimize your keywords. SlideShare will automatically copy out the text from your slides to be placed on your presentation. You have to be sure to include target keywords as they fit spontaneously. Your title, tags, and description all are places to insert keywords. During a buyer’s research phase case-studies are usually viewed more. In this phase, you need to ask fewer questions in your lead form. If a customer is in knowing phase, he is more likely to view educational or promotional content. Utilize this chance to quiz more questions to the prospect.

2. Make sure your title exactly explains your content 

optimize your SlideShare content

Titles are the invitations for your slides, make sure it is good enough to grab viewers. The idea is to capture people’s attention so they will want to take a look at the content within. In order to make your content more recognizable in search, add a detailed explanation. Improve your search visual range by supporting your SlideShare.

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3. Create a lead form

SlideShare lead form aeroleads

Add your introduction and description. Fill the information like what you want from your readers, where you want your lead form to be placed and when you want it to show up. Then set up your campaign budget. You can also perform Geo-targeting and custom questions accordingly. The placement of your lead form is important as it directly impacts on your amout of leads. If you want your leads to be of higher quality but probably low in quantity, put the form when the audience arrives at the final slide. You can place your form in the halfway of your presentation, this will get a higher quantity leads, but those readers might not make it to the ending of your presentation.

4. Include links

SlideShare lead form

Source – Hubspot

CTAs – It is always best to include hyperlinked text or a CTA button to a landing page for a related, valuable offer, in order to ensure that you are driving traffic to pages where viewers can convert. .Creating links in your presentations will generate traffic to your site, media outlets, and landing pages. Design links as buttons to make it your call to action obvious and understandable. Remember to use“click here” instructions. Never forget to include URL and contact information at the end of your presentation. You can also include your lead forms in the middle of your presentation for readers to continue reading it or download it.

5. Increase your reach

In order to reach more number of people, you have to do good promotion.

  • Share it on LinkedIn – if you get more views on LinkedIn, your presentation will it in the “Hot on LinkedIn” box.
    hot on LinkedIn
  • Share it on Pinterest – It is a great platform to share images, videos, and presentations. It will attract an audience to your site.
  • Also share it on Facebook ,Twitter and your blog.

6. Increase your Virality

Slideshare sharing on social media

Just sharing it on social media will not get you more audience. You need to make it viral by interacting with your audience. Respond to the comments. Also, reshare it when the trend repeats again.

7. Measure your performance 

SlideShare analytics

Once your presentation starts getting views, you’ll want to measure the outcomes to gather insights that can be used to inform your future plan. To measure your performance go to analytics that can be found in the drop-down menu in the right corner of the navigation bar. The analytics will also help to measure more in-depth performance indexes such as traffic sources and views by country.

Refer to leads dashboard to know about your lead capture. The total number of leads captured by the form can then be divided by the total number of views to generate conversion rate.

We hope you liked our article as we liked documenting it. You can apply many of these into your slides to become a more effective marketer on SlideShare. Go ahead and generate more leads as seventy million visitors are waiting!
If you have any ideas or tips about accomplishing your goals through Slideshare, let’s talk about it in the comment section. 
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