How B2B Video Marketing Is Creatively Engaging Audiences

Videos are changing the marketing landscape since they have helped many brands in establishing themselves and aided many in standing apart from the tough competition. Despite the positive role video content plays, many marketers are hesitant to be more accepting of this new trend. But, this is all about to change since Cisco has reported that video-based content for both the consumers and the businesses will face a steady rise in the coming years.

Among the few brands that are using videos, this form of communication is helping them unlock the market’s hidden potential. That said, 88% of the video marketers are satisfied with the ROI they get through their video marketing efforts. Considering all the well-performing video marketing stats, it is no wonder that marketers are expanding their video efforts and experimenting with B2B video content. 

B2B Video Content & its Importance in Overall Marketing Strategy


A collaborative study between Forbes and Google revealed that 75% of executives browse through business-related platforms to watch work-related videos. That said, around 76% of companies have used videos to expand their brand’s reach. (Content Marketing Institute). 

In this era, where marketers are relying on unique mediums to solidify their marketing efforts, it is not surprising that video content, especially B2B videos, is slowly taking off. When compared to ordinary content, videos can communicate complicated and detailed information in a much faster way with the use of compelling visuals. According to Neilsen Norman Group, users have time to read more yet they only read about 20% and this problem is further made worse with the lack of appropriate visuals. This consumer behavior has created the need to incorporate B2B video content in marketing efforts to create brand awareness, communicate products/services’ features, and increase ROI. 

When it comes to B2B video content, marketers have countless opportunities for letting their creativity get the best out of them. From how-to videos to guides, social media video campaigns, user-generated content, searchable video content, live video events, and products unveiling; the possibilities are endless. But, why does B2B video content work in favor of marketers? Let us break out each of the element in order to understand B2B video content in a better way: 

  • Defines a brand message

The best thing about B2B video marketing is that it does not only work for the leading players in a specific niche. If all the cards are played right, then B2B video marketing can generate desirable results for smaller enterprises as well because it is all about creativity and finding your own sense of purpose. As long as you know the message that you want to communicate and are aware of the engaging ways of communicating it, B2B video marketing will help bridge the gap between your brand and the consumers. 

  • Appealing to the consumers’ humorous side

Majority of the B2B videos rely on humor to connect with the audience. Why? Because, if used appropriately, humorous B2B video efforts can help create content that is not only entertaining but also has an impact on the audience. Of course, not all the B2B videos use humor as a tool to highlight an issue associated with the consumers, but the ones that have used it, have definitely been a hit among consumers. 

  • Focus on consumers

According to Harvard Business Review, marketing efforts that focus on features, outcomes or products’ functions only generate 21% increase in brand’s benefits. In comparison, the marketing efforts that identify the consumers’ difficulties and focuses on the features or products that could help with the pain points, experiences a 49% boost. 

Successful B2B video content is customer-centric and tends to provide a solution rather than talk about brands or their products in details. 

B2B video marketing is unlike any other internet marketing services because they invoke emotions with the help of humor or drama and compel viewers to think differently about a specific thing. It has the capabilities to transform mundane business-related subjects into something is relatable through an immersive viewing experience. 

To understand B2B video marketing in depth, here are the two examples of famous companies that used video as a tool to help them shine in this department. 

ShoreTel and HubSpot 


When it comes to providing marketing solutions, HubSpot is a strong player in its niche. Additionally, they provide a number of products and tools that could help struggling companies with their SMM, content management, SEO, web analytics, and more. On the other hand, ShoreTel was a telecommunication vendor that provided communication services to other businesses. 

Since then, ShoreTel has been acquired and merged with another company, but that is not important. What is important is how HubSpot used ShoreTel to create a testimonial video for them that had all the right elements of being successful. Long story short; ShoreTel was struggling with finding the right online marketing vendor and approached HubSpot to provide assistance. HubSpot delivered and ended up making a telecommunications company very happy. 

Being a marketing giant, it was not difficult for HubSpot to realize the importance of video content and because of this; they got ShoreTel to create a video for them. The result was a high-end video that highlighted ShoreTel’s problems and focused on the marketing solutions which HubSpot was able to provide. This B2B video worked because it had all the elements of being successful. It did not only focus on the solution; instead, the video started by a person describing their struggles in the marketing world as a telecommunication services’ provider. 

The video’s script and setting also made it effective because apparently getting a professional to talk about their experiences have a stronger effect on the people than just simply reading about it. With the help of the B2B video attempt, HubSpot was able to bring in their consumers in a narrative that had everything, i.e. a conflict, one’s journey in finding the right path, and a solution. 

Slack and Sandwich Video


Slack is a beloved cloud-based software that has introduced convenience in how employees of a single company communicate with each other. That said, Slack is the best example of how one can use humor to communicate boring information in an effective manner. 

With the help of a video production house, Sandwich Video, Slack was able to craft a narrative of how a company was hesitant to use their product, but still used it anyway, and once they got the hang of it, they could not stop raving about it! On the surface, the B2B video was just another promotional content that focused on the benefits of Slack. However, the way the subject matter was conveyed, that is what made the video’s message to connect with their audience. 

By using humor, Sandwich Video successfully created a case of consumer advocacy that discussed a company’s journey of finding, using, and loving Slack. The idea behind the video was great since it was able to focus on Slack’s benefits. Additionally, it explained Slack’s values without being too obvious about it. 

The point is, with the slight use of humor, Sandwich Video was able to capture Slack in a way that focused on its corporate values, features, and benefits while sticking with a humorous and casual tone. 

Setting Yourself Up for the Challenge 


B2B video content is important and it is slowly proving itself to be an emerging player in the entire marketing arena. Although many marketers do realize the importance of video content in their marketing strategy, the lack of experience and the unavailability of proper channels hinder them from experimenting with it. 

To help break through the market, many marketers often go after the expensive production houses with no plan or strategy in mind. However, it does not need to be like this because if you know where to start and have an organized video strategy in mind, you can get great content through smaller investments. 

Even if you are bringing a third party production house onboard, it is always better to have the entire strategy worked out in your mind. Through this way, you will be more involved in the creative process and can control the content that is about your company or services.  

Preparing your consumers for what is to come is also an important part of B2B video content. You need to get them excited by creating hype. For this, you need to analyze the social media platforms and pick out a suitable channel, a channel that is also hot among your target consumers. Once you have identified suitable platforms, you can prepare your consumers for the video content by sharing crafted posts and stills from the B2B video to create buzz. 

Additionally, you need to have a well-organized strategy for measuring results once the videos have been made public. According to the Content Marketing Institute, a video strategy is not complete until it has some plans for measuring the results to determine the success of the campaign. Keeping this in mind, you need to set up some Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ensure that your B2B video strategy is helping you in achieving your overall goals. 

Why Video Should Be In Your Marketing Campaign Today

Videos have become ubiquitous in content marketing, taking over the web by storm. Its growing popularity is apparent with its presence on almost every social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. However, creating your own video can be a challenge— especially for someone with minimal experience and equipment. If you’re looking to create your own video but don’t know where to start, there are several tools circulating the web you can check out.

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Wrapping Up 

Video content should no longer be treated as an afterthought. As the world of marketing keeps changing, it is better to learn and implement all the trends that are taking others by storm. The same goes for B2B videos because it provides businesses with opportunities that they cannot afford to sleep on. It is an opportunity to grow and with a proper plan and a strategy, brands can hope to achieve levels of progress that were previously unheard of. 

Lastly, the key to success lies in planning ahead and with a thoughtful plan that highlights the brand’s benefits and features, one can hope to achieve great results while staying on the right track! 


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