Guide to Generate Leads from PPC Campaigns

Considering that PPC campaigns will bring the targeted audience to your site, you cannot always be sure whether these prospects will turn into leads and to further stages. To get assured leads you need to take care of a couple of key strategies points to maximize your client churn out and thus become a profitable organization using the edge you get over other with the digital marketing process of PPC(Pay-Per-Click). It is time to let go of traditional word of mouth marketing. It is worth investing your time and money as this is definitely going to give you an unparalleled number of leads.

1. Direct your prospects to your Landing Page:

What most of the PPC experts and companies do is simply redirect your PPC campaign audience to your main website. It is essential to set up your landing pages and even multiple of them to get better efficiency in generating leads. So, instead of redirecting your potential client base to your homepage, why not redirect them straight to the service landing page. Even if your home page acts as the all-rounder and sums up your business and products there itself, it is advised to direct your audience more specifically to the product or service landing page because our goal is to maximize lead generation through the campaign.

Guide to Generate Leads from PPC Campaigns

2. Optimizing lead generation form:

The contact page set up on your website is super effective in turning your user base into leads. Simple forms which have the prime purpose of gathering website visitor data are better than flashy forms which divert the user’s attention away from your goal. Captcha verification tool is not really necessary as long as you have spam filtering enabled on your site through plugins. To have your forms focused on the things that matter and the ones you need to know about your clients and then further after getting to know your client base better you can tailor your PPC campaigns better or even use the method of data analysis to accurately and efficiently get leads.

Guide to Generate Leads from PPC Campaigns

3. Quality of your content:

People driven to your site from PPC campaigns come for more information on the things you have advertised and not anything else. So it is wise to have your website landing page content designed as per requirement to better suit your needs Use proper keywords from Google Adwords if you are not sure which ones will be best for your PPC campaign. Keywords are essential for your PPC advertising as they are the ones that lead your ad up or down the visibility and ad rankings in the same field.

Use SEO oriented keywords and that pays off big time. Additionally, let your landing page contain apt information that the visitor came to your page looking for. If your landing page has something else than what was advertised that is a huge disadvantage and improper advertising. As essential it is to include your keywords, it is even more essential to filter out the negative keywords and non-relative keywords as per SEO practices.

Guide to Generate Leads from PPC Campaigns

4. Give rewards or offers after getting visitors to sign up:

After the visitors have successfully even subscribed to your newsletter and provided your details and become your targeted audience you want to take things further. Apart from free trials and other techniques you can implement to generate leads, it is essential to get them feel rewarded for the same and they end up being your leads and best clients in no time. Reward them with eBooks, videos or whitepapers which can tell them more about the things they came looking for on your site and subscribed to the newsletter for the information advertised. Unlike your contact form for lead generation purpose, the rewarding should be in a proper location and a bit flashy to get the attention of the visitors. The goal is to capture their attention towards the idea of getting your products or services.

Guide to Generate Leads from PPC Campaigns

 5. Addressing their doubts about your products or services:

A part of getting the prospects to sign up is to solve their queries and diminish their doubting factor beforehand. Having a community forum where people can interact and solve each other’s queries or by the company staff is a big plus. Having reviews by people who have used your products or services in a marquee or a flashy way helps even more. The platform becomes more open to trusting by the website visitors and therefore you get more sign ups because of the trust level established because of this simple procedure.

Guide to Generate Leads from PPC Campaigns

6. Tracking Conversions:

PPC is all about lead generation if you can use the campaign right. As important of a role PPC plays in lead generation, it the option to track conversions is seriously underutilized. Tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising have their own conversion tracking options and you don’t even need to look anywhere else or do something extra apart from your campaign running smoothly and efficiently as long as you follow these methods. There are a lot of reasons to track your conversions and if you don’t utilize the option to track your leads and act on your campaign and services accordingly. It never hurts to have little more insights about why and when people are signing up for your services and then target your audience based on the same insights.

 7. The ‘Thank you’ page:

When people sign up on your website for the products or services advertised it is a great strategy to lead them further to a thank you page once the transactions have been completed. By all means, this page can even have the previously mentioned reviews and feedback from the users who have already signed up and used your products. You can include a review from here to show up on your website same as the method of guest blogging. This basically acts as an awareness tool and therefore get greater conversion rates.

 Guide to Generate Leads from PPC Campaigns

PPC is a really effective tool and can be utilized in a variety of ways. The power to make or break your business lies in your hands and PPC can help you make it.


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