Got an Email Address? Let Verify it

Since its introduction, email addresses have been reigning as the undisputed king among the various modes of contact in order to get in touch with someone (leads, in case of sales reps). Emails are one of the most versatile tools in today’s digital world, as it has a wide range of utilities including:

AeroLeads Email Verification Tool

  • To easily connect with everyone in your network especially those top leads.
  • To promote your content thereby increasing the interest of others in your product.
  • For share information about the new product, services or offers.
  • Contacting through email feels way more professional.
  • For easy and widespread marketing of your businesses at minimal cost.
  • To increase the number of leads, customers and thereby overall sales revenue.

Problems Related to Email Addresses:

AeroLeads Email Verification Tool

Although email addresses are considered to be the best and the most professional way to contact your leads, but sometimes it happens that you may be trying to contact someone with an email address which either is fake and does not belong to the person whom you are trying to reach or in extreme cases the email may not exist at all. If this occurs, then it would be really disheartening to know that all your efforts have gone in vain and all you can do after that is regret. So, to save yourself from this is what this article is meant for.

Solution- Email Verification:

The best way to get rid of the above-mentioned issues, related to emails of your contacts is to get them verified using a trusted, easy to use, user-friendly and advanced email verification tool.

Although, AeroLeads may be known to you all as a data mining tool, primarily helping its clients in generating potential prospects. But to help you with email verification, the AeroLeads developer team has come up with a new trusted and technologically advanced Email Verification Tool.

Thus, to be secured and to confirm that all your emails are reaching your contacts, you may use this modern AeroLeads Email Verification Tool which works on its advanced algorithm, delivering the best results and most importantly it is absolutely free.

Why Use the AeroLeads Email Verification Tool?

As already mentioned that many of the email addresses that you have may not belong to the same person you wish to contact, be fake or else be invalid i.e does not exist at all. In this case, the AeroLeads Email Verification Tool comes in really handy, saving you from the harsh effects of having a wrong email address.

So, any email address that you have must be verified for the following reasons

  • To ensure that the email address you have is not fake.
  • To know that the email address is active and is being used by the real owner you wish to contact.
  • For verify that all your emails are sent perfectly and also being tracked properly and is being used by the contact.

Also, the best thing about the tool is that you can use it to get your emails checked by paying no cost at all i.e the tool is absolutely free. The tool can also be used if you are already using any of our other AeroLeads Account Plans.

Link to the AeroLeads Email Verification Tool:

To pamper yourself with the mind-blowing services of the AeroLeads Email Verification Tool, you just have visited the link attached below 


How Does the Tool Works?

This is a question which must have come to every reader’s mind. We will be happy to answer this for you. The AeroLeads Email Checker works on highly advanced email verification algorithm which efficiently connects to the email server in order to check if the address entered by you is valid or not. Thus, the AeroLeads tool basically improves the security of your account. Also, it can be heavily trusted as it has been intelligently developed by our very own technical team.

How to use the AeroLeads Email Verification Tool?

Now that we know everything about the Email Verification Tool from AeroLeads, the only major concern that you may be left with is how will you use the tool to verify any email address that you hold. So, here is a step by step guide to using the tool without facing any difficulty.


Visit the AeroLeads Email Verification Tool by clicking on the link given above and then log in to your account to use it.

You can also visit the tool by logging into your AeroLeads account using your credentials and then selecting the Verify Email tool option, present at the top of the homepage.

Remember, that if you do not have an AeroLeads account, then you would have to go through the signup process which is extremely fast and easy.

AeroLeads Email Verification Tool


Next, your screen will show an email address verifier dialog box, where you just need to type the email address that you wish to check and click on verify.

AeroLeads Email Verification Tool



After this, the advanced email verification algorithm comes into play and within a matter of seconds, you will receive the end result for the email addresses that you entered.

AeroLeads Email Verification Tool

Results of Email Verifications:

The AeroLeads Email Verification Tool, after verifying delivers one of the 4 results mentioned below.

  1. Valid- This verification result gets displayed if the email address you entered represents a real/active account or inbox, available at the given domain.
  2. Unknown- It may happen sometimes that that domain of the email address that you mentioned did not respond quickly enough. In such situations, due to unwanted technical faults, the email cannot be verified to be valid or invalid.
  3. Catch All- This result is shown when the domain of your email address is one which responds affirmatively to every verification request and thus cannot be fully verified.
  4. Undeliverable- If the email address provided by you is fake or invalid and does not belong to a real account/inbox then the tool shows undeliverable.

Examples of verification results of the tool have been attached in the form of images posted in this section.

AeroLeads Email Verification Tool


Final Say:

It is extremely necessary to verify every email address of the leads that you possess in order to verify if your emails will reach the correct contact or not. Log in today to your AeroLeads account and make the most out of the Free AeroLeads Email Verification Tool, thereby acquiring more and more secure and active leads.

Good Luck on your next email verification with AeroLeads.

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