The 7 Perfect Shortener Alternatives

Are you solely relying on, Google’s URL shortener, then I am sure you are rushing to look for a perfect alternative. 

If you are having a hard time finding a perfect shortener alternative — you are at the right place and just in the nick of time. After all, it has been less than a month since, Google’s URL shortener, closed their services.

But you can’t delay this anymore. You need to find something sooner rather than later otherwise you will be stuck with lengthy, difficult-to-manage hyperlinks like this: 

You quickly need a Shortener Alternative to create crisp and easily manageable URL, like this:

This URL is unlikely to ever break during email posting or expire after a short while. Moreover, since this version of the URL is much shorter, you can easily copy and paste it wherever you want. 

That’s why today we have rounded up 7 perfect shortener alternatives. 

7 Best Alternatives to URL shortener 

1. Bitly

Bitly URL shortener

If one is talking about URL shortener, then one has to include Bitly to the list. After all, it is one of the most popular URL shortener on the internet today. And now with out of the way, it is leading by a large margin. 

You don’t have to go to any extended lengths to use this tool. Just copy and paste the link you want to shorten, click the “Shorten” button, and you will have your desired URL. 

The best part is that this URL shortener is completely free — you don’t have to pay a single penny to shorten your URL with Bitly.

However, if you want to take things a notch higher and want to have access to more optimized and advances features, Bitly has several pricing packages for you.  

Bitly’s additional, customized services include: 

Advanced Analytics

You can capture over 20 data points using Bitly’s advanced analytics feature. This will make you privy to insights such as who is clicking on your URL, where they came from, and so forth. Taking a cue from this piece of information, you can now adjust your links and content strategy as per the response you are receiving. 

Hide Links

It is easy to lose sight of all the links that you create, that’s why Bitly keeps you updated every time you create a new link. You can also hide these links from your dashboard so that they are not always in your face, which makes it way easier to manage all your links. 

Encryption and security

With Bitly, you don’t have to worry about the security of your link. Last year, the URL shortener announced HTTPS  integration for all the links created using Bitly. This makes your browsing free of worry and secures from getting tampered on by any outward source. 

These services are only a small part of what Bitly offers. Bitly is more than just an URL shortener. It also includes other prominent services such as customization of front and back-half of your URL, integration with other powerful URL builders, and more. 

Pricing Details:

If you don’t have extensive need of URL shortening services, then Bitly’s free package is more than enough for you. It offers 50 branded links and 1 user seat. The paid packages start off at USD 29 per month and go up to USD 499 per month. 


Do you want to automatically transform your lengthy, noisy URL to a more character-count friendly version? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t? 

In this case, has you covered! by Hootsuite is a popular URL shortener and has now emerged as a perfect shortener alternative. 

Like Bitly, also offers various other services besides just being a URL shortener. 

From URL tracking to robust analytics, and from building a crisp, customized URL to scheduling social media posts — is like a one-stop shop. 

Moreover, has the capability to generate detailed and insightful reports on the fly. It will also give you useful recommendations to boost your ROI, such as: what is the best time to post or what type of posts are trending the most and likely to trend the most. 

Pricing Details:

Initially, you can try their 30-day free trial pack to see whether this is the URL shortener you are looking for. If you think that this shortener alternative aligns with your goals, you can then move on to their paid services after a month. After your trial package expires, paid services start off at approximately USD 18 per month and ranges up to approximately USD 672 per month. 

3. Rebrandly 

Rebrandly Shortener Alternative

Rebrandly is another great shortener alternative, perfect for creating branded links. 

Like the other two aforementioned URL shorteners, Rebrandly also offers a wide range of advanced features rather than just offering URL shortening service. 

Some key features include: 

High Link Volume 

You can create branded links with Rebrandly within a very short time span, The best part is that you can also set your links to auto-expire according to your preference and specification. 

Customized Reports 

With Rebrandly, you also have access to robust and insightful reports disseminating the response your target audience has to your branded link. This shortener alternative will provide you with tailor-made reports, which can be scheduled and sent as per your own accord. 

Special Integrations 

Want to offer your prospects a little something extra along with your regular services? Rebrandly gives you an opportunity to incorporate link branding and management as of your own services and deliver to your customers. 

Special Prices/Commissions 

If you refer Rebrandly to your clients and other agencies, then you can garner many benefits from their special agency program. 

Pricing Details:

You can have access to all the wonderful features that this shortener alternative offer by spending as little as USD 29 per month. After that, their packages climb to USD 69per moth and then USD 499 per month. 

4. T2M URL Shortener


T2M URL Shortener is another fully-featured URL shortening service provider. T2M automatically generates QR codes along with a shortened URL which makes it very useful. T2M is powered by Canadian corporation Zesle Software Inc.

Features wise, along with URL shortening, it provides all the enterprise-level features such as custom branded short URL, custom domains, password protection, edit URL slug or destination URL at any time, CSV import/export, REST APIs, campaigns, multi-user seats, parameter forwarding, SSO integration, and much more.

You can also enjoy robust Google-like analytics which includes timeline graph, graph to see Top Browsers, Device info, Geo country details, etc.

In addition to all that, you can get a Dedicated Instance which is meant for agency-level usage and high-availability requirements.

Pricing Details:

If you just want it for personal use, then T2M offers a basic plan for a $5 one-time fee. This $5 is just for verification and to keep SPAM away. Standard plan is for $9.99/month, Pro plan is for $29.99, Premium plan is for $89.99, and you can ask their support for the pricing of dedicated instance.

T2M offers 3-months free on yearly plans.

5. is a completely free URL shortener. Yes, you got it right — this shortener alternative has no hidden cost, no additional paid packages, and no requirement of registration. 

You just have a copy and paste your link, click “Shorten Now” button…and tada you will immediately get a shortened, branded URL.

It has a few simple features, such as:

  • They claim to remain free for a lifetime — without any additional cost
  • All links generated by are publicly available.
  • You don’t have to register or fill any opt-in form. The URL shortening process is exceedingly succinct and is processed on one single click. 
  • Links are optimized to remain mobile friendly. 

Pricing Details:

It is completely free of cost – and promise to remain free for a lifetime.

6. is another wonderful shortener alternative in this list. You can now say goodbye to random, unreadable characters in your URL. With, you have the opportunity to turn your link character-count friendly, that too free of cost. 

Pricing Details:

Again, I would suggest you start with their free services to test the waters initially and see how it goes. Once you are sure that this is the URL shortener tool for you, then you can avail their paid packages, which start at USD 12 per month and range up to USD 599 per month.


Sniply is a great shortener alternative owing to its exceptional features. While emerging as a great URL shortener tool, it is more than just that. 

It also allows you to drive humongous traffic and leads to your website and various social media platforms owing to its services like a custom call to action button integration. With, you can automatically attach a relevant and engaging call to action button to the page itself. 

For instance, suppose you are sharing an article with your audience on your social media channels. In this case, will not only create a shortened, branded URL but also add a custom call to action button to redirect your audience to the article, which can be incorporated in your website or any other platform where you wish to drive more traction. 

Apart from this, you can also easily monitor and track your audience engagement and ROI for your efforts, which again is an attractive feature. 

Pricing Details:

In the beginning, you can get started for free with little to no hassle. After that, their paid services start at USD 29 per month for 5,000 clicks per month, 2 brand profiles, and 1 team member. The deals range up to USD 299 per month for 250,000 clicks per month, 15 brand profiles, and 10 team members.

8. Pretty Links

Pretty Links

Pretty Links not only shorten your links but also performs some more unique functions than your regular shortener alternative. 

It makes your links more: 

  • Readable 
  • Memorable 
  • Speakable

With this URL shortener, you can now create custom, branded links with your primary domain name incorporated in the link. 

However, you can only access Pretty Links’ services if you have a WordPress website. If you have a WordPress website or account, then things become decidedly easy for you. Pretty Links will create a crisp link which will be easy to share and is likely to stand out. Also, there are many wordpress page builders are available in the internet.

Pricing Details:

You would think that will all these unique services, you would have to pay a hefty price — but this is not the case. Pretty Links offer their beginner package at USD 59 for a whole year, which then jumps up to USD 199 per annum.  

Bonus: GoDaddy URL shortener


GoDaddy email is already a household name — but mostly for its domain and hosting services. However, GoDaddy also offers a wonderful URL shortener tool. If you are already a paid member of GoDaddy, then there is a piece of good news for you: GoDaddy’s URL shortener tool won’t cost you a single dime. 

That said, if you are not a paid GoDaddy customer, then you have to make a new account and pay for its URL shortener tool.

Summing it all up Shortener has terminated their services — but you have no reason to worry. All these aforementioned URL shortener tools are great Shortener alternatives for you to consider. 

With their URL shortening services, these tools offer various additional services as well. It’s up to you to decide which one is the best fit for your business.

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