How To Generate Sales and Leads Through Quora?


With stiff competition in the sales and marketing world out there, you need every weapon you can muster at your expense. To do so, you need to leverage every social platform you can to generate leads and sales. Especially a platform like Quora which is now used by millions of users worldwide.

What Is Quora All About? 

Quora is a free knowledge market or one can say a question and answer site. The platform is inundated with people from all walks of life. For example, there’s hardly any student today who don’t seek advice from Quora. From health to beauty and education to life in general, Quora has an answer to your every query. People who write legitimate and credible answers can gain thousands of followers over time and can build a niche for themselves.

It is astonishing how knowledge from every field is present under one virtual umbrella. Moreover, the fact that it is simple to use adds to its appeal.

Quora Marketing is not like any other social media platform where you can develop your business neither does it provide advertising options. Having said that, if a business becomes successful in building a strong authority and a follower base over Quora, then it can prove to be a powerful tool for generating sales.

With these tested tips and tricks you’ll be able to pave the way to generate hundreds and thousands of sales through Quora:

1. Follow The Top Writers 

To begin with, discover and follow the top writers who write answers relevant to your industry.  Engage them in conversation by commenting on their answers and tag them in your content. However, ensure that the content is relevant to the person you’re tagging.

Try to discern the pattern they follow and the type of questions that they answer. If you’re a novice, you can learn a thing or two by carefully going through their profile.

Once you’re well on your way, you’ll attract a lot of traffic. After that, there’s no looking back. Build your strategy, improve your performance, keep writing engaging articles and you’ll see an ample amount of leads coming your way.

2. Adopt A Nuanced Approach, Be Sincere 

The bottom line for every salesperson is to avoid indulging in too much self-promotion and being pushy. Sadly, this is the rookie mistake that a lot of marketers are guilty of.

A direct salesperson approach may end up harming your prospects. No one likes a big mouthed salesman and a lot of people tend to avoid advertising and self-promoting content like a plague.

What people need is to know how beneficial and helpful your services are. Why should they avail your product and services? So the wise thing would be to first build your authority on Quora. Make your presence known by providing genuine, helpful and informative answers to the questions put up by your prospects. Add value to your answers. Engage your prospects by commenting on their answers. Drop subtle hints in your comments and answers, using backlinks, examples, feedback and images to attract them to your business. This way no one can mistake you for some unscrupulous salesperson out to sell their product at any cost.

Moreover, if you go about pushing your product directly on Quora, they might even ban your answer. Quora is an acclaimed platform for creative and articulate content and spammy advertising content is immediately banned.

3. Create A Compelling Bio On Quora 

Bio on quora

Pushkar Gaikwad’s Bio, CEO, Aeroleads

More often than not marketers end up crossing the thin line between a professional bio and a salesy bio. An effective bio is an insight to your characteristics and personality, rather than your product. However, you can use your bio in your favour by providing and highlighting backlinks for your website. It will lead to massive traffic to your website resulting in more sales prospects.

Moreover,  add your other social media accounts in your bio so that leads can garner more information about your product.

For more details, drive motivation from the bio of top writers in your niche, follow them closely and learn from the best.

4. Engage With Your Prospects By Asking Questions 

Got an innovative idea? Want to question about something that’s never been asked before? Go Ahead! Now is the good time as any.

Pose questions to your prospects you know they are knowledgeable about and are eager to answer. This is one of the most effective ways to engage with people having the same domain as yours.

Appreciate the quality articles by upvoting and commenting. Quora is not just a question-answer platform, it is much more than that. You can build a massive community leading to a large quantity of sales generation.

5. Reach Out To The Prospects Using Quora Messaging 

If you feel like your prospect is open to private conversation or if a conversation is going particularly well, don’t hesitate to send a private message. Start the conversation on a friendly note before pointing out the ways your product will help them out. If you think that the prospect is showing special interest in your product or services, try to move onto other platforms like email or a phone call.

There’s only one hindrance when it comes to messaging on Quora, that is, some users may turn their messaging off. So, in this case, if you’ve built a great rapport with the prospect, feel free to reach out to them on other platforms like Linkedin.

6. Track Progress Through Quora’s Robust Analytics 


Quora has a robust and active analytics under the stats section, which lets the users see how well their answers are doing. You can see how many views, upvotes and shares are received by your answers.

By tracking your progress you’ll be able to discern which topics are driving the most traffic and accordingly invest your energy in answering similar types of questions.

Quora’s analytics also lets you track the profiles that are most invested in your answers. This way you know who is your potential prospect and whom to reach out.

The bottom line is that Quora is a Q&A, community-driven platform, people who register to Quora are seeking answers to their questions. They are not there to get hounded by marketing salespersons hawking their brand. However, by adding value to your answers and with a subtle approach you can build a massive community resulting in the generation of hundreds and thousands of sales.

Have you been using Quora? Has it helped you in generating sales? 

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