How To Generate Leads From Webinars

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I keep witnessing such phrases every left, right, and center. 

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Webinars are just everywhere.

They have become so common these days that every professional is looking to generate leads from them, and rightly so. 

However, despite the recent success, some companies are unable to translate their efforts into leads.

According to a report, companies have a chance of getting only 5% to 15% conversion on their webinar registration page.

But don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss how to generate leads from webinars, that might later turn into final conversions.

1. Choose A Topic That Attracts Your Niche Audience

As we mentioned above, webinars have now become extremely noisy. Every other professional seems to be hosting a webinar these days.

Do you know that a whopping 58% of marketers use webinars for promotion?

To stand out from this noise, you need to choose a topic your audience will instantly get attracted to.

But how would you attract productive leads or your target audience?

It’s simple – by talking about what they want to listen to.

But how would you what they will like?

To clearly talk about what your audience wants, assess your ideal customer profile.

Not sure that an ideal customer profile is? Read this to find out

Your ideal customer profile will tell you what are the pain points of your audience; is there anything they are struggling with; and more. You can easily gain all this information by carrying out online surveys, research, accumulating customer data and more.

Say, for example, you provide sales consultancy services, you should create a webinar software to help them out in their marketing endeavors.

There also a lot of webinar tools that can help you too, checkout Everytale for the same.

You get the idea, right?

Just select a topic that is specific to your niche audience. You can even repurpose your older content in the form of webinars. For example, is there a blog that got huge traffic? Promote it more by turning it into a webinar.

2. Create An Engaging Landing Page

Now you have gathered all the necessary information about your audience. Using that information, you must have chosen a topic by now.

Now comes the landing page.

Why are we putting so much emphasis on the landing page? Because it is this page that will turn your potential prospects into attendees. The better your landing is, the better chances you have to get your audience to sign up for the webinar.

Watch this video to get an idea about how you can create a beautiful landing page that converts.

Your landing page should have a perfect balance between your motive, textual content and visual content.

Here are some things that your webinar landing page must have:

  • A title and meta description that is informative and compelling at the same time.
  • Consider adding a small explainer video to grab eyeballs.
  • Add witty and value-driven CTA(s).
  • Don’t forget to add reviews, testimonials or any other form of social proof.
  • A brief bio that presents the speaker in the best light.

If you want to generate leads from a webinar, then you can’t afford to miss out on these points.

3. Engage Your Audience With A Short Q&A Session

Who wants to listen to you talk non-stop? We know, you will be talking about useful things, but still, people, in general, do not like to be talked at for a long time.

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I am sorry to say but even your smooth voice or charismatic personality won’t help.

You have to do something to engage your audience, to get them to take a genuine interest in what you are saying. The best way is to make them participate in the webinar.

To get your audience involved, try engaging them with a short yet effective Q&A session. Or maybe, break down your webinar in two parts and host more than one Q&A sessions to keep your audience awake.

For example, after covering each important topic, pause for a couple of minutes for a quick Q&A session.

A great Q&A session can do wonders for you. It can:

  • Hold your prospects’ interest for the whole webinar session.
  • Establish your authority amidst your audience.
  • Promote your brand

You will be one step closer to generating leads from your webinar.

4. Co-host Your Webinar

We are always looking for new ways to accumulate as new prospects and leads. This is why we are hosting a webinar in the first place.

But how about getting access to a whole new set of the audience? We promise it is as great as it sounds.

All you have to do is to invite a partner from another brand to co-host the webinar with you.

However, there’s a catch here: your webinar co-host should have a similar niche audience as your business and offer a product that compliments your product.

Have a look at this Webinar landing page:


Also, try to partner with someone who has a huge influence on your industry audience and creates wonderful content.

5. Promote Your Webinar To Generate Maximum Leads

So, you are now ready to host your webinar.

But before the final webinar starts, you have to do your best to promote your webinar and get the word around. The more you promote, the more people will register for your webinar, and this will automatically translate into more leads.

Here are some of the most common and effective ways to promote your webinar to generate leads:

  • Send an email – use the aforementioned tips to design the copy of your webinar registration page for email. Have a look at this wonderful webinar registration copy. You can also incorporate something like this in your email.Email-webinar
  • As shown above, use an easily noticeable CTA, along with a link to the webinar, an engaging title, and a brief introduction.
  • You can also create Facebook events to let your Facebook audience know about your webinar.
  • Don’t forget to leverage Twitter as well. Use images, attractive and most relevant hashtags to capture the maximum leads. Have a look at this example. Not many people would be able to scroll past this webinar.Twitter-Webinar

You can also ask your followers, loyal friends and colleagues to share the webinars on their social media accounts.

Summing it all up

Apart from the aforementioned points, don’t forget to constantly remind your audience of your upcoming webinar event. Send follow-up emails and reminders on social media channels.

Use these tips effectively and you will generate leads from a webinar in no time.

How are you generating leads from Webinars?

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