The 10 Most Frequently-Asked Marketing Question


The different industry has different Marketing questions. Whether a novice marketer or a marketing pundit, everyone’s mind is infiltrated with these questions. Knowing the answers to important marketing questions is incredibly important and vital to generating leads and sales.

Some wonder, “When is the right time to start?”, “How to identify your potential prospects”? Are you also plagued by these questions but come up empty-handed when it comes to seeking the answers?

If that is the case then rest assured.

Spare a few minutes and give a close read to these 10 most frequently asked marketing questions 

1. “What Is The Best Way To Generate More Leads?”

sales generation

Every marketer grapples with this question. Marketing for long hours and still not generating leads is what every marketers’ nightmares are made of. However, The best ways to generate leads are not as elusive and rigorous as one might think.

Generating leads is an amalgamation of both science and art. Now, why do I say this? Science comes in the process when you analyse and discern where your leads are and how to accelerate your lead generation rate. And then comes the art. Now that you know where your prospective leads are, you need to make them come to you. How will you go about it?

There are various effective and simple ways to do so. Use referrals, social media like Quora, Instagram, Facebook et al, leverage direct mails, engage your audience using interactive webinars. If all fails, then appoint professionals and take help from top Lead Generation Tools. 

2. “How Can I Transform More Leads Into Sales?” 

After the acquisition, now comes the next task, that is, fostering the leads and eventually turning them into sales. If your conversation rate is extremely low then the effort that you put in generating leads will be for nought.

The rookie mistake that marketers are guilty of is approaching the leads using a salesy, self-promotional tone when their approach should show the will to help out the customer and solve the lead’s problems. Address the queries that your lead might have and alleviate all the doubts before entering into the deal.

Once you find success in garnering your lead’s trust, you’ll be well on your way to enjoy a comfortable and a symbiotic relationship with your lead.

3. “What Can I Do To Turn More Buyers Into Lifetime Customers?” 


Always remember that rather than always running after new customers try to retain your existing customer. This mantra can turn an “average business” into a humongous one.

You put a lot of time, effort and money in acquiring a paying customer. So once you successfully wrap up your first sale, ensure to serve in such a way that the customer keeps coming back for more. Existing customers generate more profit than the new customers If a customer avails your service for a long long time tantamount to a lifetime then you might end up engendering a lot of profit.

4. “Is Content Marketing Effective?” 

Content Marketing

Marketers often disregard the importance of content marketing. This is where they go wrong. You have no better option than content marketing to make your leads aware of your brand. If that wasn’t the case then enormous companies like Adobe, Amazon et al, wouldn’t have been indulging in content marketing.

The crux of content marketing is providing the customer with well-articulated, informative and active knowledge about your company, product and services. It entails anything from blog post articles to white paper and from ebooks to guides. If you come to think of it, content marketing tantamount to writing to generate leads and sales.

5. “What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing?” 

social media marketing

In this day and age, when people spend most of their time with their nose buried in their smartphones, going through their social media accounts, this question doesn’t warrant much thinking. We can go as far as saying that social media marketing is not up for negotiation. Do you own a business? Then it goes without saying that you get involved in social media marketing.

With social media marketing, your outreach automatically grows manifold. It has been proven time and again by retail giants like Burberry whose social media campaigns have dramatically increased their sales. The best way to leverage social media marketing is by generating original, creative, visually aesthetic and interactive images and embed all your social media accounts together in your website’s landing page.

6. “Juxtaposed To Social Media Marketing, How Effective Is E-mail Marketing?”

email marketing

First of all, let me alleviate this doubt once and for all. While social media marketing is emerging as a powerful tool for marketers, it is still not on par with the excellence of E-mail marketing.

If you want to break it down into simple numbers, let me tell you that statistics show that email has three times more outreach than Facebook and Twitter combined. Having the capacity to reach such a large audience is no joke and shuts up the naysayers doubting about the credibility of e-mail marketing.

Think of it this way, say for example you’re posting something on Facebook hoping for leads to come and see it. Even if your page is massively popular, there’s no guarantee that your targeted audience will visit the page. However, when it comes to sending the e-mail, it’s a sure thing that the prospect will see it.

I know you’re wondering  “Hey, people delete spams without even opening them”.  The point here is, at least they’ll see the subject line and your companies name. And with an innovative subject line, they might even open the mail.

So, e-mail marketing is still any-day better than social-marketing.

Mind you, you still have to leverage social media marketing to augment the outreach of your business but you cannot do away with e-mail marketing either.

7. “Are Digital Marketing And Social Media Marketing Same?”

Many novice marketers are oft-heard asking the same question. One can say they both are the part of the same Venn diagram where Digital Market is the ‘superset’ and Social Media marketing is its ‘subset’.

Let break it down in clearer terms, Digital Marketing media marketing incorporates all digitally enabled devices used to promote a product or services. Whereas, Social Media Marketing is confined to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora et al.

So, one can say that Social Media Marketing is one vital element of Digital Marketing.

8. “Between Social Media Pages, Videos, Webinars, Images, Emails, Cold-Calls And So On And So Forth…, There’s A Lot To Do And The Time Is Limited. How To Tackle All This Without Compromising With The Quality Of The Content?”

various marketing options

Phew! That’s a long list, I know. However, a smart and experienced marketer knows that you don’t have to take on everything.

Analyse closely and make a document regarding your prospects. Have a clear outlook about the things that are most likely to attract your prospect, the social networks that they use and accordingly create your content.

9. “What Are The Marketing Tactics That Might End Up Harming The Business?”

Some marketers are going at it in an extremely wrong way. These are the few don’ts that every marketer should take care of:

  • Don’t get defensive when a prospect points out something that is not aligning with your brand. Be patient and alleviate the prospects doubts without panicking or being defensive.
  • Don’t ever brag about your product. Instil this mantra in your brain that “you are out to help the customer not to simply sell your product”
  • DO NOT Badmouth your competition. It will do nothing but harm your sale by making you look insincere, insecure and obnoxious.

10. “How Important Is A Website When It Comes To Lead Generation?”

You may not know it but a lot of people judge your brand by taking your website into account. A Website is one of the most essential tools when it comes to marketing. Your website should be dynamic, that is, interactive in nature so that you can build a long-lasting connection with your leads. Engage and attract your prospects by introducing features like engaging videos, blog, popups, et al.

These questions and answers are imperative to run a better business and generating better and more profitable results. They sound simple, in fact, they are simple, however, it all comes down to how you’re implementing them. Every marketer should go through these questions closely and keep them in mind.

Are there any other marketing questions that invade your mind? Do you have any other solution(s) to the above questions? 

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