10 Free Online Paraphrasing Tools That You Can Use-LinkedIn

Have you ever tried to write different content on the same topic? You may have faced difficulty while writing.

But in the case of using online paraphrasing tools, you may complete your tasks instantly and more efficiently.

Paraphrasing tools use an algorithm that reads the whole article and rewrites it in the best way.

Writers often use these tools to make their content unique and optimized to make the fluency of sentences better.

But these tools are not for only writers. Students, teachers, journalists, anyone can use these tools and generate unique content in no time.

Let’s a person is creating a profile on LinkedIn and wants to write some powerful lines that can attract the lines.

Online Paraphrasing tools can help him in this sense as he can copy the words of any other person and recreate them for his bio.

Best Online Paraphrasing Tools

Search engines are full of paraphrasing tools, and it can be difficult for a person to choose the best one from them.

They may get confused between free and paid. We will provide them with a list to end this confusion and make them aware of the best tools.

These are the best paraphrasing tools that provide several features to users and increase their work speed.

Some are free, and others are paid, but users can’t feel guilty even after spending on these tools.

These paraphrasers will change everything in an article without changing its central idea.

Here is the list of best paraphrasing tools that are reliable and very efficient in their work.

  • Prepostseo.com
  • Editpad.org
  • Rephrase.com
  • Coderduck.com
  • Softo.org
  • Seowagon.com
  • Smartparaphrasingtool.com
  • Ivypanda.com
  • Duplibot.com
  • Greatseotool.net

These are the best paraphrasers that can make the task of a user more convenient and attractive.

Here we will discuss each tool in detail and features that keep them among the best tools.


Prepostseo paraphrasing tool always holds the top position in a list of best paraphrasing tools due to its features.

This tool can provide the best options to a user to make his content unique from the first one.

  • Plagiarism Free

Content provided in the end has no plagiarism in it. This paraphraser makes such changes in lines that the old text doesn’t remain in it.

This feature helps a writer to get results that make the content more attractive to read.

  • SEO Optimized

Google always likes unique and new content that is more readable and easier to understand.

This article rewriter generates content in the end that is fully optimized with the help of keywords and gets ranking in google.

  • Use Different Variations to Enhance the Text

While changing keywords in the article, this paraphrasing tool uses different techniques every time.

It helps to generate unique content that can help the user rank his article on the search engines.

  • Free to Use

All features of this tool are free, and one can use this tool to enhance the variety of content.

Users can enjoy all the basic and advanced features of this tool without any cost.


Editpad.org is also a free paraphrasing tool with numerous features that keep it in the top-ranked rewriting tools.

Here are some best features of this tool that attract users to take advantage of it.

  • No Sign Up Required

While using this tool, a user doesn’t have to sign up here. One can enjoy this tool even without sign up and get his results.

So, everyone can save time by avoiding the registration process and get results instantly.

  • Simple and AI Mode

Here a user can enjoy two modes of this tool. The first one is a simple mode in which he can rephrase unlimited words in a single frame.

AI mode gives the option to upload 500 words at one time and make it unique from the original one.

  • Compatible Everywhere

This paraphraser is compatible with every browser, and users can use it on any search engine.

The speed and performance of this tool will remain the same in every browser.

  • Secure to Use

Security is the primary concern of users. They want to keep their data secure after using it.

Here, they can feel safe as this rephrase tool deletes all the data from its databases and make it more reliable to use.


The name of this tool describes it’s working. This paraphrasing tool is specially designed to rewrite the contents. 

Rephrase.info- Online Paraphrasing tool in 2021

Let’s talk about the features of this tool that make it the best among the bests.

  • Quick Outcome

The purpose of using a paraphrasing tool is to save your time and get results instantly, and if a tool is slow in working, it is a flop tool.

One of the best things about this tool is that it provides results to a user in no time. This feature helps it to remain on top of the list.

  • Boost Writing Career

While using this paraphraser, a writer can improve his writing skills. It provides the results in multiple styles.

A writer can follow these styles and take help from them to increase his capabilities in writing.

  • Accurate Results

Results generated in the end are accurate as they are 100% unique from original content.

  • Free Tool

Every one of us finds free tools on the internet to get our tasks. This tool provides this feature for users.

The above features are all free, and users can avail of them without paying for them. 


This paraphrasing tool is also best due to its feature as it provides the best results with good fluency.

Coderduck.com - Online Paraphrasing tool

Here are the best features of this tool that make it stand among top paraphrasers.

  • High-Quality Content

Quality of content helps to get a better ranking of the search engines and make your readers engaged.

Here, a user can get the best lines with excellent quality that can easily enchant a reader.

  • Best Fluency

The content provided in the end is very fluent. That means it offers such lines that make sense. Thus, a reader can easily understand lines.

  • Multiple Languages

This paraphrasing tool supports different languages. So, a user can get new content in multiple languages.

After getting new lines, the user can select the text and change its language.

  • Compatible Everywhere

Like other best article rewriters, this tool is also compatible with every browser. Users can open it on any search engine as every browser supports this tool.


This paraphraser scans entire data at once and makes possible changes to make it different from an older one.

Online Paraphrasing tool

The top features of this tool that place it on top of the list are

  • Deep Study

Before paraphrasing content and generating new lines from it, this rewriter scans the whole data.

It studies your article profoundly and gets the best lines where it places suitable keywords and makes it optimized.

  • Efficient Working

Users can get more results in less time and make their workflow faster after using this tool.

 It is very efficient to use as it decreases the user’s burden and makes him feel comfortable by providing instant results.

  • Quick Response

A user will get a quick response from this tool as it uses an advanced algorithm. Thus, it generates fast results for a user and makes this paraphraser more reliable.

  • Free to Use

Soft online paraphraser is free, and users don’t have to sign up or register before using this tool.


content generated by this paraphraser is of the best quality that makes sure with no error or duplication.

Let’s talk about the best features of this tool that helps to generate unique content for a user.

  • Check Grammar

Before submitting new content to the user, this rewriter makes sure to have no grammar errors.

It removes all grammatical mistakes from the content and makes it easily understandable.

  • Content Comparison

A user gets the facility to compare his content from the original one and see its changes.

Seowagon.com- Online Paraphrasing tool

If one doesn’t like any change, he can redo that word and change it to the original style.

  • Download Files

Users can directly download the file after getting new content from this tool instead of copying it and other software.


It is one of the best and creative tools that provide eccentric results to a user, which helps SEO.

Smartparaphrasingtool.com - Online Paraphrasing tool

Some best features of this tool are

  • Ultra-Fast

One of the best features of this tool that makes it interesting to use is that it quickly provides results.

  • No Plagiarism

While generating new text, this tool makes sure that the lines don’t get duplicated there and makes it free of plagiarism.

  • SEO-Friendly Text

The keywords that this tool use in new content helps to make it fully optimized and better its SEO.

It provides such lines to a user that can help to get rankings on google.

  • Safe to Use

Security is the priority of this tool. Users can feel secure while using this tool as it doesn’t save the data of its user.


One of the best paraphrasing tools that avoid plagiarized content and use unique techniques to get different results.

The top features of this paraphraser that make it the best rewriter are

  • Fast Processing

Like other best paraphrasers, this tool also generates new content very fast without wasting the precious time of its user.

  • Optional Keyword Changing

A user can set a percentage at which he wants to change keywords. If he is willing to make regular changes, he can put the scale at a moderate level.

Ivypanfa.com - Online Paraphrasing tool

But if one wants a unique article for him, the scale level can be increased from there.

  • Custom Writing

After getting new content, the user can change new words if he doesn’t like the new ones.

  • Paid Tool

To use these features, a user has to pay for them. The price of this tool varies according to the word count.


This best paraphrasing tool lies in top paraphrasers due to the 4R rule while rewriting the content.

Let’s talk about features of this tool that keep it among the best paraphrasing tools.

  • 4 r’s

One of the main things that this paraphraser follows before rewriting an article is 4 r’s. That is, reword, rearrange, realize, and recheck.

This rule makes this tool much successful. While rewriting, it changes the words and their position.

Words that can’t be changed remain the same there so that a sentence can make sense, and after doing all these steps, it rechecks the entire content.

  • Quality Output

As told earlier, this tool checks the entire content thoroughly and doesn’t make unnecessary changes.

It generates quality content for the users that they can publish on their websites and attract the audience.

  • Best for SEO

Search engines always like such content that is easy to understand and has simple wordings in it.

Duplibot rewriter makes such changes in the content that can improve the SEO of that article.

  • Download Directly

Users can directly download their files from this online tool instead of visiting other websites to create a file.


This one is the last tool that is also famous in this list due to its features and quality content.

Greatseotool.net - Online Paraphrasing tool

A user can have unique content for him in a short time. Let’s talk about the features of this tool.

  • No Grammar Mistakes

Results provided in the end by this tool are generated fluently. That means one can understand it very well.

The new article has no grammatical issues in it, which is better for SEO.

  • Readable Content

Anyone can easily understand content with zero grammatical issues. This tool also provides readable content to the users.

  • Instant Results

Users can get unique content for him in a short time. Moreover, this tool provides instant response to the users that make it more attractive.

  • No Duplication

Although this tool provides a fast response, it doesn’t mean duplicated lines in new content.

This tool ensures that plagiarism doesn’t occur in new content and makes it 100% unique from the original one.

Final words

These paraphrasing tools can be beneficial to write something eccentric that can enchant your audience and force them to read the content.

Writers can use these tools to make their content unique from the older one. For example, if a person creates a profile on LinkedIn, he can also use these paraphrasing tools.

These tools are helpful for everyone and are pretty simple to use. One can have a great experience in writing after using these rewriting tools. 

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