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As you all know, AeroLeads is a prospect generation company and we share resources as well as tips with entrepreneurs who are ready to take action in order to improve their business by gaining good leads from us.
Hence, our company is constantly under research to make AeroLeads even better for our users. One such research, gave us the idea to provide our users with a Free Email Verification Tool.

Why did we get an Email Verification Tool?

Well, among the many modes of contact, Email still reigns supreme as the preferred method of getting in touch. Emails are more personal and professional at the same time. Also, your contact is all-but guaranteed to have an email address, as there are 2.9 billion email addresses in the world.Aeroleads why use email

We, at AeroLeads, consider using email as it can be used for any of the following reasons –

  • To Increase Sales.
  • For Content Promotion.
  • To Grow your Network of High-Value Contact.
  • For Media Coverage.
  • To Attain Professionalism.

But not all emails belong to the rightful owners or contacts, hence we needed a platform to verify those emails. And that is how we came up with the idea of an Email Verification Tool.

Your email address needs to be verified for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure the email account is actively being used and is owned by the email address specified.
  2. To ensure that all emails sent are being tracked properly.

So, if you want to have an established communication channel with the user before you let them use advanced functionality, you need to verify it. Also, if you plan on using the email as an identity representation, you need to verify the email and hold the account establishing until that happens.

The Free email verification Tool by AeroLeads

Keep your search secure with our Email Verification or Email Checker Tool which is absolutely Free!

Use our handy tool to verify emails and check if an address is valid, i.e, if it really exists or not.
We have an advanced email verification algorithm which helps you connect to the email server in order to confirm the validity of the email address that you are searching. Basically, verifying your email address with AeroLeads improves the security of your account.

Pricing – You could verify email lists for Free and also along with your basic AeroLeads account plan. Note that, you could add the plan according to the number of users.
The basic plan starts from $49/month for one user.

Click here to check out the pricing and plans.

So use this tool, verify email addresses for free as well as let us help verify/check your email lists and reduce your bounce rate during your next marketing campaign.

Aeroleads Email Verification Tool

How does AeroLeads Email Verification Tool work?

So, how exactly does this Email Verification Tool work?

This process is in fact very easy. All that you have to do is Log Into your AeroLeads account, click on the ‘Verify Email‘ tool (which is present at the top of our main landing page).

You could click here in order to go directly to the landing page of the Email Verification Tool provided by our company, AeroLeads.

Now, you could just type in the email address which you would like to verify, in the Verify Dialogue Box(as shown below). And within seconds, with the help of our advanced email verification algorithm, you would receive your result.


Note – In case you are not an AeroLeads account holder, then you would have to sign up in order to use this free tool. So, you could sign up for free, just by clicking here.

Verification Result

The following would be the result of the Email Address Verifier, according to our algorithm –

  • Valid – If the email address that you entered is an actual/real account then the inbox is available. Hence, the email address is verified and is considered as a valid one.
  • Unknown – Here, the domain wouldn’t have responded fast enough so due to few technical difficulties the email address remains unknown.
  • Catch-All – Here, the domains respond quickly but they couldn’t have been able to verify completely.
  • Undeliverable – If an email address isn’t valid, then the obvious option is that it’s invalid or undelivered, i.e, not a real email and hence no inbox will be found.

In the image shown above, it can be seen that the result is shown as Undeliverable. This means that the email address entered is invalid or not real.

Whereas, in the image shown below, it can be seen that the result is shown as Verified. This basically means that the email address entered is indeed valid.

Hence, get the most out of our Email Verifier Tool and gain as many secure leads as possible from AeroLeads.
Keep the Leads coming!

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  3. Nice blog. The tool looks interesting and useful. Just analyzing it forward, a disposable email address might get through your verification tool as it is a valid email address for sure, but doesn’t help the acquirer at all. Antideo helps in this case where it can detect if the email provided is disposable or a temporary email address.

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