Top 6 Free Email Finder Software Tools [Updated in 2019]

‘Email finder software tools‘ is one the most searched out phrases in any search engine. Sometimes, the word “free” gets attached along to make it an even more fascinating search.

Everyone, at some point of time in their lives, would have tried to email an investor, founder, long lost friend from high school, hiring-manager, hard-to-reach CEO, etc. It’s very common trouble faced by almost every sales and marketing professional.

Maybe that’s why an email address is referred to as a digital pot of gold.

The Top 6 Free Email Finder Software Tools

Okay so you know who you want to contact, but – if only you could find an email address to enlarge your connection! Ughh! The dreaded ’email address search’, we meet again.

But don’t worry, today in this post we will help you discover some of the best free email finder tools present on the internet.

Here are a few Free Email Finder Software tools that could help you in the process of growing your business.

1. AeroLeads


AeroLeads is basically a cloud-based sales intelligence and prospect generation software for use by businesses of any size in a variety of B2B industries. And if its online reviews are anything to go by, AeroLeads is touted to be one of the best email finder tools on the internet. However, don’t let these reviews dictate your decisions. Try it out initially for free of cost. 

Here are some of the most prominent features of AeroLeads:

  • Extracts user-data in real-time which accounts for its relevance.
  • Completely automated.
  • Offers pre-existing email templates.
  • Integrates with multiple CRM platforms.
  • Apart from basic information like email address, AeroLeads also unearths personal details of the prospects such as their company name, title, location, website URL, business phone number and many more data points.

Through the Chrome plug-in, AeroLeads pulls data for relevant targeted sales leads from social networking websites such as LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList,, and CrunchBase.

The system provides the phone numbers, email addresses and social media profiles of individuals and businesses. It can also identify the title, company, location, business and website of prospects.

Once the data is identified, users can export it as a .csv file or transfer it to their CRM software. AeroLeads offers strategic integrations with platforms including MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, and SalesForce.

AeroLeads Pricing:

AeroLeads Pricing email finder tool

The best part about AeroLeads is that offers a free trial which can come in handy if you want to determine whether it is a right fit for you. Their paid packages start off at $49 per month which allows you to add up to 500 records and ranges up to $499 per month for up to 5000 Records. Apart from this, they offer a customizable package where you can quote your needs accordingly and they will set a budget for you as per your specifications. 

2. Google

Google is likely to be the most popular name on this list. But not many people know the real potential of Google when it comes to finding email addresses online. 

Yes, you read it right! Given that you use it correctly, Google can be used as a wonderful free email finder tool. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to acquire some special skills or watch a couple of tutorials. No! Nada! 

You can start off with searching out basic queries on Google. 

For instance, give these queries a go and see whether you can find the email address you were vying for. 

  • + [name] + contact 
  • + [name] + other contact info. 
  • “” + [name]

If this doesn’t work out, you can modify them a bit and add other information known to you, for example, you can try adding your prospects’ hometown, company’s name, designation, and so forth. 

Now, all these queries are not very dependable. Most importantly, if you are looking to search for email addresses in bulk, then this method is pretty much useless. 

That’s where automated tools like AeroLeads, Clearbit and more come into use. The best part is that most of these email finder tools are available as Google Chrome Extensions, which makes it even easier and more convenient to use. 

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3. LinkedIn

There was a time when LinkedIn was overlooked by people and was being passed off as irrelevant. However, things have changed! Today, LinkedIn is poised to become one of the largest B2B database platforms in the entire world. 

Given its large database, it can also be used as a free email finder software tool. 

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is heavily used by people involved in B2B domains all over the world. For instance, HR professionals use LinkedIn to hunt down a suitable candidate for their company as it almost every professional information about the people applying for the job. 

Similarly, LinkedIn is used by various other professionals including salespersons, marketers, CEOs, and so on and so forth. 

For starters, you can initiate your search by simply visiting your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. There, you will see a “contact info” option as shown below: 


You will be privy to the prospect’s contact information including their phone number, email address, other social media links and more. 


Having said that, this has a few drawbacks: 

  • This method won’t work if the person has not added their email address in their profile. 
  • It is pretty much useless if you want to find bulk emails. 

Therefore, like Google, it’s best to use LinkedIn in confluence with other automated email finder tools

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4. Clearbit


Clearbit is the one-stop-solution for all your sales prospecting concerns. For starters, it helps you acquire the email addresses of your prospects along with other important contact details. It integrates with your Gmail account to find your prospects’ email addresses with easy and quick steps. 

All you have to do is to type in the first name of your prospect along with their company name. Once you enter this information, you will immediately find the email address. 

That said, it is more than just an email finder tool. 

It further analyzes the needs of your customers, identify moe suitable prospects, and helps you nurture them by engaging them and interacting with them. 

Some of its other key features are: 

  • Integrates with tools such as Salesforce, Marketo, Slack, Segment, Zapier, and Connect.
  • They have a package for everyone, whether you are an individual or a full-fledged sales team. 
  • It helps you target your niche audience so that you can save your time from chasing unproductive leads. 

Clearbit Pricing:

Their free package allows you to search up to 50 credits. After that, their paid package starts at $199 per month and ranges up to $999. 

5. Hiretual


Hiretual helps you with every step in your prospecting process. First, it works as a regular email finder tool. However, its features are not confined to email finding only. 

Hiretual further helps you to nurture your acquired leads by engaging them and then segmenting them using robust Artificial Intelligence process. 

Some of its key features include:

Allows you to quickly find your prospects – It gives you an edge over your competitors by making sure that you quickly find the most productive leads on the web. 

Hassle free lead nurturing – You can readily reach out to your acquired prospects through cold-calling or cold-emailing. Moreover, it allows integrations with Gmail and Outlook for streamlined lead engagement. 

Track your progress – Allows you to keep track of your sourcing progress. For instance, you can identify things like how far along the prospect is in your sales funnel. 

Aligns with marketing intelligence – Wonderful things happen when your marketing aligns with your other sales processes. Hiretual helps you achieve that using their real-time marketing intelligence. 

Hiretual Pricing:

You can use their free plan to access 5 search credits and up to 30 profile analysis. After that, their paid plans start off at $89 with a maximum of 200 Search Credits and 600 Profile Analysis. Like AeroLeads, they also offer a customizable plan which can be used as per your requirement. 

6. ContactOut

Struggling with people’s personal email address and phone number with quick and easy steps? ContactOut has your covered!


ContactOut integrates with platforms like LinkedIn and Github to help you find your prospects’ emails and phone numbers. You can easily connect with people according to your specifications using this free email finder tool. 

Once you access this email finder software tool, you will be directed to the dashboard, which is crisp and easy to navigate. Here you have access to all your saved leads and organize, segment and categorize them into particular folders and further share them with your team. 

ContactOut made it to this list, thanks to the features such as: 

  • You can directly use their portal to perform unlimited searches and discover email addresses outside LinkedIn and Github as well.
  • This email finder tool is completely automated.
  • Offers reusable templates to run a hassle-free email marketing campaign. 

ContactOut Pricing: 

Although they offer a free plan, however, it is not nearly sufficient as you are only allowed 100 search credits. Their paid plans start off at $19 per month. 

Summing it all up…

These tools are a great way to find emails easily and initiate conversations with valuable contacts to expand your network, promote your brand or increase sales.

Many businesses fail along the way, however, with these tools at your beck and call, you can achieve unsurmountable heights. The best part is that they don’t require much work on your part and are fully completed.

So, which one of the aforementioned free email finder tools did you think is best suited for you? Do you have any other email finder tools in mind? 

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