7 Follow-up Strategies To Boost Your Sales in 2022

Following up is as essential in the marketing cycle as any other part. If you don’t follow up on your customers or leads, it won’t be a good idea in the long term. There is more chance of getting revenue and further marketing on existing customers than new ones.

The thing is, it is as simple as establishing trust. Once you have customers or leads who have purchased or do so regularly, it is a better idea to stick with them. Therefore, a follow up strategy will bring in more revenue and sales returns than a new lead-centric one.

There is a certain way and methods to approach the customer after they’ve bought something or used some service.

7 Follow-up Strategies To Boost Sales & Conversions

1. Thank you note works:

Showing gratefulness is the first step towards building a nice relationship with the client. It is quite important to say thank you after the client has purchased something. You could use an email or invoice or a pop up as a delivery tool.

It puts a good impression in the mind whether they consciously care or not. Additionally, you can also include personal messages like, ‘see you next time’, or something greeting in nature. It can mean you’re looking forward for them to return.

Additionally, your note would do even better if personalized. Including the name or basic header details can also go a long way. And, also including the name(s) of people the client can reach out to for further information is also a good idea. This should be the person responsible for closing or the team or person capable of addressing such issues.

2. Checking in:

Checking in for feedback and service satisfaction is a great way to improve your brand image. It shows your clients you care and they won’t be just left hanging in case of any issues. This is also a good reason to follow up and see if everything is going good with a product or service and gain valuable feedback for improving future versions. An important detail to keep in mind here is not to exceed it.

Not everyone might entertain this feedback or checking in type follow up. They want to be heard only if they have the time for it and the mental space. Keep in mind the hour you’re calling at, and be considerate enough to ask them if they want to even answer?

3. Keeping communication open:

As mentioned above also, establishing boundaries and being considerate to their availability is quintessential. If they allow for follow up communication, only then should you be going ahead with anything otherwise not.

This can be prompted at the time of closing the deal (afterwards actually). Use your lead pipeline practices to follow up with them like any other leads. A good idea would be to segregate them further on what kind of product/service they purchased. Use media like eBooks, articles guides to educate them further about your company and other services.

4. Go for a second sale:

The key to more sales lie in repeat customers rather than new ones. Getting someone aboard in a sea full of ships is much harder than getting someone to stay. This means, your existing customers are bound to convert again and it requires more time and effort to do so with new customers.

Staying in touch (of course with permission) will help clear the air. You can keep them updated with latest releases, improvements and set attractive deals as well. Customers only return if they feel they are getting value for their money.

This means offering some deal or complimentary product or services can also go a long way in setting a long term relationship. This ‘relationship’ is the one thing you’re aiming for here as the client becomes a regular source of revenue.

5. Asking for referrals:

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective methods to spread word. This kind of marketing will happen only if your current customers are very happy with the service or product. They would spread word without being asked. So, what you can do here is try your best at delivering a good quality product.

Additionally, asking for referrals also helps as customers are aware how it helps companies. Using a value-based referral scheme will also work as they would be spreading word more because of the reward or discount. You kill two birds with the same arrow here.

One, you get a repeat customer who is happy with your product or service. Two, you get more people coming into your lead pipeline though word of mouth marketing.

6. Choose a great follow up method:

Use data to analyze which delivery method works best for which type of people. Not everyone would like to be called or disturbed via email or voice mail. People are different and that’s why we use data to segment them into lists.

Segmentation will help you value your client’s timing and choose a method they’d be willing to reply on ASAP. Additionally, this also allows them a genuine interest in your follow up email rather than taking for granted when called or alerted in any way at an inconvenient time.

7. Building a fan client base:

Use social media to establish a good user base that critiques and praised your product. Having a large user base that are ready to give feedback for their experiences helps bring in more alike people.

Use a rating system to show other customers what your existing customers think of what they experienced with your product or service. This method is used in all eCommerce platforms these days. Therefore, this following up also helps build a nice rated service or product visible to the public.

Follow-up Strategies To Boost Your Sales

Following up is an art that can be perfected with test and fail. See what works at what time and with what kind of people and you wouldn’t need to worry. But, it is quite and important process that will help in establishing your customer base.

Not only do existing customers act as good clients, but following up with them is similar to mining gold from the ore. The more you work on them, the more you get in return.

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