Find B2B Emails from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList, Github, Google etc using AeroLeads v4 Chrome Extension

Today, we are launching  v4 of AeroLeads Email, Prospect and Lead generation finder Chrome Extension.

It can find b2b emails and prospects from sources like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, Github, Google etc. We have also improved the UX considerably to load it much faster on the websites. You can download it from Google chrome store here and You can sign up to AeroLeads for free from here.

Here are some of the new (and old features in case you never used it before)

1. The chrome plugin finds data like first name, last name, business email, company name, company URL, company phone number etc.

The Plugin works with normal LinkedIn, LinkedIn premium, LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The plugin does not scrape any data, unlike many other plugins which makes it one of the very few such chrome extensions.

2. Other than LinkedIn, it does find prospects from Crunchbase, AngelList and GitHub. Unlike LinkedIn, the profiles are not very structured on some of these sites so sometimes the plugin may struggle to find the right data in which case, you can manually edit and add too.

3. Now the plugin checks for API key and for first time users, guide to sign up and add the API key.

How the plugin looks on Crunchbase

How the plugin looks on Github

How the plugin looks on AngelList


You can use the site chat to ask for new feature requests and more site support.

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