20 Tools To Extract Emails On LinkedIn

Extracting emails from LinkedIn can significantly improve professional outreach. It enables you to circumvent contact forms and engage directly with decision-makers, create specific email lists for marketing or sales campaigns, and ultimately boost outreach efficiency.

A variety of tools are available to accomplish this. Free and premium options, such as browser extensions and web-based finders, are acceptable beginning points but have limits. Paid tools, such as LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and specialized email finder services, offer more functionality, accuracy, and higher search volumes for individuals who need to extract a large number of emails on a daily basis.

The ideal alternative is determined by your specific requirements and budget, so consider aspects such as email amount, required accuracy, and cost when making your decision.

Manual Methods For Email Extracting on LinkedIn

While email extraction tools can be efficient, there are also manual methods you can employ, though they are more time-consuming. Here are two common approaches:

  1. Copy-pasting: This involves searching for the person’s email address on their LinkedIn profile itself. Look for it in the following areas:
  • Contact Info Section: Some profiles have a dedicated contact info section where users choose to share their email addresses with connections.
  • About Section: The “About” section can sometimes contain email addresses, especially if the individual encourages direct contact.
  • Company Website/Social Media Links: These links might lead to the company website or social media profiles where the email address could be displayed.
  1. Manual searching and recording: If the email isn’t readily available on the profile, you can try some detective work:
  • Identify the company domain: Find the company the person works for and note their domain name (e.g., @companyname.com).
  • Educated Guessing: Many companies use a standard email format for employees. Based on the domain and the person’s name, you can try constructing a possible email address (e.g., firstname.lastname@companyname.com or firstname@companyname.com). Tools like Hunter.io can help verify your guesses.

Automating Email Extraction on LinkedIn

Struggling to find email addresses on LinkedIn can be a time-consuming roadblock. Thankfully, automated tools can significantly improve this process. Here’s a closer look at two main categories:

Free and Premium Tools:

Ideal for beginners or those with occasional needs, these tools offer easy-to-use options:

Browser Extensions: These integrate directly into your browsing experience. Popular options include:

  1. ContactOut: Finds emails and contact details directly on LinkedIn profiles.
  2. Skrapp.io: Extracts emails from various sources, including LinkedIn profiles and websites.
  3. Hunter.io allows you to search for emails by domain name or company website. It can also verify your educated guesses about email addresses.
  4. Voila Norbert: Another web-based email extractor  that integrates with LinkedIn.
  5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This premium version of LinkedIn provides advanced search filters and built-in email findings specifically designed for sales outreach.
  6. ZoomInfo: Provides verified business emails and other contact information for a wide range of professionals.
  7. DiscoverOrg: Offers accurate and up-to-date email data tailored for sales and marketing professionals.
  8. Octopus: A popular scraper known for its ability to extract profile data like names, titles, companies, and even URLs in large quantities. Remember, extensive scraping can violate LinkedIn’s terms of service.
  9. SalesQL: Designed to gather data from search results and individual profiles. It can extract contact information, experience details, and even group memberships. Be mindful of data privacy regulations when using such tools.
  10. Skrapp: While not strictly a scraper focused on LinkedIn, Skrapp excels at extracting emails from various online sources, including LinkedIn profiles. It’s a good option for targeted email outreach, but ensure you have permission to contact these individuals.
  11. Hunter.io: A prominent email finder that allows you to search for emails based on a domain name or company website. It can also verify your educated guesses for email addresses, increasing the accuracy of your outreach.
  12. Clearbit Connect: This tool works by identifying contact information associated with an existing email address. It is helpful when you have a partial lead but lack their complete contact details.
  13. Snov.io: A multi-functional tool that combines email finding with verification capabilities. You can search for emails by domain or name and ensure they’re deliverable before sending your message.
  14. LeadFuze: This tool helps you identify website visitors who could be potential leads. It analyzes website traffic data and identifies companies showing interest in your products or services based on their visits.
  15. Lusha: This site focuses on finding verified contact information for businesses. You can search for companies on Lusha and access verified contact details, including emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles.
  16. HubSpot Sales: A CRM platform with built-in LinkedIn integration features. It allows you to search for leads on LinkedIn directly within HubSpot, send connection requests, and track outreach efforts.
  17. Salesforce: A leading CRM platform that offers integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This integration enhances your lead search capabilities on LinkedIn and allows you to manage outreach campaigns directly within Salesforce.
  18. Zoho CRM: Another CRM solution with features designed to manage leads generated NeverBounce: A popular service that verifies email addresses for deliverability. It can identify invalid addresses, disposable addresses, and even catch-all emails, ensuring your messages reach the right inboxes.
  19. BriteVerify: Offers a broader spectrum of data quality verification, including emails. It can verify email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses, ensuring your lead data is accurate and up-to-date.
  20. EmailListVerify: Designed specifically for verifying email lists. You can upload your list of emails, and the service will identify invalid addresses, improving the overall from LinkedIn.

While Extract Emails On LinkedIn prospecting tools provide a significant edge, ethical and responsible use is important. Respect LinkedIn’s terms of service by avoiding mass data scraping and focusing on targeted outreach using tools that identify eligible leads.

Personalize your approach by developing relationships and producing messaging that speaks to particular requirements. Verify the authenticity of your emails and remove bounced addresses to preserve a good sender reputation.

Update your contact information regularly to ensure data freshness and compliance with anti-spam rules, gaining consent as needed. Following these best practices enables you to efficiently use LinkedIn prospecting tools, establish trust with potential clients, and achieve long-term success.

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