Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads

About Aeroleads 

Aeroleads is a prospect generation software program started with an imaginative and prescient to provide a realistic technique. This realistic technique is provided to any sales cluttered earnings technique through automating the system of finding the applicable prospect data associated with the agency of our clients irrespective of the type of economy of the business enterprise.

Principles of AeroLeads:

  • Get 90%+ verified emails.
  • Guide the clients about how prospect generation can ease the sales process by automating the process of finding the relevant prospect details.
  • Innovate by embracing the developments in technology and implementing in the prospect generation process.

How it works

How to configure AeroLeads Chrome Extension?
1. Install Google chrome plug-in for AeroLeads.

Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads
2. Copy API key from Profile

Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads

Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads
1. Use URL http://aeroleads.com/prospects
2. Enter your phrase in the search TextBox as shown below
Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads
3. Opens a page on Google. Click on the Transfer link against each profile you think are your relevant prospects.

Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads
1. The profiles will be transferred to http://aeroleads.com/prospects along with the prospect details, email and phone number.
Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads
2. Also search for prospects using company name to find details of the people who work in that
company (like CXO, VP, Head of Departments). Add them to see their email and phone number.
Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads
3. To transfer prospect data to MailChimp, Hubspot and Salesforce, click on integration from the
drop-down in the top right navigation.

Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads

4. Enter the API key, Security token and Hubspot ID for MailChimp, Salesforce, and Hubspot
Note: To obtain those sign up to MailChimp, Salesforce and Hubspot
Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeadsHow to pull contacts from LinkedIn
1. To pull prospects from LinkedIn Install Chrome extension
Everything You Need to Know About AeroLeads
2. Sign in to LinkedIn. Visit your prospect’s profile and click on Add to prospect button on right
top corner.
3. Prospect will be added to the AeroLeads account. Emails and Phone numbers will
How to Upgrade your account to see more details
1. To upgrade your account, go to https://aeroleads.com/users/edit and click on upgrade. You can check http://aeroleads.com/pricing for other plans with a number of credits available

Why our clients prefer aeroleads?

1.Better & Cleaner Design

From the previous red and white cliche’ background, we came up with a new design for our landing pages.

Change is good, hence we came up with a better and cleaner design. It’s currently blue and white which gives an appealing bright shade that would draw more customers. Also, this new design helps the users with the ease of using our software.

2. Loads much faster now

With the increasing traffic, we had few problems in loading the page faster for our customers.

But now, with this new feature, the customers will be able to visit the pages faster as the latest design with its advanced codes and technical tricks, loads them much better and faster.

3. New Menu

With better and cleaner design, comes a new Menu as well.

The menu contains information which any average user is made to understand with great ease. The new tools are mentioned with clarity and the pages are linked to new tabs with great ease as well.

4. Send emails

According to the second version, we had removed this feature but now we have relaunched this feature again.

Now with statistics like email open rate etc. it is simpler, easier and convenient for the users. For further details, visit this article.

5. Free email verification feature

One of our previous articles clearly mentioned the new addition of a feature or tool known as the Free Email Verification Tool.

Basically, keep your search secure with our Email Verification or Email Checker Tool which is absolutely Free!
As mentioned above, do visit this article for further details about this feature.

For new feature request, you can drop us an email to “hello@aeroleads.com”. You can also signup at AeroLeads if you haven’t used it.

The basic plan starts from $49/month for one user. It comes with 10 free credits which allow you to test and explore the software.

Click here to check out the pricing and plans.

What our CEO believes about

Pushkar Gaikwad, the founder of Aero leads, is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He had begun a challenge named InBoundio (a white-label marketing software program) and other called WorkMonk (a platform to connect with freelance experts). His experience in finding various ventures made him remember the fact that prospect technology becomes extremely tedious. And the way facts become scattered around the internet, did no longer make the quest any easier. A contact’s bio could be on LinkedIn, email or Facebook, and his/her contact quantity somewhere else.

AeroLeads is run by a team of three based in Bangalore. Our team took time to iterate our product and conduct rigorous testing to ensure that results were consistent across multiple searches. Pushkar believes that AeroLeads is a useful software-as-a-service (SaaS) product for Indian businesses. Someone who has developed a product, or is running a BPO or an IT services company, can find contacts of global businesses with email addresses and phone numbers of decision-makers.

About the product

AeroLeads is actually a web-based extension that can be added to the browser, (thus the process can be conducted both on the phone and on the computer). Once the search is performed and the relevant prospects are selected, AeroLeads takes about 35 seconds per contact to the source and collates information of the contact’s phone number and email address. The user of the software is charged one credit each time AeroLeads is able to provide the contact details. No credit is used if data cannot be found online. The venture earns its revenue through monthly subscriptions.

Pushkar believes that the software can also save a considerable amount of time for all professionals across functions such as sales and business development. They could spend anywhere between 5-10 minutes (assuming they know which website to check) or more if they are unable to narrow down on the appropriate sites. AeroLeads is able to separate the required data from the noise and increase the efficiency of the process.

Click here to start your free trial with us.

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