Use These 5 Proven Tips To Master Email Marketing

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There’s no denying that email is the best thing that has happened to humans… err … after peanut butter, of course. And every person in the marketing industry who is regularly leveraging on email marketing can vouch for its significance. However, it a common belief that emails are being steadily replaced with tweets, status updates, Facebook chat and more. 

But is the belief right?

We don’t think so.

In fact, the number of business & consumer emails that are sent & received each day is expected to reach 319.6 billion by the end of 2021, that’s over 116 trillion emails a year! That sure doesn’t look like emails will be fading anytime soon. 

And you know why emails are everyone’s favourite?  Because amidst all the clutter, interruptions, annoying ads, emails are like a breath of fresh air. People have to be mindful of being too promotional, too annoying- because when you are sliding in someone else’s inbox you are basically in their personal territory. Unlike other open platforms that seem like everyone’s oasis. 

Therefore, before getting started, I’d like you to remember one thing – you have to be on your best behaviour at all times because you are in their personal territory. 

Here are some wonderful email marketing tips to make your transition from a beginner to a pro:

1. Asking For Permission Before Entering

Didn’t we already establish that you are entering someone else’s personal territory? So, of course, it’s a given that you can’t build an email campaign without getting permission. For this, first, we need to focus on building a sizeable email list. 

There are many ways to do this – while some offer a newsletter in exchange, others lure in the prospects by giving away sample products and so on. It’s up to you to decide which tactic should work best for you.

However, it is important to have a clear purpose – like you can’t simply ask someone “Enter your email address” OR “Give me your email address” won’t do. 

Here are some things that you have to make your prospect clear about:

  • Why do you want your prospect’s email address? What will they get in exchange? 
  • Are you going to fill their inbox with a volley of spam and junk? 
  • How often will you email them? Because no one wants to be pestered twice a day!
  • Will they get discounts, giveaways, sample product, free trial or something similarly interesting? 

Look at this example below:


Email Marketing


The message is pretty clear. I exactly know what I’ll get when I enter my email address here – stories about games, films and television. And notice that the frequency is also stated, so now I won’t have to worry about being inflicted by a deluge of emails daily. 

2. Living Up To The Expectations 

Now that you have sought entry into your prospects’ emails comes the most important part – living up to their expectations. Suppose, you have promised daily updates with insightful stories and posts but somehow you fail to deliver, then your subscribers are likely to be upset. On the other hand, if you have promised one email per week but you end up inundating their inbox daily, then also you have set yourself up for a failure. 

The point is – deliver what you promised to the dot. Follow-up is very, and don’t underestimate this “Very”, vital to the success of your email marketing campaign. 

Also, don’t forget to introduce yourself by sending an initial introductory email which gives a better insight to your subscribers about what you plan on doing. You have to pull off quick and concise together with the detailed explanation. After that, it’s all about living up to their expectations. 

How can you make your subscribers happy? How will you live up to their expectations?

Well, besides the obvious that we have already talked about – deliver exactly what you promised there are many other things that people miss in email marketing. Make sure to include this in your follow-up actions: 

  • Before pitching too often or too seldom, try to put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes. How often would you like to receive such emails? Furthermore, are you sending something relevant or of value to the subscriber? If yes, then you are well on your way. But if you are simply sending blind offers then I’m sorry to say, you are likely to be unsubscribed soon. 
  • You might want to provide links to your blogs, any product that is of value to the subscriber or any other form of media content. 
  • Balance your newsletter with product updates as well as a personal message or friendly anecdote. 

Use Autoresponder 

Many marketers overlook talking to their subscribers unless they have something to sell. And it comes across as a bit unideal. 

This is where Autoresponder comes in. 

Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically returns a prewritten message to anyone who submits emails to a particular Internet address whether an individual or a website. It ensures that you remain in touch with your subscribers before announcing a new product or sale. This way they are already familiar with you, your company and product. Although, it is important to ensure that your autoresponder is scheduled for specific days. You can’t afford to annoy your subscribers because that “unsubscribe” button is never too far away. 


3. Include Social Media Links 

While email is the king of marketing, social media links are very dependable knights. You can generate massive traffic and ensure subscriber’s familiarity with your brand. Moreover, you can increase your following on social media which in turn may lead them to your website – and hopefully further down into the sales funnel. 

See the example below: 

Subscribe Social Media


I receive these newsletters every week (as they promised) which are relevant too. Also, see how easy they have made for people to “follow” them on their social media pages. 

Cross-platform promotion is an absolute hit these days, especially when it comes to promoting and establishing a considerably new business. 


4. Create Mobile-Friendly Versions 

Many novice marketers often target only the desktop users – but contrary to this, most of the emails are read on smartphones. According to a 2015 report by Pew Research Centre – 64% Americans are smartphone users. And it is 2018 now, numbers are likely to have grown tremendously by now. 


Pew Research Centre


It clearly shows that a majority of the population exclusively checks their email on their smartphones, at least when they are away from home. 

So, it has become a necessity in today’s times to create a mobile-friendly version of your email to cater to the audience who access emails through their smartphones. 

5. Keeping Track Of Your Email Marketing Outcome 

We all are aware of the importance of analytics, of analysing factors like bounce rate, ROI (return on investment), and unsubscribes but still, marketers tend to overlook this. 

Your bounce rate will tell you that how many of your subscribers simply deleted the mail without even reading it. And if your unsubscribe rate is high then you are probably doing something wrong – you have to examine why are the people leaving.  

Email analytics is vital to discern how you are performing so that you can inject your energy into rectifying the things that might not be going in your favour. It always comes down to one thing – Paying Attention!

If you master these tips then the transition to an expert marketer and a winning email marketing campaign will be a close reality. 

What do you think of these tips? What practices do you to make your email marketing campaign successful?

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  4. Social media links would definitely be useful if you think about it. I’m not super familiar with everything and it’s great that you were able to discuss this with us. Learned a lot!

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