Email Marketing Tips To Get More Out Of The Campaign

Did you really think you could wrap up your work by just closing a particular sale? What you are missing out here is that the consumer’s sale cycle is still not over? The opportunities for repeat sales, upselling & cross-selling must never be neglected. You must never stop nurturing the existing customers.

As per surveys, repeat customers always spend approximately 70% more than the new ones. So how do you nurture those consumers so that you can attain more revenue for your brand? This is the time when you must employ email marketing programs. It might only be just a few seconds, months or weeks since a specific deal received closure; this piece of content will explain how to utilize email for marketing strategy & produce more revenue.

8 Strategies to Get More Sales Via Email Marketing

1. Leverage the confirmation email

When a customer purchases a product online, they can either stop visiting the website as they have got what they were seeking for or else consider ways for staying engaged with the business that could result in future purchases.

Eventually, mobile app development company mostly develop apps with ASO support. So one of the email marketing strategies with ASO support that needs implementation is fabricating “Order Confirmation” & “Welcome” emails. These emails comprise of the most elevated open rates as customers will then eagerly wait for your upcoming offerings.

Along with this, a simple call-to-action needs to be there in emails so that customers find it useful to visit the company in many other ways and not just email. It might be a unique offer to a particular eBook, the recommendation for a harmonizing service or product that might entice the customers, promotion of the social media profiles for expanding your reach, etc. The more targeted the content is, the more customers will stick around.

Whichever way you choose; you must remember that confirmation & welcome emails must thank the buyers for their purchases. You must be able to provide additional methods of adding value & not just push harder for sales.

2. Selling products of other people

Monetizing email marketing does not only include selling your services or products. If talking about email marketing best practices, there are options for becoming an affiliate for numerous other businesses’ services or products.

For instance, suppose a virtual business coach provides planning advice to her valuable clients. She will advise affiliate tools such as website hosting services for helping the clients turn her recommendations into reality. When you are using email for marketing strategy, you must ensure that your relationship with the subscribers is strong. The products that you recommend must align with their particular interests or they might unsubscribe.

Once your affiliate relationship is established, you might choose to boost that business by advertising — but managing ads can often take too much time. To facilitate the process of buying, tracking, and scaling your advertising, you can use a native ads platform. It enables affiliate marketers and performance agencies to buy traffic that converts from multiple networks, track their performance, and grow with support from real experts.

3. Send a service/product feedback email

After making a sale with one of your customers, do you make efforts to learn how the purchase is treating them? You can use email marketing templates as a marketing strategy so that your check-ins after the purchase is more scalable. However, timing plays an important role here.

In a too early check-in scenario, customers still might not have utilized the product. In a late check-in scenario, the product might get eradicated from their minds. If you are seeking feedback on a digital download, offer leads few days for reading it. If you want feedback on any physical product, the time frame needs to be extended a bit for adjusting the shipping time.

If the business is service-based, setting various benchmarks is important across the buyer’s time spent with your business. Such emails will reaffirm the confidence of the customers in your business that has treated them very well. They will, of course, buy-in the future from you.

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4. Upselling exclusive or premium products

The email marketing platforms offer the best opportunities for enhancing revenue as it helps improve the standard transaction amount during the purchase time a.k.a. upselling.

For example, your profession is being a life coach & your product is a virtual monthly membership. It includes access to resource databases, users’ communities, webinars, etc. So the potential up-sell over here is the elite one to one coaching sessions. By this, the participants can select the topics that they want you to emphasize on.

5. Suggest educational materials

Are you thinking that why to email your existing customers regarding your just released free eBook? But this is a wrong notion. You must know that education content can convert your neutral consumers into fans. When you have customers right on the fence regarding your company, simply emailing them useful educational materials can bring them in the correct direction.

If you associate with an email marketing agency, the experts will always tell you that to be successful; you need to make the customers successful. For instance, when a tax account receives a check in his mail just after the tax season, he will completely be behoved for sending an eBook regarding imaginative tax deductions to his customers for getting them back by the upcoming tax season.

He might also write eBooks that are targeted to every segment of his trade. Organizations often miss out on these usual deductions.

6. Cross-selling related products

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, you are gaining insight into their buying patterns, interests & likes. These insights will help you tempt them with various other products that they will enjoy. So if you are looking for effective email marketing tips, you must start with cross-selling.

Online shoppers need to be offered with targeted messages that will depend on the preceding shopping decisions and those shoppers will probably purchase again. It will pay off when you sell complementary services & products to your present customers. This can increase your sales by 40% by correctly using cross-selling techniques.

For setting a smooth email marketing funnel, you must modify emails with service & product offerings that are matching the buyer requisites perfectly. The needs will depend on their preceding behaviour. Knowing such information can help you define who your consumers are and what they think about your business and what are the things they like about your brand. You can now deliver everything in those lead nurturing email marketing campaigns.

7. Send unique deals to existing customers

If you are unable to enhance sales & complete mind-boggled by thinking why then you might not know about email marketing benefits. For instance, when a buyer gets a product from your website, they need to be rewarded if you wish to attain future purchases from them.

You can also run email marketing campaigns to target your existing customers by sending an attractive festival or sales flyer. Tools like PhotoADKing’s flyer maker can create stunning & customized flyers within a few clicks.

Exclusivity is one of the main reasons why buyers subscribe to emails. They, of course, want to attain the better stuff that any other person does not have access to. Email marketing is a medium by which you can make buyers feel special by offering the buyers coupons, deals, etc.

Other ideas for unique email content are:

1. Consulting opportunities with a top-notch company

2. Special content before its release to the website’s wider viewers & buyers

3. Sending behind the scenes fun moments of any conference or event

4. First, look at a fresh service or product before anybody else getting that chance. Even you can ask the subscribers for their valuable feedback

Deals must be mixed with feel-good email contents that can assist in generating revenue by constructing long-lasting loyal consumers that will revert to your brand as they will love you for your products and services. It will not just be because of money-saving purposes.

8. Employing cart abandonment back up plan –

Many times buyers will go through distractions or not make some purchases as they were not prepared for buying the products right at that moment. However, the utilization of an eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce will let you know about the product they had left behind in the cart.

Make use of email marketing best practices for encouraging the buyers to purchase the service or product that they were truly considering but did not complete the buying process for some of the other reason. Clientele who obtain numerous deserted shopping cart emails is 3.4 times more liable to complete the whole purchase in comparison to people who receive only a single follow-up mail.

You can send the very first message right after one day, the second message after passing 48 hours & also the third message by 3 or 4 days of leaving behind.

Cart abandonment emails need to be short. You can even arrest the reader’s attention by including some personality or humour in the emails.

Wrapping it up

Now you know about all the tactics in the context of email for a marketing strategy that can help you generate revenue like never before. But all the efforts can fall flat if the email content is not appealing or catchy. With poor content, you can never attract potential buyers.

Crafting the email perfectly is very important as only then email marketing ROI can be attained. If you are unaware of it & thinking of how to do with email marketing through mobile apps, then you must contact us to avail services from our email marketing experts. Create a loyal customer base today with our services.

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