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TLDR – Install the Free Email Marketing Plugin for Gmail and Google Apps from the Chrome store here

Summary of features

1. Find emails from any page and save it.
2. Upload CSV with emails along with first name, last name, company name etc.
3. Send automated emails from Gmail (or google apps).

Overview Of Our Email Marketing Plugin For Gmail. 

AeroMailer Email Marketing Plugin for Gmail 2


Here’s a closer look at the plugin:



AeroMailer, our Email Marketing Plugin for Gmail, will serve as the backbone for all the email marketing ventures for small and midsize businesses (SMB), Startups and Marketing Agencies. 

Not only is it easy to use but is packed with automated and marketing features. From the beginning to the end, it helps in complete Email Marketing endeavours. 

Here are the tasks AeroMailer performs to spearhead your whole email marketing campaign:

  • Find email addresses on any webpage 
  • Save the acquired Email addresses 
  • Send emails to them via Gmail or Google Apps. 

Here’s an up-close look at the AeroMailer dashboard for contacts:

AeroMailer Contacts

What Other Features Does AeroMailer Have?

Apart from the basics, AeroMailer – an all-in-one email marketing plugin for Gmail – has the following features: 

1. Find emails on any page and save them.

2. Create Email Templates

An inside look at the automated email templates:

AeroMailer Templates

3. Upload emails via CSV file

4. Send mass automated emails from your Gmail and google apps account.

Moreover, this automated email marketing plugin for Gmail doesn’t put any burden on your pockets as it is free of cost. 

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