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A venture capitalist (VC) is a private investor that provides capital to companies in exchange for an equity stake. The companies they invest in need, not all be startups, they could also be relatively young smaller companies that have good growth potential but are in need of capital to take the company to the next level.

Venture capitalists are usually formed as limited partnerships where the partners invest in the VC fund, and the pooled capital is used to invest in companies that have been identified as being promising for a good return on investment.

When deciding on which companies to invest in, venture capitalists look for a unique product or service, a large market, a strong team and a trajectory to profit. They are often willing to take risks with companies that have the potential to really grow with capital rather than investing in companies that have a stable, steady path, as they realise that the key to high returns is taking a few calculated risks.

This article details the top 100 venture capitalists –

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Venture capitalists are sought by companies that have their path forged out for growth with a promising future but are in need of capital to achieve that potential. However, only 0.62% of startups manage to actually achieve VC funding. If looking to get in touch with one such top venture capitalist mentioned above, you can use their email address to do the same.

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