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A well-rounded email list is the heart and soul of any successful business. From email marketing to newsletters, the prospect of sending emails as a company is a great tool for conversion of leads to potential customers or hunt emails.

However, with 3.8 billion users, getting ahold of emails can be a challenge. To help you overcome the same, we have scoured well and compiled a list of the top email hunter tools that will allow you to track down any target’s email address.

An email hunter tool uses basic information to forage the database and find email addresses. The email hunter tool could be a browser extension that integrates with platforms like Linkedin to find email addresses or they could be services that can use information like name and domain name to track down an email address.

Some of the most popular and effective email hunter tools on the market are

  • AeroLeads
  • FindThatLead
  • VoilaNorbert
  • Clearbit Connect


aeroleads email finder

AeroLeads is one of the pioneers amongst tool to hunt emails and is the primary choice for many professionals around the world.


Offers a free trial. The paid service consists of 4 plans starting from $49/month with 1,000 credits going up to $ 499/month with 15,000 credits, as well as an ‘Enterprise’ plan that lets you get a custom price quote.


  • Bulk email finder
  • Integration with multiple platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList, CrunchBox,, Xing is available.
  • Apart from personal email addresses, as many as 15 data points including but not limited to full name, job title, location, generic company emails, a business phone number can be obtained.
  • You can export the data to CSV or transfer to other CRM Platforms.
    Assures 95% accuracy by a system of four-step verification.

hunter competitors

The highly popular email hunter tool is a part of the lead generation platform that also includes the Email Verifier and MailTracker. It is preferred for its simplicity.


  • Single as well as bulk domain search.
  • Email addresses can be searched simply by a name and a domain name.
  • Can find any email address in a fraction of a second.
  • Is trusted by 2,000,000+ professionals from top companies.
  • Can be used to find any email address with a simple API call.
  • Can integrate with a number of platforms like LinkedIn etc.


Besides offering 50 free trials per month, the paid version starts from a package of $49/ month, then moves on to $99/month and the packages are rounded off with the costliest pack of $399/month.


This user-friendly email hunter tool can perform a lead search for an email address by first name, last name and domain name.


  • Can hunt for email addresses from social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Provides a ‘Prospector tool’ that allows tracking down prospects using company profiles, job positions or keywords.
  • Integrates with a number of platforms.
  • Its advanced algorithm is trusted by many leading companies.
  • Can be used for leveraging social media accounts, verifying email addresses, building effective email campaigns and finding your desired prospects.


Offers 50 free searches per month as part of a ‘freemium plan’ and moves onto providing 5,000 monthly credits for $49 or 18,000 monthly credits for $150.


VoilaNorbert as an email hunter tool helps you to find any corporate email addresses, manage leads and preserve time.


  • Integrates well with platforms like, CrunchBase, BuzzSumo etc.
  • Helps you find any corporate email and is trusted by companies like Intel, Oracle, Airbnb etc.
  • All leads can be added to custom made lists or contacted directly by Norbert, with advanced tracking tools that can also let you know if your email has been opened.
  • A simple click on the ViolaNorbert button can help you find contact information from any website.


The free plan offers 50 free searches per month, while the paid plans start at $0.10 per lead.

Clearbit Connect


A multidimensional email hunter tool that is essentially another extension for your Gmail Inbox but also has a web browser tool.


  • Can be used directly with Gmail Inbox – After installing the plugin, connect to your Gmail account to find any email address, click Clearbit button on the top right corner of your Gmail Inbox and type in the domain name.
  • Along with email address, the tool allows you to learn information like location, job title, social profiles.
  • One-stop destination to allow you to search for companies, people and find email and details.


At its gist, is free of cost service with a limit of 40 credits per month. Upon enquiry, paid plans are also made available.


With an immense market for email marketing, email hunter tools are the need of the hour. These above 5 tools are all Chrome extensions that can be installed as plug-ins and then used as email hunter services for any website or webpage. Integration with CRM platforms allows these email hunter tools to sweep the same for any contact information as well.

With free trials available for all, go ahead and try your hand at them to find the email hunter tool that suits you and your business needs the best.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an email hunter

An email hunter is tool which helps you to hunt emails for you marketing campaigns or in easy words we can say that email hunter is tool which helps you to find emails of your prospects.

What are some Top email hunters

There are a tons of tools which can ast like an email hunter
But here is the list of top 5 email hunters
1- Aeroleads
2- Hunter
3- Lusha
4- Rocketreach
5- Snov

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