How To Find Emails And Business Details Of Startup Founders?

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Are you grappling to find email addresses? And even if you somehow find the email address, there’s another whole cycle of verifying those acquired email addresses. And what will you do if only half of them are legit? 

In this post, I will teach you simple and actionable ways to find emails and business details of many professionals including startup founders. 

1. ‘About Us’ page 

The easiest way to find the email address of a founder is by searching for it through the company’s “About Us” page or by going through their social media profiles like LinkedIn. However, there’s a catch. Most of the company’s don’t give out information about their co-founders in the “About Us” page. Now, you might take a swift turn towards social media channels. But, there’s a problem here too – chances are that in fear of being flooded with hundreds of Spams, many a founder steer clear of mentioning their email addresses on social media channels. 

2. Find the founder on LinkedIn 

While some businesses showcase who their founder(s) are on their About Us page, many businesses only give out details about their business. In this case, we will jump to LinkedIn next. 

You can do different types of searches on LinkedIn. Some common searches are: 

  • Company name + Founder
  • The Company name + Co-Founder
  • Company name + CMO
  • The Company name + Sales Manager
  • Company name + Marketing Manager

To reach the founder of a company, simply enter the company’s name in LinkedIn search.

 Email address

Now, on the company’s page, you will be redirected to a number of employees that are on LinkedIn including the founder. 

AeroLeads Company

After skimming down a bit, I found the company’s founder. Now that you know the person you want to contact, you need to search his email address. LinkedIn does offer “contact info” option but it hardly ever has the email address of the user. 

Founder AeroLeads

You can connect with the founder and include a message that in brief why you want to connect with them, share any information that might be of value to them and build a rapport. 

Here’s how you can get into the founder’s good books:

“Hi (founder’s name)”

I’m a big fan of the work you do with Company X. I saw your recent article about common content marketing mistakes every B2B content marketing is making and they were really relatable (I’ve seen my fair share of content marketing mistakes).

Just wanted to say hello and that I’d love to connect here. Thanks for the work you’re doing!

Best, XYZ”

This way you have sparked some interest in the founder and asked for a simple connection. You can take it from here and smoothly slide into their email. And from there you can pitch your idea with the founder. 

There’s one problem with this LinkedIn method though – sometimes if the company you want to connect with is too big and they have over thousands of employees, in that case finding the founder will be a bit difficult. You will have to skim through multiple employees to reach the founder’s profile. In such cases, we can try out different methods, however, this one is a no-go. 

3. Find email address using simple Google queries 

When people say that Google is the best option to find information – they aren’t fibbing. Google can actually help you find almost anything, sometimes, even someone’s email address. 

You can try typing these queries into the search engine. 

  • [name] + contact 
  • [name] + other contact information 

What if this doesn’t work out?

You can modify these queries a bit and include the founder’s company in your Google search.

  • + [name] + contact 
  • + [name] + other contact info. 

If you are unable to get relevant search results using basic queries, then add a little something extra to your queries.

Try adding some more information like hometown, company name and more. 

  • [name] + “hometown”
  • [name] + “company they work for”

Extract Email Address and Business Details of Startup Founders Using Automated Tools

Until now, we discussed some manual methods to extract the email addresses of startup founders. However, finding an email address with these methods is somewhat tedious and not always a sure thing. 

Here are some wonderful options to make the whole process of finding email addresses automated. These methods are easier and promise better results owing to seamless research. 

1. AeroMailer by AeroLeads 


AeroMailer is an absolutely free Email Marketing Plugin for Gmail, that serves as the backbone for all the email marketing ventures for small and midsize businesses (SMB), Startups and Marketing Agencies. Not only is it easy to use but is packed with automated and marketing features. From the beginning to the end, it helps in complete Email Marketing endeavours. You simply have to search in the founder’s name in Google or any other search engine. 

Say, for example, search Pushkar Gaikwad of AeroLeads. After I got multiple results, I opened the first page that hinted at some information about the founder. 

Now click the ‘@’ icon to search the email addresses on the current webpage. 

Sadly, I couldn’t find anything on the current webpage (as shown below), compelling me to move onto another webpage. 

AeroMailer email search

And luckily, I found three email addresses on this webpage. However, it is easy to distinguish the one I am looking for. 

AeroMailer email search

After finding the email, you can use AeroMailer further for the following purposes. 

1. Save the acquired email.
2. Upload CSV with emails along with first name, last name, company name etc.

AeroMailer Contact list

3. Send automated emails from Gmail (or google apps).

2. FindThatLead 

AeroMailer Contact list

You can use this email finding tool to find as well as manage your email address list. You just need to fill out the company’s URL and you will easily get the email addresses related to that URL. It can also be used for Domain Search, the Lead Search and Prospector.

FindThatLead is available as chrome extension as well as a web app. This automated email finding tool offers 300 search credits and paid plans range from $29 – $399 with a maximum of 30,000 Search credits.

3. Headreach 

Headreach allows you to search an email address by Prospect’s Name, Company’s Name, Domain Name, Job Position, Industry, Keywords, Location and many more. It is available as a web app. Headreach offers 10 search credits in the beginning. After that, paid plans range from $19 – $79 with a maximum of 500 Search credits.

4. makes it easy to search for anyone’s professional or work email. All you have to do is to type in the name and domain and you will get their email address along with the sources where they extracted the email address. is available as chrome extension as well as a web app. This automated email finding tool offers 50 search credits and 100 verify credits in the beginning. And the paid plans range from $29 – $999 with a maximum of 100,000 Search credits and 500,000 Verify Credits.



You can try out these automated email address finder tools for a hassle-free and a reliable experience.  However, if you are inclined towards a more involved and hands-on experience, then manual processes are the best option for you. 

Use these methods to extract email addresses and other important details of the founders of various startups and start prospecting immediately. You don’t need weeks, not even days – just a few dedicated hours are enough to get your desired email addresses using these methods. 

Which method or tool are you using to extract important business emails of your prospects? Do you think manual methods are better or the automated tools?

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