6 Effective CTA’s To Get Subscribers For Your Email List


Click Here. Buy now. Sign up. 

I am sure you have tried all these CTAs to get increased conversions. But the question is – did any of these common call-to-actions show credible results? 

Here’s the deal, not many of these common CTAs will get your desired results. They are so outdrawn that almost everyone is using them these days. 

What’s worse is that many of the marketers are not even using CTAs in the first place. According to Small Biz Trends, 70% of small business B2B sites lack a call-to-action.


I hope they know that this is one of their gravest mistakes. 

If you think that CTAs are not as important as they are touted to be then you might want to have a look at these statistics. 

  • Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%. (Source)
  • More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy. (Source)

So stop giving flimsy excuses and start using these effective CTA’s to get more subscribers for your email list. 

1. Free Trial CTA

Freemium? Who? Use a free trial instead! 

If there’s one call-to-action that your audience wouldn’t be able to ignore, it would definitely be the “free trial” CTA. It especially works wonders for the companies selling SaaS-based software products. 

Isn’t it tempting to click on this CTA?


Adding a free trial CTA is likely to increase your subscription rate by 328%. On the other hand, if you ask your audience to purchase from the get-go, they are unlikely to show the same response. 

Apart from the free trial, you can also offer free ebooks or discount coupons as a reward of subscribing to your email list. 

2. Leverage Social proof 

Humans have a penchant to want to belong to a certain group. That’s the reason they don’t want to miss out on something that everyone is a part of. 

Social media fever is one of the biggest examples. Sometimes people flock to social media platforms simply because everyone else is doing it.

And this urge brings us to the concept of “social proof”. 

I came across this excerpt from ConversionXL, which will help you understand this phenomenon in a better way. 


This clearly explains that when you mention that millions of other people are using a particular thing, then other people will automatically follow suit to be a part of the “crowd”. 

You can also use social proof while crafting your CTA. 

For example, have a look at this call-to-action. 


The author is persuading the audience to subscribe to his email list by displaying the current number of subscribers. And he doesn’t need much persuading either. When the viewers see that so many people have subscribed already, they won’t hesitate much before giving it a shot. 

3. “Sign Up For Free”

This is one effective CTA, so much so that even Dropbox uses this CTA to boost their subscription and conversion rate. 

dropbox CTA

As soon as your viewer skims down to the subscribing option, this CTA will assert that whatever they will get after the subscription is absolutely “Free”. And I hope, we don’t have to repeat the massive effect of the word “Free” on the prospects. 

4. Header CTA 

Have you ever noticed those persistent CTAs at the top of a blog or a webpage? 

Something like this? 


This is the header CTA that the marketing genius Neil Patel uses in his website. 

Have a look at another persistent header CTA example from his blog.


While these persistent header CTAs work like popup CTAs but they seem to have an edge over those annoying popups. That is, these header CTAs don’t block your webpage content and the audience can click on them on their own accord. 

Persistent header CTAs are a great way to convert. Also, if they weren’t, I am sure a marketing guru like Neil Patel wouldn’t be using them. 

5. CTA Button – ‘Send Me Specials Now!’

The main point of your CTA is to get your audience to subscribe to your email list. And why would they click on that CTA? 

This CTA has the perfect answer to this question. 


“Send me specials now!” CTA button by Aquaspresso, a coffee company, tells the users without beating around the bush that they are going to send them something special if they subscribe to their email list. 

For starters, this CTA tells the users that they will be rewarded. Secondly, it is clearly trying to evoke curious feelings within their audience. 

If nothing else, people will be curious enough to see what’s “today’s special”. And humans are innately surprise-loving creatures. 

6. Point out the problem, then offer the solution 

Demian Farnworth, an expert digital copywriter says that to captivate people’s mind first, agitate the problem and then offer a solution. 

And that’s the formula that you can use in your CTA. 

First, direct your visitors’ focus on a problem and then offer something in order to solve that problem.

Let’s examine this CTA:


There’s not much to examine, is it? This CTA pretty much sums up the point we are trying to make.

This says – “Are you doing your SEO wrong? Enter your URL to find out.

This makes the visitor introspect whether there’s a problem or not. And to find the answers one is definitely going to enter their email address.


Crafting a compelling CTA isn’t a very difficult task, is it? I am sure you would agree after going through the article. 

How difficult it can be to use some witty one-liners or to introduce the different forms of CTAs mentioned? 

But it’s not all about being witty and creating a compelling CTA. Take a step back and see what appeals to your audience the most. Perform A/B tests to see which CTA copy is showing maximum conversion rate. 

Apart from this, don’t try to mislead your audience into clicking on something else and offering something else altogether. Being ambiguous is going to hurt you in the long run. 

So, start crafting CTAs for your website without delaying it any further. Make sure it revolves around what you have to offer to your customers. 

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