5 Digital Marketing Approaches for Online Food Ordering Startups

Digital marketing isn’t a new concept anymore and is constantly evolving day by day. Making a business profitable used to be about plain buying and selling. But digital marketing is so much more and so much to offer. For companies that deal with online food ordering services as their speciality, digital marketing helps a lot. The target user base is mostly tech-savvy people who know where and how to order the best food delivery. Therefore, it also is a great move to capitalize on digital marketing to target these users and connect with them across several digital marketing channels. Let’s have a look at the way food ordering startups can use digital marketing:

1. Search Engine Marketing:

Before proceeding with anything else, the first step you should be taking is making sure that you’re using proper SEO keywords. SEO, content, website design all count towards search engine ranking. Your website should firstly have a great online presence and ranking nicely in the search engines. This is to attract more visitors. Digital marketing makes its mark in the area of search engine marketing with a mixture of SEO and PPC ads. Here are some tips for the same:

• Firstly, make sure that your website has the basic SEO elements placed rightly. Elements like a friendly URL, Meta tags, sitemaps, image alt tags, are essential to rank better in the search engines.

• Optimize your website content using relevant keywords, location-based content and words go a long way. This helps people searching for such results find yours better.

• Start a blogging section on your site to attract more people. Moreover, a blogging section ensures regular use of keywords and attracts traffic.

• Use Google AdWords Planner for better PPC handling. This helps to choose the right keywords for better targeting.

• Whenever you decide to run a PPC campaign pay special focus to the negative keywords to avoid being listed in irrelevant searches and areas.

2. Use Social Media Creatively:

Social media marketing can become a great source for getting customers. You just have to use it right and uniquely. Because, when it comes to social media you also have to take care of your online presence, followers and engagement rates. Every business has been using the entire process of social media marketing. The way to go would be doing something different. To level up your social media marketing here are a few tips to follow:

  • Whenever you’re using offers, let the customer relate or “talk” to the food. This way the customer can be intrigued by the effort and at the same time look to order the food item. Storytelling can help one in this. For example: “Hi I am your crispy XYZ try me in a combo for a special discount”.
  • Using unique and drool-worthy pictures is one of the most important things you can do as a food startup. Post creative and drool-worthy photos of your food items. People tend to not like random generic pictures as it doesn’t display what they’ll be getting. Do not try to mislead people, instead of market your food creatively.
  • Additionally, replying and taking care of customer needs timely is a step you’re going to have to take care of. Customers that get dissatisfied even once are not likely to come back easily.
Digital Marketing Approaches for Online Food Ordering startups

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3. Video content usage:

Marketing videos are an effective means to impress the brand image in the viewer’s mind. It seems to be easy but the video content needs to incorporate the concept of the brand. Conveying it to the user in an attractive means is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help you with this:

  • Use storytelling and characters in videos that people can easily relate to. Videos should make the user think and imagine the food and storytelling to create a brand image. KFC did this with the story of their brand ambassador Colonel Sanders.
  • Convey your brand’s image and mission to the users. This is because you’re not only going to be focusing on what the restaurant is present. Instead, what goals and aims you want to achieve to make develop the brand image for the future.


4. Use the power of influencers:

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing. People are bound to trust the word of mouth marketing from friends, families and even influencers on social media. This counts indirectly as social media marketing. But tie-ups with influencers and food bloggers on the web can also get you the attention you need. Develop a mutual business relationship with them and this way you can reach out to their huge number of followers.

  • Have a popular food blogger write for your blog as well. This way they can reach out to your reach and you can do the same to theirs. Such mentions don’t have to be necessarily advertising but can be in the form of a story or a review.
  • Make sure you’re using user-generated content like feedback and food images properly also. This way people can see their images and reviews in addition to your artistic images as well.


5. Use Email and SMS marketing:

Digital marketing has a lot of potentials and covers a lot of areas. Using email and SMS marketing won’t harm you in any way. Instead, using such means of communication ensures that you’re able to reach out to the users who’re not aware of your services and any other left out-groups.

• Around 90% of the people read their SMS within the first 3 minutes so use this to spread short term period offers

• Emails instead are for long term offers or any plans or offer you might be coming up with. People can be notified in time and they look forward to such events and offers.

• Using SMS and email alerts as a means of order confirmation and receipts, etc. are also great. This helps in customer retention.


Many restaurants tend not to be aware of digital marketing as a means to increase customer numbers. People also like to order the same dishes from their favourite restaurants repetitively. To get this level of customer retention do follow the above-mentioned strategies to get more and more loyal customers.

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