Complete Guide on How to use LinkedIn Recruiter

The Linkedin platform where millions of professionals, businesses, and opportunities are found and formed, yes that’s LinkedIn. Most of us have our businesses, profiles, and profiles set up on the platform in an attempt to find clients or for the purpose of recruitment, finding work and many other purposes. But this post is for the recruiters out there looking for value additions to their companies using the paid LinkedIn tool- LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn offers this tool to assist you in finding the right talent out there for your company.

There are various features the tool provides and you can maximize your efficiency using these tools with the tips below:

1. Profile Recommendations:

This tool allows you to find your candidate based on several variables and filters. It has 5 different sections-

  1. People you may want to hire: This section shows a list of recommended people brought to you by the LinkedIn machine learning algorithms best suited as per your requirement. This is not the same as the free tools offered by LinkedIn. It is an advanced recommendation system that only brings out the best to you.
  2. Similar Profiles: This section shows you the candidates having similar skills and experiences and a whole lot of other variables that cannot be brought forward in a standard search. By recommending you similar candidates based on several factors, you have more on your platter to choose from.
  3. Profile matches for your posted jobs: If you have already posted jobs for your company, this tool helps in mining out the best matches without you having to read and go through all the applications to shortlist the few good ones.
  4. People also viewed: This section shows you what people find in similar candidates across similar positions. People who appear in this section have often been shown interest by similar recruiters and might be good prospects for you to analyze and get in touch via InMails accordingly.
  5. Suggested professionals: This shows you the professionals already in the line of work you’re searching for by utilizing similar algorithms as by the recommendations by similar profiles section.

Guide on How to use LinkedIn Recruiter

All these features use machine learning algorithms which train themselves as you start using the features more and more. So the more you leverage the tools, better are the outputs going to be because it is built around artificial intelligence which learns from your users how you’re using it.

2. Update Me:

As the LinkedIn profiles are updated regularly and a lot of updates are done on LinkedIn profiles. Each of these updates is done to display the new level people or companies reach in their growth. This feature is essentially a notification system which updates you whenever prospects make changes to their profiles. Having this feature makes you aware of the progress your potential candidates are doing and get in touch as per requirement. It is triggered any time a candidate makes changes to their headline, experience, skills, job among many.

Guide on How to use LinkedIn Recruiter

3. Talent Updates:

This is essentially a status sharing option, so it allows recruiters to share status updates like company blog posts, events, to related videos with the followers. This enables followers to see the company updates and engage accordingly. You can see who like, share or comment on the posts and reach out and find prospects accordingly. This is a great tool to expand the outreach of your company by creating community engagements and making people aware of any recruitment procedures going on and such other activities. AeroLeads, the leading prospect finding company Is also used extensively by recruiters and recruitment agencies so it is a great option to get the outreach you want using the tool.

Guide on How to use LinkedIn Recruiter

Seeing a company that is active and engaging their followers with videos, public events, recruitment notices also increases brand awareness and authenticity. The same way AeroLeads is implementing this to reach out to their followers as displayed in the above image.

Guide on How to use LinkedIn Recruiter

4. Connection Path:

Finding prospects that will fit right into your company are difficult to find but of course an essential part of carrying your company forward with the right workforce. This is what this module helps you to do. It has further two sub-modules namely ‘Your connections’ and ‘Your coworkers’.

  • Your connections- This helps you see how you are connected to a profile you may be evaluating. It could be your first degree or second-degree connections or further through them also. Based on this you can reach out and get recommendations and personal information about the prospects through your connections.
  • Your coworkers- This tab suggests you your colleagues that overlap with the prospect of previous jobs or institutions. So this lets you get inside knowledge from within your company if they know your candidate of interest. This is a great help at any stage of the hiring process.

Guide on How to use LinkedIn Recruiter

5. InMail Recipient Insights:

Finding prospects on LinkedIn who may not be looking for opportunities to work actively and connecting with them by sending InMail work as a great means to establish trust. Instead of searching for passive talent on the platform. This tool makes it easier for you to send personalized tailored InMails by providing you with the information that you might require by showing you the common factors between you and your prospect. These can be any of the following: common connections, institutions, or past employers that you also may have been a part of. Surveys show that a prospect is more likely to get in touch if the one being contacted through InMail is having a group in common with the user. Moreover, with the references of past employers, it is much more likely to get an InMail response.

Guide on How to use LinkedIn Recruiter

With the advancement in technology and LinkedIn is only going to get more automated and advanced where you do not have any manual searching for candidates or opportunities. This feature of theirs is as advanced as this platform can get as it is built to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning and those aware about these concepts, know the endless potential of these technologies. Now it is up to you how to leverage these tools to find the right candidates for your company without wasting too much of your time and energy.

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