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LinkedIn is an online professional-networking service that provides a platform for its members to create and expand their business networks, find potential clients and also search for jobs. This platform also provides an opportune for its users to engage with professional networks, share intel and find new business opportunities.

LinkedIn, in addition, also provides allied services such as:

  1. LinkedIn Talent Solutions: This service provides tools that enable organizations to find and hire the required candidates for their business.
  2. LinkedIn Jobs: This service helps you utilize your Linkedin network to secure the job that perfectly matches your profile.
  3. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions & LinkedIn Ads: This service lets you advertise and market on LinkedIn to reach the LinkedIn professionals from around the world and help you grow your business with lead generation, contenting marketing etc.
  4. LinkedIn Sales Solutions: This service equips you with tools and insights to help you reach targeted sales prospects and give you a huge market opportunity to aid you in becoming a social selling leader.

Another key offering that enhances the effectiveness of all their other services is LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium caters to specific users with diverse uses. These premium services come with a free one month trial after which you would have to pay a certain amount per month or annually, depending on the account you opt for. This feature in comparison to the free account provides additional functions, communication options and tailored solutions for corporations. Premium accounts are designed to give you more attention in areas like job search where your account would appear at the top of an employer’s applicants list with a LinkedIn badge next to your name. LinkedIn Premium also provides you a bird’s eye view of your profile viewership.

Irrespective of the type, LinkedIn Premium accounts come with a few standard features:

  • Access to premium content
  • Ability to see who’s viewed your profile in detail
  • Membership to Open Link
  • Unlimited Open Link messages
  • LinkedIn questions answered in one business day
  • Ability to perform reference searches
  • InMail message and credits
  • More detailed profile information
  • More powerful search with premium search filters
  • Provide names of 3rd degree connections

There are four different LinkedIn Premium offerings:

    1. Job Seeker
    2. Sales Navigator
    3. Recruiter Lite
    4. Business Plus

LinkedIn Premium Accounts

1.Job Seeker:

This feature is for users who are looking to find jobs using LinkedIn. This service can be availed by paying $20 to $50 per month, depending on your requirements. Features of Job Seeker, at a glance, includes direct messaging to recruiters with 5 InMails per month with a seven-day response guarantee that states that if you don’t receive a response to your InMail within seven days, you will receive that InMail credit back, keeping track of who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days and how they found you, appearing as the featured (top) applicant on the employer’s search and the ability to compare your profile to other candidates’ profiles.

You also get fifteen introductions that you can use to have your connections introduce you to their connections. You can also put a badge on your profile stating that you’re looking for a job which might make your profile more attractive to employers. By having your profile appear on the top or the first page of the employer’s job applicants’ list, LinkedIn has incorporated Google’s SEO tactics.

Just like how, when you make a Google Search, you mostly only click on the results shown on the first page and rarely move onto the second or third, this feature enables you to use this to its utmost advantage. As a free user, you’ve probably noticed a box on the right-hand side of your profile page that reads,”Your profile has been viewed by 10 people in the last 5 days”. As a premium user by clicking on that you get accurate information about who’s viewed your profile.

With the $50 you get the option to send 10 InMails per month which is an efficient way to reach people whose contact information you don’t have.

LinkedIn Job Seeker

2.Sales Navigator:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in integration with Point Drive’s technology, helps sales professionals to target the right buyers and companies through its huge database and data-derived insights. This feature can be availed for the price of $79.99 per month. This tool is also deeply integrated with CRM data to reduce manual efforts by ensuring that relevant accounts are automatically imported from a user’s system.

Sales Navigator Tool allows sales reps to track the conversations they are having in order to move them offline into the sale process or strengthen conversations with prospects in the sales process. By this, LinkedIn adds credibility to the connections with the integration of social channels in sales.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also recommends lead contacts based on your past history and send updates on decision makers that work with your contacts, which could be handy to help ensure you’re connected with the right decision makers at each company.

Sales professionals have the option to filter the updates from accounts and contacts in their network quickly by company updates, content shares and general contact updates to narrow their focus and more easily stay in touch with what their contacts are up to. Since the first impression matters, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides premium profile options like larger headshots and background images to go along with some of the usual suggestions for improvements.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

3.Recruiter Lite:

Recruiter Lite is a light-weight version of the Recruiter platform that helps employers and organizations looking for qualified and skilled individuals to easily find and recruit talent faster. This premium feature is available for $119.95 per month. Since LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is specifically designed for your corporate staffing workflow, it has a unique user interface focused on highly targeted search, InMail management, profile management (with project folders), job slot management, collaboration and productivity features, and administrative functionality for managing user accounts.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite provides unlimited access to LinkedIn’s network of 400+ million professionals with full out-of-network visibility, and with the option to contact them directly with InMail. This feature provides 30 InMail messages per month, per team member.

This account type also houses the ability to track your team’s activity with powerful reporting and analytics tools, view unlimited profiles from search results and suggested profiles – up to 3rd degree, use dynamic suggestions as you search to expand and refine your talent pool, target the top candidates with advanced search filters designed for recruiting and many more such features all designed specifically for recruiting, thereby enhancing your LinkedIn experience.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

4.Business Plus:

Business plus is most suitable for professionals looking to engage and boost their professional network. It comes at a price of $59.99 per month. LinkedIn Business Plus provides you with 15 InMails per month with a seven-day response guarantee where unused InMail credits roll over each month, up to a maximum of 30 credits, unlimited profiles from search results and suggested profiles – up to 3rd degree, twenty-five introductions that you can use to have your connections introduce you to their connections, expanded profile views with enhanced search results outside your network when you search.

With the Business Plus plan, you get special news feed prompts that encourage you to see how you rank in comparison to your connections and you can also see updates on how some of your connections have performed this week. This feature provides you with a great overview of your performance based on the last 30 days.

Although these statistics are available on your free account, you would not be able to view all the connections listed to see who is ranking better than you in a basis of your connection, company, or professionals like you and hence these ranking statistics give you a better idea on how you perform when compared to other professionals and exposes you to potential individuals to network with.

LinkedIn Business Plus

Based on the business or profession and your requirements from your LinkedIn experience, you may upgrade to the Premium service that’s most suitable. Our advice to you would be to mandatorily try the one-month free trial since you can always opt out after the trial period lapses. This would give you a better idea on how to leverage LinkedIn and also enhance your expertise.

Do comment below on your LinkedIn Premium experience. How beneficial has it been to your business? Did it provide value to your LinkedIn experience?

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