Cold Calling Anxiety? 6 Awesome Tips To Overcome Your Fear

Can you write emails and documents with a flair that rivals Lord Byron’s poetry? And enthral and bind an audience with your knack for communicating. But still, the mere mention of “cold calling” and “prospecting” can make you break out in a sweat and leads to heavy lump in the throat.

It is nothing to feel small about. You are not alone, it happens to the best of them. In fact, even veterinary marketers tend to get anxious while making an important call.

The notion of phone anxiety during cold calling may come from fear of rejection and failure in acquiring proper facts and figures or proper preparation. However, if you want to make a career in marketing you don’t want something as minuscule as phone-anxiety to get in your way. Anxiety may grip you but it is not a storm that you can’t weather.

Do you want to let off the jitters while cold-calling and grab that phone with confidence and charm your way to the prospect’s heart?

Follow These 6 Wonderful Tricks To Uproot The Problem For Once And All. 

1. Don’t Over-Think

don't over think

Don’t fret and don’t just assume beforehand that you’re obviously going to get hung upon. It’s perfectly okay and even common for some people to get anxious while handling a phone call.

Come to think of it, even if someone hangs up on you or rejects your offer, you can always grab your phone and call another prospect. If you do your research, you’ll find that there’s no dearth of prospects out there. After all, the world is your oasis. All you need to ensure is to get up and try again.

Moreover, over-thinking will make you uncomfortable which in turn will make your prospect uncomfortable. So, let go of your worries and pick up the phone with a placid mind which will boost your concentration and alleviate your anxiety.

2. Do Your Research, Prepare Beforehand

Erm… yes… (pause)… (spoken slowly with either a too-fast or a too-slow pace)… (long pause, embarrassed)… mmm… yes…  Is this how your experience of cold-calling has been so far?

The awkward long pause and a too-fast or a too-slow pace during cold calling may stem from the fact that you started off on a wrong foot or aren’t confident enough about your knowledge. Sensing your discomfort, sometimes, the person at the other end of the phone might not even wait another second before hanging up.

To avoid this, prepare a well-researched report and practice your opening statement. Armed with knowledge, you’ll be able to face the phone-call with more confidence which will eventually hone your convincing power. However, don’t mistake “preparing” with “reading from a script”. You don’t want to make the prospect feel as if you’re reading out your manual in a wooden voice. And trust me, the prospect will observe what you’re doing.

3. Practice Is The Key When It Comes To Cold Calling

practice cold calling

Sometimes, practice is the secret ingredient to enhance your confidence while cold-calling. The more practice you do, the more experienced you’ll get.

Don’t be that person who puts his/her fears at the very end of the to-do list. So, Practice…practice… practice…and practice some more. Go grab that phone and make more phone calls.

Sooner or later you’re bound to the see the difference and see great results. And a day will come when you’ll start cold-calling without any worry in the world. Then you might look back and wonder, “Why the heck didn’t I practice before”?

4. Don’t Just Sit There

Most people anxious about cold calling make the mistake of sitting down which leads to automatic fidgeting of fingers, pen or anything in reach. This practice of fidgeting makes you more nervous and results in zoning out or lack of concentration.

Walking around liberates your mind and help you to be more engaged in the conversation. So get out from your desk and walk around. It will help you go with the flow and you’ll find yourself sealing the appointment in no time.

5. Keep Your Eye On The Goal

keep your eye on the goal

It becomes difficult to keep an eye on the goal while mulling and stressing over the anxiety of cold-calling. All you have to do is to infiltrate your brain with the fact that you have to work towards the outcome.

If you’re trying to get an appointment booked, then fix your mind towards the goal. “You have to somehow book the appointment, therefore, you can’t waste this opportunity” get it through your head. This will certainly help you to not waste either your time or prospect’s time and will result in wonderful confidence.

6. Track Your Progress

Track your progress after each call that you make.

You did good and on top of that booked an appointment? That’s great! Note it down in your diary.

You did not do as good? That’s Okay, note it down too.

Even if you stammered or stumbled, then also it’s perfectly okay. You are just getting started. With time you can overcome this obstacle. Just build small milestones and try to reach self-imposed targets. With time, it might turn out to be fun and when you see your improvement on paper, it will make you more steadfast in your approach.

If your fear of picking up the phone is not letting you excel, then follow the tips mentioned above and address your fear head-on. Remember that with every effort you make, you’ll be one step closer to your goal.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that phone and start dialling.

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