Clever Ideas To Increase B2B Sales Leads in 2020

When it comes to the marketers, they are often interested in spending a lot of their time and resources in building up contents and in taking care of the day to day campaigns. Not only for us, it generally remains the end goal for most of the US to find out ways to generate more and more leads that will ultimately drag down to become the paying customers.

Here are the best proven clever lead generation ideas that might help you to get the lead magnets closer to you.

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1. Make A Habit Of Blogging Daily

One of the best strategies for inbound marketing is blogging daily. In fact, your blog can very well turn into an ultimate Lead-Generation machine.

Why do people assert the importance of creating an effective and updated blog again and again? Because let’s face it, you and I, at one time completely disregarded its importance and treated it like some distant cousin.

Blogs are the sole medium to make you more “findable” across all the channels like Google, Bing and many more. All that without even hurting your pocket in the process. What more does one want?

Wait, you want to hear more? Then worry not, blogging actually has a never-ending list of perks.

Creating a wide and far-reaching content for the audience helps in ultimately educating the customers as well as the leads. This way it will help in adding consistent value and you can easily earn the trust of the users and in this way, the users will convert to buyers.

Blogging establishes trust and builds your authority among your visitors.

Blogging is the best way to get some SEO juice.

Call-to-action gives a final nudge to your prospects in the right direction. And there is no better way than a blog to sneak in some CTAs without sounding too salesy.

The best part? It derives long-term profits. If you keep your blog posts updated then it is likely that prospects will find them relevant even years down the lane. So, rest assured, your efforts will constantly bear fruits.

2. Enhance Your “About Us” Page

Trust me, you don’t want to be overlooking something that will probably be the first page your visitors open, The “About Us” Page is also the most visited page on your website. So, don’t make this ghastly mistake of treating as a mere afterthought. It is your first and probably your only chance to turn a passerby into a productive client.

This is the exact place where people see what you are, who you are, and what your exact knowledge is. Not only that, it is definitely one of the best places to have a call to action.

Here are some points that are a must for your “About Us” page:

Open the paragraph with customer’s needs – how you’ll solve their problem, benefits and solutions.

Don’t get carried away with superlatives. While some insight into your vision is fine, but arm your “About Us” page with facts rather than exaggerated rhetorical claims.

Never fake your work culture, achievements and capabilities.

Use real photos rather than stock photos, they don’t really add any value to your page.

Provide testimonials and accolades.

3. Answer People’s Question on Quora

Quora is one of the most brilliant platforms for one to look for when it comes to answering and asking questions. The popularity of Quora can no longer be ignored.

Quora comes with a lot of benefits for the audience as well as the lead generation. It helps in creating a profile that links directly to your landing page which is very interesting. In this way, it helps in bringing exposure. If you answer more and more questions on Quora, it will not only bring you exposure. Apart from that, it will also bring enhance your skills in front of the leads who are you looking for a solution?

4. Host a Quiz or a Survey

Interaction helps people to visit their particular website. It is mandatory to have them engaged. The higher the engagement can have with your website the more the cultivation of your website. This will bring you more chances of collecting emails for the respective prospects and leads.

You can easily conduct a quiz related to the industry to make sure and analyze your visitors and their knowledge. It will be fun seeing them answering questions to read against their own peers.

A survey, however, works a little differently. This can help in adding more and more features that will help in stocking new sectors of the market.

5. Social Listening on Twitter

A rapid search on Twitter is definitely one of the greatest ideas. Quick searching on Twitter will bring to you an entire list of those people who have, in any manner, in past or present, have shown up a desire or an interest in what you are actually involved in doing.

If we talk about today’s scenario, there is no such place to get hold of such type of real-time Information and this definitely is one of the fascinating chances to bring people closer to each other and have them some engaged, especially the ones who are continuously mentioning about a particular product or a problem in general that you can easily solve.

6. Call Your Heart Out

If you are looking forward to picking up your phone and make a call to your related prospects of the client, it is important for you to do your research before you actually call who you are calling. Apart from this, also ensure what they are actually looking for and how can they be of actual help to you.

If it is the time and attention that you require of a particular person you are calling on the phone, it is important to at least have the decency to explain to them that why actually should they be listening to you.

7. Add seals of security

These days, with competition emerging from any corner you can never do enough to increase your brand’s importance and value in the market.

Security is one of the major aspects and sure is another trust factor that is needed in today’s world. It is not that the business world does not need it. It is very important to add trust symbols so that one can go a long way to conduct conversions. The security options nowadays come with lots of encryption and that includes an SSL certificate for the purpose and help in making the outgoing lead generation process easier.

And even Google awards you for SSL certificate by giving an SEO rank boost to your Website.

8. Make open use of Animations

Every one of us loves attention and so does lead generation and business sales. In order to grab the attention of the visitor, make animations. It is one of the cleverest ideas to make use of more and more animations in the general popup. Today it has become very convenient to choose your style of animation effects. This provides a lot of help. They help in building up forms and also helps in creating more than required popups.

9. Put up reviews on display

Have you got some awesome feedback from your existing customers? Then why hide it?

Display it to the fullest, in fact, wear it like a badge of honour.

Having said that, do not hide or edit some not-so-awesome reviews. It shows that you are unflinchingly honest and do not shy away from some constructive criticism.

If it is trust that we are looking forward to acquiring. Then positive testimonials from the present, as well as the existing customer, is what helps in bringing and restoring trust.

10. Try speaking in events

Sometimes, it is okay to go through a change. It helps especially when it involves enhancing your efforts and building you up.

People often harp about the benefits of content marketing but what they always fail to realize that “public speaking” is always one form of content marketing. Speaking at events, given that you do it correctly, can prove your mettle among the crowd, let people build an emotional connection with your brand and let’s not overlook the fact that it adds credibility to your enterprise like nothing else.

All the covered points will give you help you effectively generate more leads and will take your sales to the next level. However, the outcome solely depends on how you regularly and efficiently you implement them.

Are you using any of these tips to boost your sales? How are they working for you?

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