101 Best Chrome Plugins For Small Businesses

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You probably keep hearing about chrome plugins and how they help in enhancing your browsing experience. And since you are a small business, you need every weapon in your arsenal to get ahead. 

Your weapon is technology as there’s no denying that businesses that are using growing technology-based tools and software are far ahead than their counterparts. 

The point is to everything you need to be done in lesser time — but more efficiently? Does it sound absurd to you? If it doesn’t sit well with you then you are actually missing out on the best thing that has ever happened to Chrome Browser — plugins. 

How To Enable Chrome Plugins

To enable chrome plugins, follow these easy steps. 

  1. Open Google Chrome first (Of course, no shit Sherlock).  
  2. Now after doing the obvious click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Settings which will take you to the next screen where you have to click Advanced. 
  4. Near the Privacy and security section, click the Content settings option. 
  5. Now simply click Unsandboxed plugin access option. 
  6. You’ll see a question that goes something like “Ask when a site wants to use a plugin to access your computer”. Click the toggle switch to enable it. (To disable the plugin in the future, all you have to do is to click the toggle switch again.)

Install Chrome Plugins

Now that you have enabled the plugin, whenever you visit a page that requires plugin you’ll be automatically prompted to agree or disagree to download and install the plugin. 

Google extension store is actually brimming with various useful plugins for small businesses. So much so that it gets difficult for the enterprise to actually decide which options are the best. To avoid this confusion we have compiled a list of 101 best chrome plugins for you. 

All of these chrome plugins have two things in common — stellar ratings and positive feedbacks. 


Keep Your Data Safe And Secure

1. Team Password


TeamPassword is the most ideal chrome plugin for businesses who struggle with managing multiple logins. This plugin ensures that getting in and out of multiple sites and systems is fast and easy and meanwhile the projects keep on moving smoothly. 

2. SurfEasy VPN – Security, Privacy, Unblock

Everyone is wary of malicious internet crimes like data theft and lack of privacy. SurfEasy is the best way to tackle this as it allows you to use WiFi hotspots without revealing your IP address.

3. Sneekr

If you are super sceptical about the privacy of your search history then this is the plugin for you. Using Sneekr you can lay your worries to rest as it secures your history with a password.

4. HTTPS Everywhere

It protects your data from getting breached or spied upon.

5. LastPass

Once it is done securing your password, it allows you to access your account on any computer or mobile device.

6. CommonKey Team Password Manager

Manage Your Time, Data & Transactions

7. Todoist

More than 6 million users are already managing their to-do list with todoist.

Things you can do with todoist:

  • Collaborate with your team
  • Track your projects or daily tasks
  • Set reminders

8. Rubber Stamp

Maintaining purchase order has never seemed so easy and smooth as it has become with Rubber Stamp. 

Some special features of Rubber Stamp:

  • It can create payment requests like a pro
  • Review payments.
  • Approve payments
  • And can keep a record of purchases carried out in business.

9. Plann3r – Meeting Scheduler For Gmail 

Best way to plan a meeting is to use this chrome plugin. Although it’s limited to Gmail users but performs many tasks at once. And before scheduling a meeting it merges everyone’s calendars and checks for availabilities.

10. SMhack – Social Media Management Tool

As the name suggests, it a tool that keeps track of your social media accounts.

11. SendJim – Marketing Automation 

Keep track of all your outbound marketing functionalities, your customers, progress and so on.

12. PayPanther

A business manager that keeps track of all your business ongoings.

13. Crank Wheel

Crank Wheel enables your employees, clients and associates to see your computer screen and vice versa.

14. Nervatura Touch

Manage all that data clutter using the expert touch of Nervatura Touch.

15. Data Saver

16. Asana

It helps in running your whole business by controlling notifications, conversations, tasks and projects.

17. Weekdone – Plan and share your weekly tasks

18. Add to EveryDay – Tasks & To-Do Lists

19. Add Tasks to Do It (Tomorrow)

20. Calendar and Countdown

21. GoToMeeting for Google Calendar

22. Toggl Button



It is the best WatchGuard one can ever have. This chrome plugin puts a timer into any of the tools you use and track your productivity.

23. SlickPie

Send invoices, manage your business, manage your account and billing details at one go.


Generate Leads & Keep Track Of Your Performance

24. ConvergeHub Lead Generator


Things that ConvergeHub Lead Generator can do like a pro:

  • Captures productive leads from email and more.
  • Captures lead from social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora and others with one single click.


25. Black Menu

Black Menu

Black Menu saves your time providing every information regarding customer locations, local businesses, emails and more in one place and that too one click away.

All you have to do is to hover over the Black Menu chrome extension and get a drop-down list of various useful Google tools like Google Maps, Gmail, Google News etc.

26. ZipBooks – Time Tracker



Keep track of the hours you spent working for a client with ZipBooks.

27. Tellq, Click-to-Call



A compact in-house call centre for small and medium enterprises.

28. MyCityPlace – Find Business Reviews And Ratings

29. AdSense Active View Monitor

30. MixMax

Reach out more effectively to your clients and leads using MixMax

31. Page Analytics

Gives perfect insight into your customer’s website habit – what they click, bounce rate, conversation rate and so on.

32. Aeroleads

AeroLeads Prospect Finder find prospects and leads from LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList etc

Read articles/ Capture images/Videos/Docs/PDF

33. Quick Capture



Annotate, capture and share your image with Quick Capture at only one click access. Annotations enable you to add comments very easily and you can easily share them with your multiple team members. 

34. HoverReader 

Hover Reader

Ever wonder how nice it’d be if somehow you could read the article without actually opening up the web page? 

Using hover reader all you have to do is to simply hover over a link to read an entire article. 


35. Print Friendly & PDF any Web page

36. Print for Google Chrome

37. LINER 

No one likes reading lengthy chunky paragraphs. LINER helps you to highlight the non-redundant, useful and redundant lines while leaving everything out.

38. Search by Image (by Google)

39. What Font

Identify the fonts used anywhere on the web.

40. MakeGIF Video Capture

Capture any video and easily convert it into a gif.

41. Unpaywell 

If you want to read some journals and academic papers but don’t want to hurt your pocket in the process then install Unpaywell. It quickly searches for free academic papers on the web.

42. Full Page Screen Capture

43. Pablo 

Create beautiful images using Pablo that will fit every social media platform.

44. Social Blade

Get productive and useful information about the video you are watching online using Social Blade.

45. Cite This For Me: A Web Citer 

46. ColorZilla

Can tell you any colour or pixel detail.

47. TinEye

Find out where an image came from, how it’s used, or find higher resolution versions.


Clip Articles For Later or Make Notes

48. Pocket

If you are busy somewhere else but one particularly interesting article keeps disrupting your mind, then use Pocket to save it for later.

49. Save To Pocket

Save important web pages to read them later.

50. Instapaper 

It has the same functionalities as “Save To Pocket”.

51. Sticky Notes – Just popped up!

52. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote cipper

Save just about anything with this chrome plugin – from research articles to news stories and images to receipts. And further down the lane, if you wish to revisit it again, just open your Evernote account and everything that you clipped will be there

Plugins For Emails

53. DocuSign 

Whether it is signing in from Gmail or signing in from Chrome, DocuSign does it all very smoothly. Furthermore, DocuSign makes it easy for you to send out documents for signatures. 

54. List Goal

List Goal not only monitors your email list performance but also find ways to augment your email subscribers.

55. Drag 

Keep your email list organised with Drag.

56. SignEasy – For Gmail And DropBox

57. Inbox When Ready

One of the best chrome plugins that make your email inbox obscure whenever you want.

58. Yesware Email Tracking

From email performance tracking to setting up attractive templates, Yesware Email Tracking completely takes over your email campaigns.

59. Hunter

It lives up to its name by hunting down email addresses from all over the web.

60. Gmail Date Time Formatter

61. Streak CRM for Gmail

Manage sales and customer relationships directly inside Gmail using this plugin.

62. Dropbox For Gmail

63. Gmail Offline

Use your Gmail account even without internet connectivity.

64. Google Mail Checker

65. Reply header for Gmail


Blocks Ads/Websites

66. Website Blocker

Blocks the websites that disrupt your routine and are taking you away from your work.

67. Ad Blocker Ultimate

68. FairBlocker – Ad Blocker With Support



By spending a meagre amount of $5 to $10 to support the creators, you can block the interruption of ads.

69. AdBlock Pro

Open Two Or More Tabs At Once

70. Apps Launcher

71. Open link in the same tab, pop-up in the tab

72. Dual Webpage Viewer

73. Open Links in Split Screen / Window

74. OneTab

Open multiple tabs at once without worrying over the clutter, sorting time and memory.

Check Your Grammar/Spellings/SEO

75. Woorank

One of the best chrome plugins for SEO analysis and tips.

76. MozBar

Another most sought after SEO plugin.

77. Google Translate

78. Grammar And Spelling Checker By Ginger

79. Grammarly 

Grammarly enjoyed a massive breakthrough in the past year owing to its one of a kind service. Poor grammatical and spelling mistakes dash the first impression like nothing else. Grammarly is like a messiah when it comes to such situations – it checks your grammar, spelling and other sloppy mistakes.

Social Media Sharing

80. Klout

Another plugin which has made content sharing remarkably easy.

81. Talk And Comment 

Record and send voice notes on social media platforms.

82. Pinterest Save Button

83. Chrome Instagram Story

84. Buffer

The buffer is one of the most popular chrome plugins that allows the sharing of content very easy.

Other Wonderful Plugins

85. Honey

This chrome plugin automatically searches and applies coupons and offers during checkout.

86. Remote Desktop

Remote desktop connects your computer to your web browser anywhere and anytime so that you can keep on working on your important projects even while travelling.

87. Care Your Eyes

Now, this is one chrome plugin that is generous enough to automatically switch onto the night mode during the nighttime.

88. Figure It Out 

It not only displays your time zone but also figures out the time zone of your client, co-worker or employees.

89. Speedtest by Ookla

Nothing rattles more than an annoyingly slow internet. Although this plugin will not magically improve your data speed but will let you know just how slow the speed is.

90. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender helps to manage your computer’s performance by stopping inactive tabs until you click back on them.

91. Backstop

Stop the backspace taking you to a previous page by installing this plugin.

92. Momentum 

momentum chrome plugins

93. Click&Clean

Delete complete history, cache, cookies and so on, with just one single click.

94. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

95. Zoom for Google Chrome

96. Amazon Assistant for Chrome

97. Google Calendar

98. Google Dictionary (by Google)

99. Save to Google Drive

100. Google Publisher Toolbar

It gives special insights to your Adsense, AdExchange and DoubleClick accounts and also blocks unwanted ads on your website.

101. Common -Comment on any website

Download any one of various of these plugins to enhance your business and save your time and energy.

If you are itching to tell us about more cool chrome plugins, then don’t stop yourself. Drop a comment below, we’ll add it to the list.

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