The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Lead Generation

The Ultimate cheat Sheet on Lead generation is a must read for anyone who would want more leads in order to get more sales.

Aeroleads Ultimate cheat sheet

Before mentioning the ultimate cheat sheet, it’s necessary to know few basic stuffs.

What are leads?

Lead is the name of a company or a person which might be on one of the company’s purchased lists or they might be on a list of people who attended your webinar.

Leads have not given you permission to be added to your mailing list. They are just at the initial phase of the sales (7)

Leads can be of two types:

  • Offline Leads : Offline Leads are generated by the sales executive physically, not from any source of the internet.
  • Online Leads : Online Leads are generated by the website or any other internet-based source through the ‘contact us’ forms, social media, sign-ups etc.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is basically the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential leads for a business’s products or services.

Well, it’s silly to get into any kind of business without a plan of attack for generating leads, unless you plan on going out of business. Hence, you need lead generation to effectively grow your business.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Lead Generation :

Nowadays more than 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying or using any product. (Social Times)

But, you would ask “How does it matter to me or my company?”

It indeed matters a lot, as this fact tells you how smart the customers have become and how difficult it is to invent an ‘cheat sheet’.

Yet, here we are, presenting you with an ultimate cheat sheet on lead generation.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.1) Quality ContentAeroleads ultimate cheat sheet quality-content

The content would be the first thing that a person would read, and if that content is of good quality then consider that you have successfully gained a lead.

Make sure you have a well maintained blog which has many titles that would grab anyone’s eye. Add attractive images that is apt to your topic, highlight certain keywords, etc. Always keep a self-check on your grammar as well.

You could use the help of WordPress (visit link for details) which mentions exactly how good and relevant your blog must be with respect to SEO.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.2) Creative Website DesignsAeroleads ultimate cheat sheet webdesign

Always remember that the First Impression should matters the most.

Make it easy for the customer to read as well as use your website so navigate your pages properly. Add different page layouts, different font style, contrast font color for different headings, subheadings as well as for the background.

There are various tools which help you do so, one such example is PixelPrint (visit link for details). It’s a great way to customize your own website.

Thus by improving the website’s design, you tend to make it easier for the customer’s to use your site and also attract more and more customers.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.3) Engage and DiversifyAeroleads ultimate cheat sheet engage

71% of marketers use content marketing to generate leads. That’s because it’s one of the most effective ways to convert your website visitors. Producing a great content is not the only aim; the content should be well published, advertised and should reach a huge crowd. That’s the only way your content will be read and your company will be well known.

Your leads can come from various backgrounds with various opinions. they could be veterans within the industry to the red-nosed newbies, fresh in the game. So, focus on many topics and widen your demographic.

Always remember to reply to the comments on your posts because that will widen your contacts as well. The more nets you toss, the more you’ll pull in. Also, it’s necessary to increase your blog post conversions. For example, offer 3 bonus tips at the end of a 7 tip blog post.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.4) A Bold Landing PageAeroleads ultimate cheat sheet landing page

Landing pages are the pages on your website used to convert visitors.

Basically, Landing pages are simplified directories of your website that lets users know you’ve got what they’re looking for.

What you’ll be needing is a headline, a brief description of the offer (or your service divisions), an apt image to spruce it up a bit, and of course a form to get client information.

The main purpose of a landing page is to gather contact information for your company and you need to design yours with that in mind. In fact, 56% of clicks for websites are directed to landing pages, not the home page.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.5) Site Speed

People love fast sitesA 1 second delay in your site speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

A slow loading time or buffering of a site can destroy your business and discourage potential cuAeroleads ultimate cheat sheet site speedstomers from buying from you or viewing your page. Google has mentioned that ‘Site Speed’ is a ranking factor and a fast site is a good user experience. The slower your landing pages load, the higher is the bounce rate of that page.

Hence, you should find a tool that measures your site’s speed and provides helpful recommendations in order to make it fast. You could check out Affexproblog; they improve websites such that you get more views, as well as they are working on improving site speed.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.6) Opt-in Forms

Many case studies have shown that simply using opt-in forms, like the HelloBar, can increase conversion rates by 20-50%.

It is much better to create several small forms throughout the browsing experience than to make one giant form at the beginning. The bigger a form is, the greater the chance that the potential lead will be turned away.Aeroleads ultimate cheap sheet Opt-In

But everyone is scared to fill in details. Hence, try and be friendly as well as psychological with your user. Also, show them credibility by posing your certificate of the product and use cool phrases like “Click for a trick” or “Tick and click” etc, instead of “Submit“. This way you would attract more viewers as well because they won’t be bored of the usual.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.7) Exit-Intent PopupsAeroleads uultimate cheat sheet example exit-image

Exit-intent popups are growing in popularity these days and it’s a must have in your website.

We did mention to decrease irrelevant popups as an advertisement because that would just annoy your users. But you could definitely use an exit-intent popups.

Exit Intent technology monitors mouse movements of website visitors and detects when a visitor is likely to leave the website without making a purchase. It basically takes your company one step further by converting visitors who are about to leave your website.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.8) Add relevant videos

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 86% because they keep visitors arAeroleads reduce bounce rate by adding videosound longer.

We all know that a video can be very appealing and it can grab the attention of the customers so make sure to add few videos related to the content on the page.

You can use a full screen video as a background, or add it next to your call of action. You can use animations, music, audio, narration, colors, and so many different forms of persuasion tools.

Wistia is a video hosting service like YouTube, but with powerful conversion tools like calls to action and email collectors that you can use to convert viewers.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.9) Traffic Control and Call to Action

Now that you’ve got their attention, start guiding them in the direction of your services/products page so they can get shopping and see that all of that useful advice you’ve been telling them points directly to using your company for their needs!Aeroleads ultimate cheat sheet-call-to-action

Also, the customers shouldn’t have to feel too confused or think too much when arriving at your site so it’s necessary to create a strong call to action.

47% of websites have a clear call to action button that takes 3 seconds or less to see. Use these to direct traffic to your high converting pages and content. Remember to make it prominent but not so much that it becomes like a barricade to the users.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.10) BeneficialAeroleadsn ultimate cheat sheet Beneficial

It’s not only important to make your website look more appealing, but also, you should increase your opt-in rates by adding a value to your products, with which the users are benefited.

  • Add offers which would persuade your users like free webinar, special discount, secret sale strategy, etc.
  • Make your post available as a free PDF download.
  • Use the Twitter ad platform and set up Twitter lead cards. This lets you create one-click opt-in ads that generates new subscribers by making the opt-it process incredibly quick and simple.
  • Use various tools like Woobox, Heyo, etc to create contests on social media. This could make your users opt-in as well as promote your company.

Ultimate Cheat Sheet code No.11) Questions-Answers-Feedback

We’ve mentioned a lot about how important feedback is in our previous posts. The reason we mentioned it many times,is because it is indeed a very important step in order to grow your company and get more leads.

Get a feedback from everyone possible (co-workers, boss, old customers, friends, as well as clients). Also, as mentioned before, make sure to have a self-check as well.

The next and final step in lead generation is the rule to answer to all the comments and questions asked by your viewers. This would not only make the users feel that your company takes things seriously, but also gets the urge to put froth their views. Also, answer to various blogs of different companies as well as to various questions on Quora.

Aeroleads question and answers


Thus, put this ultimate cheat sheet into action and remember more leads = more sales. Hence, make sure you’re focusing on the whole picture when setting up your websites to have a great lead generation for your company.

So, the ultimate cheat sheet has been put forth before you. Do let us know if you would like to add some more to this ultimate cheat sheet by commenting below.

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