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Planning to Launch a Product? Here are 11 Tips to Get Success

Startups are growing at an extremely fast rate these days. There are tonnes of new products being launched every day! Are you planning on launching a product as well? Well, there is no need for you to get all worked up or have the fear of competition or scope of your product. But before the Read More →


How to Start Online Sales for Startups?

Edit – Before you start your generating online leads for your startup, you may want to submit it to the following 100 websites for initial traction, feedback, early users, and visibility. For many of us just beginning in startups, sales and marketing can be confusing and unknown. Especially online sales because it’s a growing platform Read More →


100 Startup Directories to Submit your Business in 2019


If you have just finished building your company or product website, you probably want to do some initial promotion or to at least get some visibility on the web to get the early adopters. Hence, we present you with a list of Startup Directories where you can submit your product website to get the ball rolling. Let’s Read More →


How to Start Sales for your Startup

Well, you have a startup and you’re thinking a sale of the company is likely. So, how can you get the best outcome in the current environment? Tips to Start Sales for your Startup – Basically, when your business grows to a considerable size, you will need to think about a little more sophistication, like customer relations Read More →


Ideal Customer Profile Template

What is a Customer Profile? A Customer Profile is a description of a customer or set of customers that includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history. A Customer Profile is also known as Customer Persona or Avatars. Basically, it’s a generalized description of your ideal customer. It includes their demographics, likes/dislikes, preferred Read More →


Startup Story: How We Got 5000+ B2B Users in One Year

aeroleads | lead generation

Back Story: AeroLeads is a prospect generation software started with a vision to provide an intelligent solution to otherwise cluttered sales process. This is done by automating the process of finding the relevant prospect details associated with the business of our clients irrespective of the business type. The idea was conceived by Pushkar Gaikwad in Read More →


Who the Heck is My Ideal Customer?

For small businesses, it is exciting to get someone on the phone. Traffic from any channel means that SOMEONE is paying attention to your product. The probability of making a sale is now greater than 0. But is that really the case? If you’re trying to sell solar panels to someone renting an apartment, that probability Read More →


6 Places to Submit your Product Startup

There are plenty of startup directories on the web like crunchbase, betalist, etc and most of the startups are listed on them but most often these directories are not used by end users to discover startup products. If you have a web product and you are looking for product discovery by end user, you Read More →


List of Subscription Billing Services for Recurring Payments for SaaS Startups

I see this question being asked over and over again on hackerstreet, ycombinator and various other startup sites. At AeroLeads, we also spent lot of time trying to find the right option for us as we are bootstrapping and we can not afford to get our account locked or delays in payment etc. We also Read More →


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