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50 Examples of Best Cold Email Subject Lines

We have mentioned a lot about cold emails and subject lines in our previous posts. So what are the best subject lines that you could use for your cold emails which would make the prospect open your otherwise boring emails? Here are some examples of few of the best cold email subject lines – Curiosity Read More →


How to Write a Cold Email!

Cold email is still one of the most effective ways to present you to a targeted audience. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have already sent a dozen of these outreach messages, or you are about to do so. Either way, the main point behind every cold call email is to bring Read More →


List of 5 Email Extractor Chrome Plugin

EDIT – If you are looking to find emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn, you can use our free email and phone number finder chrome plugin. What is an Email Extractor? Email Extractor is a type of software or program that finds email addresses and stores them in a list file. Each line contains one e-mail address. Read More →


How To Grow Your Email List? – Build A Qualified Email List

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Email is the most preferred method of communication. Once your email marketing campaign is set, you need to concentrate more on growing your email list. While there are several options available to grow your email lists fast, not all are credible. Be it a business, blog, or a brand, email lists serve as a great Read More →


5 Simple Ways to Find Business Emails

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  Email addresses are the first point of contact between you and prospective clients, investors, advisors, or business partners. Of course, the old adage ‘first impression is the last impression’ is ever so true here – but sometimes, one needs a little help in setting the stage for that first impression itself. Bigwigs like CEOs, CXOs Read More →


How to Build your B2B Email Marketing List

Use Your Sales Staff Building your B2B (or business to business) connects can be achieved by first working carefully with your sales staff. They need to know what your goals are, and how you wish to accomplish them. The key here is transparency. Present a clear message that says “this is what we are trying Read More →


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