How to Build your B2B Email Marketing List

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Use Your Sales Staff

Building your B2B (or business to business) connects can be achieved by first working carefully with your sales staff. They need to know what your goals are, and how you wish to accomplish them. The key here is transparency. Present a clear message that says “this is what we are trying to sell, these are the ideas we are going to sell on, and here is our call to action.” If you can manage to present a clear idea that makes sense to your sales staff, they will be able to do their job and generate you some high quality B2B leads for your company.

Go to Local Events

Take advantage of events in your town that lets business owners meet up and discuss new offers, current promotional items, and of course leads. You will be shocked to find that many people who work in similar industries will be more than happy to swap leads with you to help grow each business mutually. You can help each other using this method, and you might be shocked to find that this method is also great at building close business relationships with people who live and work in your own neighborhood or city.

Social Networking

Reach out to businesses in your social media network. On the internet you can reach a virtually limitless number of companies who would be more than happy to opt to be on your list. Keep in mind, you have to be willing to keep at it. You may not hear yes at first, but if you are persistent and keep messaging new companies every day before you know it you will have some valuable leads added to your list. If you have reached out to social media leads, go to Google and look for websites that might be interested in your product or service. These websites usually provide contact emails so that you can reach out to them directly from your email provider.

Visit Local Stores

Take your search for B2B connections to the streets. Stop into some of the shops in your area and see if they would be interested in connecting. You can find a ton of businesses, particularly if you live in a big city, in your own hometown. You can’t ignore the fact that personal appearances are more likely to get you results. If you go in with a friendly smile and an award winning pitch they are going to have a hard time saying no to you.

Use Lead Generation Software

Finally, you can get great B2B leads through software such as Aeroleads. When you visit you will find a program that will help you search your email contacts, social media sites, and more for contacts. Lead generation software is one of the easiest way to compile your information together and make those cold calls without all of the hassle. It also helps keep you more organized and make the most of your business lead calling time. We all know that getting in touch with contacts can be a long process, programs such as this one are designed to cut down on that time so you can spend more time working hands on with your company.

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