Top Blogger Outreach Tools To Use in 2021

Do you have an effective Blogger Outreach Strategy?

Reaching out to bloggers is as important as reaching out to your customers. Bloggers are the people that can help you voice your brand in an effective way that will directly impact the sales of your brand. If you perform blogger outreaching by following a proper strategy, it can help you drive more traffic to your website.

Well, Blogger outreach can sometimes be time-consuming but a sound strategy and the right outreach tools can make it easier.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Before a customer makes a purchase online, they make sure that they check reviews and double-check the quality of the product or service. While buyers research about the product or service online, bloggers and influencers help them in their research by reviewing the product. Customers trust the bloggers more than any advertisement they see on print media because they have built that trust among their audience over the years.

A company collaborates with the bloggers and asks them to utilize their products and services and post a review on their blog page. Blogger outreach when done with the right strategy can help you land more traffic to your website. A successful Blogger outreach begins with a mutual exchange of values.

Top Blogger Outreach Tools

Blogger outreach tools help you streamline all the activities involved in it. The right tool will help you streamline the process from finding popular bloggers to managing the campaign.

These tools also help you find relevant emails, verify those emails and also send follow-ups. We will be listing all the top blogger outreaching tools for you to pick your most favourite one.

Let’s get started!



BuzzStream is one of the well-known blogger outreach tools that offer features that allow you to streamline every process from finding bloggers to managing the campaign. This tool is trusted by many popular brands including Canva, Shopify, Airbnb, and Indeed.

Features offered by BuzzStream

  • A number of Email Templates for you to choose from according to the type of blogger you’d like to send an email. This feature increases your chance to get a reply from the bloggers.
  • This Outreach tool offers lead generation to build a qualified list of bloggers without taking a lot of time.
  • Send better and converting Emails to the bloggers while connecting your email software to BuzzStream. It also helps you schedule an email if you have a specific time to send an email.
  • Follow Up feature that allows you to follow up with the bloggers that haven’t opened the email or have opened the email but haven’t replied.
  • Report Feature allows you to analyse the results and outcome of the campaign so you get to know if the campaign was successful.


As interesting as the name of this Blogger outreach tool sounds, the features offered by Traackr are more interesting. It helps a brand build relationships with the bloggers while reaching out to them in an effective way.
Traackr helps you find bloggers and influencers from your industry so you can connect to the relevant bloggers and pitch your content ideas to them.

Features offered by Traackr

  • Imports contact details of the bloggers that you have chosen for your campaign to the Traackr.
  • It helps you Track if your campaign was successful and also tracks your conversation with the bloggers.
  • Filtering options that provide flexibility and filters the features as per your business needs.



BuzzSumo is one of the most favourite tools of several marketers and is trusted by several other popular brands like HubSpot, Expedia, BuzzFeed, and Ogilvy.

BuzzSumo does more than helping you in reaching out to the bloggers from your field, they also help you track how much the Blogger outreach has impacted on your brand revenue.

Features offered by BuzzSumo

  • It offers Content discovery that helps you with new ideas for the content you’d be posting in collaboration with the blogger.
  • Content Research is a unique feature offered by BuzzSumo wherein they study competitor’s strategy and find out what’s working for them.
  • Monitors closely if everything is on track and creates alerts for the mention of keywords. This feature also helps you discover new influencers and trends in the market.
  • The account API feature allows you to push the data from your alerts and access the saved projects from Account API.


Pitchbox is an Influencer outreach & content marketing platform for brands and agencies that wish to drive more traffic to their website and more sales to their brand.

It helps you focus on building relationships with the bloggers so you don’t worry about the finer details that slow down the process of the campaign.

Features offered by Pitchbox

  • The Prospecting feature helps you find leads and relevant opportunities within your niche. This feature includes contact details, website URL, and other relevant data of your prospect.
  • Email Templates allow you to choose from a wide variety of templates for higher chances of getting a response.
  • Automated Follow-up feature helps you close the deal faster even when you’re going busy.
  • Integrated email clients feature allows you to manage and organize all the emails with the bloggers.
  • Relationship manager helps you manage your relationship with the influencers by linking CRM tools to Pitchbox.
  • Reports feature of Pitchbox allow you analyse the performance of the blogger outreach campaign.



A mailshake tool favourite to many content marketers designed to help you create and send cold emails to build relationships with your prospects or bloggers. There’s no doubt why all content marketers love this tool as it is designed for link building campaigns.

Features offered by Mailshake

  • Lead catcher feature is one of the unique features that helps you focus on your best and engaged leads that have more chances of getting converted.
  • Split testing feature helps you identify what is working best for you by testing multiple versions of the blogger outreach emails.
  • Social Outreach allows you to engage with your leads through social media platforms.
  • Phone dial feature is a built-in phone that helps you connect with the bloggers and maintain smooth workflow.


A software that stays by your side at every stage of your blogger outreach strategy from finding leads to sending them an email that converts. It does it all while offering awesome features.

Inkybee says that their software is a smart yet simple blogger outreach tool that helps you with all the process involved in Blogger outreach.

Features offered by Inkybee

  • Blog finder feature helps you find many popular blogs to guest post and to reach out to the blogger.
  • Filtering option helps you filter your blogger outreach strategy within a few clicks.
  • Backlinks feature allows you to find thousands of blogs within a few seconds and provides lots of backlinks.
  • Allows you to save the blog data to analyse and track the performance of each blog.

Ninja Outreach

Well, this tool is quite popular among marketers and pretty much does justice to its name. It is trusted by brands such as Disney, Amazon, Walmart, Airbnb, and
Ninja outreach software finds influencers and bloggers from several social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Features offered by Ninja Outreach

  • Business lead generation features offer you an amazing way of finding leads working in your industry by inserting the keywords.
  • Find Top Influencers from Instagram and YouTube to drive more traffic to your website and more sales to your company.
  • Influencer CRM software helps you manage bloggers in a simple yet effective way.
  • Link Building feature offers the quick building of backlinks with all-in-one software.


Hunter helps you find emails of the bloggers and connect with the blogger that would help you bring more traffic to your website. This tool specialises in finding relevant tools while offering additional features. The brands that trust the Hunter software are Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM.

Features offered by Hunter

  • Domain Search features help you search for the domain and email addresses of the bloggers.
  • Email finders allow you to search for the professional emails of the bloggers by entering their full name in the software.
  • Email templates offer you a wide variety of templates to send as per the need of the content strategy.
  • Schedule emails and send emails at a scheduled time to increase proficiency with the bloggers for better communication.


Awario blogger outreach tool that is designed to monitor all the processes which can be used to monitor mentions of your brand across all the social media platforms. It also helps you monitor keywords from your niche to grab all the guest blogging opportunities and bloggers from your niche.

Features offered by Awario

  • Non-stop monitoring feature helps you monitor everything on the web that has mentions of the keyword from your niche so you don’t miss out on an opportunity.
  • Power analytics feature allows you to track the keywords and the reach that you’re getting on your website.
  • Social selling is a feature for lead generation where the software collects posts where a competitor’s user complains about the software so you get a sales opportunity.
  • Email alert feature that never lets you miss an email from a blogger.


A software that would help you find business emails and personal emails of bloggers. It also helps you build an email list for you to send emails to multiple bloggers. Premium brands that trust Aeroleads are Adobe, IBM, TATA, dominos, and GRUBHUB.

Features offered by Aeroleads

  • Email Finder tool that allows you to find emails from LinkedIn or by typing the name of your prospect or blogger in the software.
  • Exports data to CRM tools feature offers you to transfer the collected data into a CRM software that helps you in managing the data effectively.
  • Phone Support feature provides you rock-solid phone, chat, and email support to solve all your queries and doubts.
  • Multiple Datapoints feature that collects more than 15 essential details of the bloggers such as full name, company name, Website URL, and phone number.


Studies show that 81% of the buyers take advice from the bloggers and influencers. In a market where the demand of the bloggers is increasing, it has become essential to involve them in your content marketing strategy. Blogger outreach has become a new way to reach out to your target audience.
Blogger outreach tools will make the process of blogger outreach smooth and effective as they offer you a large number of features. Choose the one that best suits your business needs and your content marketing strategy needs.

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