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Sales is all about putting your 200% week in, week out. It is often that a salesperson lacks the interest and zeal to work with a grueling routine. Salespeople seek to a variety of things for inspiration and to stay motivated. Most of the times, the best motivation to one salesperson is another.  This is why a lot of sales minded people take to sales podcasts for motivation.

So plug in your earphones and be the master of sales that you truly are with the 10 best sales podcasts-

1.Salesman Podcast

iTunes award winner (New & Noteworthy) and the most downloaded B2B sales podcast featuring interviews with Olympic athletes, psychologists, and world’s top sales experts, Salesman Podcast aims to help its listeners thrive in all areas of sales. If you are a sales rep, sales consultant, director of sales or any person in the sales field, this podcast is for you.

This sales podcast is hosted by Will Barron who also authors an award-winning sales blog delivering articles, videos, and sales humor to salespeople from around the world. This podcast reaches to around 10,000-20,000 listeners every episode. Will has featured a host of sales experts such as Jim Keenan, various marketing coaches, mentors and even an ex-FBI hostage negotiator! The episodes span between 30-45mins each and is published multiple times a week.

Will’s passion gives him the drive to help sales professionals excel in B2B selling. His latest podcast features Travis Truett, the CEO of Ambition who speaks about utilizing gamification to improve sales productivity.

2.The Sales Blog – InTheArena Podcast

In the Arena is a sales podcast hosted by Anthony Iannarino, a best-selling author, speaker and a sales leader that features the top sales coaches and leaders. He has authored the bestseller “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need”.

This podcast is accompanied by a blog called “The Sales Blog” which is authored by Anthony Innarino himself that helps solve the various challenges faced by salespeople and also provides actionable tips & insights for the best results. The sales podcast is also based on similar lines and has featured experts like Jill Konrath, Chris Brogan, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Dan Pink, Grant Cardone and many more.

This sales podcast’s episodes are for about 30mins and the latest episode features Paul Smith who talks about building trust to sell things for more.

3.Advanced Selling Podcast

This sales podcast is handled by the veterans of B2B sales, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neal who share valuable insights and actionable sales tips to help you boost your sales which they’ve learned over their 20+ years of experience.

Advanced Selling Podcast provides you with regular sales guidance tips in dealing with customer and closing more deals. The hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neal are both very well experienced in B2B sales and are both trainers and speakers who deliver sales philosophy to various sales teams from across the country. Bill Caskey has also authored a book called “Same Game New Rues” and is the creator of Sales Leadership Academy.

This sales podcast’s episodes last roughly for about 30mins where the hosts aim to unlock the listener’s true sales potential in a precise and humorous manner. The latest episode deals with using promotional products in sales which features August Wittenberg.

4.B2B Growth Show

B2B Growth Show is a sales podcast determined to help B2B salespeople to grow exponentially. This podcast is managed by Sweet Fish Media.

Each of this sales podcast’s episodes features thought leaders and sales experts who share their opinion over their immaculate experience in the B2B sales world. This podcast provides quality insights on sales management, sales prospecting, B2B strategies, advanced sales tools, sales & marketing alignment, sales negotiations and more. The episodes are hosted by James Carbary and Jonny Green who are both in the B2B world.

The podcast’s episodes last for around 10-15mins and the latest episode features Andrea Fryrear, Editor in Chief of The Agile Marketer who gives her thought on how to leverage agile user stories for content marketing.

5.The Sales Evangelist Podcast 

Donald Kelly, better known as the sales evangelist, is a sales enthusiast who is dedicated to inspire others to chase their dreams through his podcast The Sales Evangelist Podcast.

With his infectious energy, Donald Kelly helps listeners grow in the world of sales and also helps with personal development. He has studied under some of the biggest names in sales and shares this wisdom along with his experience in sales with his eager listeners. He also features interviews with some of the best sales, marketing, and business experts and gives guidance on how to path your career, business and allied aspects of your career through his 25min episodes.

In his latest episode, Donald Kelly talks to Matt Ruedlinger the CEO of Triple R Marketing about customer experience and how it can help to have them coming back to you.

6.The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling

Hosted by Brian G Burns, author of The Maverick Selling Method, The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling is a sales podcast that aims to help salespeople with the best selling methods and how to tackle the various hindrances in the B2B sales field.

Brian G Burns shares his 25+ years of experience in sales and helps various companies understand their customer’s purchase decision-making methods and ultimately helps boost sales revenue. His podcasts cover various topics that relate to sales from traditional sales to social selling. He covers topics like b2b marketing, SAAS, strategic selling, sales management, sales leadership, advanced selling skills and various other prominent selling methods.

Each episode is around 30mins and the latest episode talks about how sales teams can make bigger deals in today’s world.

7.Sales Success Stories Podcast

The passion project of Scott Ingram, this sales podcast aims to change the sales podcast scene by finding individuals from different revenue generating roles and get into deep conversations with them about their journey and experiences.

Scott Ingram feels that most sales resources are by self-proclaimed sales experts who haven’t’ sold a thing in their lives except themselves in years or sometimes even decades. He wishes to interview people who are at the top of their game and killing the scene in whatever industry they are in and delivering consistent results. He wants to go deep into their profiles and find out their secret mantra and techniques that have helped them stay sharp.

His deep conversations last for about an hour and his latest episode deals with tips and tricks to becoming the best at sales development featuring Jennifer Linker of Vision Critical.


A sales leader, author, consultant and speaker, Andy Paul shares his powerful game-changing sales strategies and helps companies, businesses, sales teams and sales professionals smash their goals through his sales podcast.

Accelerate is a 5 days a week sales podcast where Andy, the host, provides his take on the latest developments and actionable insights on sales directed towards entrepreneurs, sales managers and anyone who wishes to be the best in sales. He brings along experts from the field of sales, leadership, and marketing who share their experiences and strategies that have successfully placed them in the position to win. His podcast episodes are about 45mins long.

Andy is also the author of Zero-Time Selling and in his latest sales podcast episode; he talks about tackling the ‘challenger customer’ paradigm with Brent Adamson, Principal Executive Advisor at CEB.

9.The Sales Podcast- The Sales Whisperer

The Sales Podcast aims to provide the inspiration and advice required to win every sale. It is hosted by Wes Schaeffer a sales trainer, speaker, and a marketing consultant. This sales podcast aims to help sales professionals identify a prospect, grow your business, increase sales and improve your overall lifestyle. He features interviews with established business owners, successful entrepreneurs, marketing automation experts and top sales professionals. Wes Schaeffer also gives his opinion about the latest sales technology tools stack that helps small to medium sized businesses. He touches every aspect of sales in his podcasts and gives provides insightful and actionable tips to boost sales.

The Sales Podcast episodes are about 45mins long and the latest episode deals with how to procure new clients, buy new sales software and creating your sales team.

10.Stories From The Sales Floor

This sales podcast might have you wondering if it is a sales podcast with a bit of comedy element to it or if it’s the other way around. Sales home presented like never before by the hosts Pouyan Salehi and Ben Sardella.

This sales podcast takes the cake for the most entertaining sales podcast, hands down! The hosts Pouyan Salehi and Ben Sardella aim to teach, educate and inspire with this one of a kind sales podcast. Ben Sardella is the co-founder & CRO of Datanyze and Pouyan Salehi is the CEO & Co-founder of PersistIQ. The feature 4-5 guests in their podcasts who are today’s top sales professionals thought leaders and pioneers. Each episode is around 20mins of entertainment and quality insights. The duo’s latest episode features Steve Andersen, Sally Duby, Tibor Shanto, Nancy Bleeke & Rob Jeppsen who together discuss the proudest moment in their sales career.

So these are the 10 must listen sales podcasts that offer different yet valuable insights on today’s sales strategies and developments. You can either stream or download the podcasts where available. Did I miss out on your favorite sales podcast? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll feature it in the next update.

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