20 Best Email Marketing Tools for Your Business

Don’t be fooled by some cherry-picked quotations that say that email marketing is on its way of obscurity. Because it’s not!

Email marketing is still thriving, even more than ever and prospects’ email addresses are still akin to bread and butter for a business.

And the following statistic clearly supports my point. 

 The number of business & consumer emails that are sent & received each day is expected to reach 319.6 billion by the end of 2021, that’s over 116 trillion emails a year!


And this research report completely proves that email marketing still has a vast potential:

Automated email messages generate a 70.5% higher open rate and a 152% higher click-through rate than standard marketing messages. 

That’s huge! 

Now to tap into the vast potential of email marketing one needs every weapon in their arsenal. 

And your weapon here is the automated email marketing tools, that allow you to automate your email marketing campaign along with generating better results. 

Here are the top email marketing tools that will help you skyrocket your email marketing strategies: 


1.  MailChimp


MailChimp makes it to every list of top email marketing tools. That’s how famous it is! 

With MailChimp, you can customize your email marketing campaign, thus making it look the exact way you want it. 

A campaign building assistant – MailChimp aggregates all the appropriate tools and sources in order to build a personalised email marketing campaign for you. From fully featured editor to suitable templates and from learning materials and tests to an expert assistance, MailChimp assists the user from the beginning to the end.

Robust analytics – MailChimp collates a data report regarding your website and sales activity that can help you in your future email marketing endeavours.

Integrates with popular apps – MailChimp offers integration options with various popular apps and services including Salesforce, Eventbrite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. You can easily import and sync data and content back and forth from these apps and services.

Pricing  – The services start from package named Growing ($10/month) and goes up to the package Pro ($199/month). Here’s an in-depth take on Mailchimp pricing to keep you informed on all available packages and plans.

2. Vertical Response


Vertical Response stands out the most from other email marketing tools as it also offers postal mail options. 

In-built templates – For the people who sweat when they hear the word “coding”, Vertical Response offers email wizard which allows the users to avail pre-existing templates and graphics.

Connect to social media – With vertical Response you can very easily connect your email marketing campaigns to social media platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This allows you transcend your current contacts list and reach out to a much wider audience.

Postal mail services – Vertical Response offers postal mail services options. They enable you to send a postcard to a prospect or customer to add another touch beyond email and online surveys.

A/B Testing – Along with spearheading an email marketing campaign using Vertical Response, the users can A/B test various elements including the layout, subject line and more.

Pricing – Their paid packages range from $11/month to $543/month. However, Vertical Response offers a freemium package which allows you to end up to 4,000 emails per month to 1,000 contacts totally free.

3. GetResponse


GetResponse primarily caters to basic email marketing requirements including importing, hosting and capturing data of the email addresses list.

Maintaining your content list – GetResponse maintains your mailing list and helps you create highly professional marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can also customize your contact list and add contacts, along with performing searches.

Social Media Savvy – GetResponse appears to be very social media savvy. They offer video, email, and social media tools.  Your email subscribers, for example, can easily receive your Twitter updates via the GetResponse service.

Split-testing feature – They have a split-testing feature so that you can test one email against another to see which one pulls better results.

Creative & Intuitive designs – GetResponse provides intuitive designs and tools for creating beautiful and attractive email newsletters and it also has numerous template designs that allow its users to unlock their creativity in making their own email design to promote their brand and business.

Pricing – The pricing starts from  $15/month with 1,000 subscribers to  $799/month with over 100,000 subscribers.

4. YesWare


YesWare mainly offers services for sales professionals who want to send a huge number of personalized emails and messages at the same time. 

Keeping track of follow-ups and returns – While YesWare mainly focuses on sending mass personalized messages, it also keeps track of the follow-up emails. Furthermore, it analyses the results and aggregates data like open rate, click through rate and more. 

Caters to medium scale businesses – YesWare works for considerably small-scale businesses with a sales team of around 20-50 professionals. It provides the desired visibility into the whole email marketing campaign. You can manage the whole sales team as YesWare allows you to see who opened, clicked, forwarded or replied to the emails sent out.

Integrates with popular softwares – YesWare integrates to most popular CRM solutions which offers you the flexibility and transparency to see what your sales team is doing. For this, you don’t even have to open the YesWare dashboard, you can do this with your desired CRM software that is integrated with YesWare.

Pricing – Their pricing package starts from $12/user/month and goes up to $55/user/month. Initially, YesWare offers a 30-day Enterprise trial.

5. Benchmark Email


Emails need to look great everywhere. Benchmark Email is one of the email marketing tools that aim to make the graphics and aesthetics side of the emails considerably easier.

An internationalized app – Benchmark Email’s global app can be used anywhere with a considerable ease. Furthermore, pre-existing email templates look great on mobile and desktop.

In-build email editor – Its clearly designed email editor lets you pick from a variety of layouts for your text and multimedia components and then accents them with colour schemes for emails that look beautiful everywhere.

Integrate with Google Analytics – You can conflate it with your Google Analytics account and can view all of your subscribers’ opens within a map within the reporting feature.

Segmentation – You can segment out all of your email lists easily – which is handy as you get to know your customers better. It lets you store your images and videos in the app to easily reuse them in future messages.

Pricing – The free plan provides sending up to 14,000 emails to 2,000 contacts and the paid plan is from $11.95/month for sending up to 600 emails.

6. Omnisend

Omnisend hompage screenshot

Omnisend is so much more than a simple email marketing tool. Combining visual email composers with sophisticated marketing automation at an omnichannel approach, Omnisend is a powerhouse for marketers looking to elevate their marketing strategy.

User-friendly email composer – Omnisend employs an easy to use drag-and-drop email builder that’s fully customizable, with a wide variety of templates to get you started. You can also create fully customizable popups, gamified email capture forms, and landing pages for easy email list building.

Smart segmentation – Omnisend provides deep integration with e-commerce platforms, which allows it to gather data on your customers as they browse your store. This offers the opportunity to segment on shopping behaviour, as well as by profile data and campaign engagement. By layering these segments, you can send an ultra-personalized targeted message to your customer that’s always relevant.

Omnichannel integrations – Omnisend offers several channels that integrate fully into your workflows: Facebook Messenger, web push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, Google and Facebook retargeting ads, and more. By integrating these channels into your marketing mix, you’ll be able to offer a seamless customer experience, no matter where your customers are.

Automated workflows – Omnisend empowers merchants with omnichannel automated workflows to respond to a variety of situations. Their pre-built workflows will help you get started quickly, and automation helps you focus on your core business while you earn more revenue on autopilot.

Pricing – Omnisend offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan for those who only need basic email marketing. Their standard plan starts off at $16 a month and allows you to send 15,000 emails per month.

7. iContact


iContact is designed to make it easy to add contacts to your email lists and automatically get such new contacts subscribed.

Integrated with various CRM softwares – It is deeply integrated with everything from Salesforce to Drupal so it can import contacts and use their data to segment your lists.

Easy interface – iContact offers a flexible and an easily navigable interface, where the top half of the screen allows you to run your email campaign. Plus, the users can observe their results and see how they are performing.

Free trial – They offer a free trial, with no credit card required to get started, and a good educational resource section.

Social Integration – iContact integrates with social networking tools which allow you to draft and schedule Twitter and Facebook status updates right alongside your email updates.

Pricing – Prices start from $14/month for 500 subscribers and go up to $299/month for 50,000 senders.

8. Elastic Email


Elastic Email makes it easy for the users to prepare email templates using a simple editor. Furthermore, it keeps an open eye on how your email marketing campaign is running and the results it is inculcating. 

HTML Editor –Elastic Email offers attractive pre-existing email templates, otherwise, you can use an inbuilt HTML editor to build a personalised email.

Autoresponders –Elastic Email automates the whole email marketing campaign by responding to the clients even when you are not present behind the screen.

A/B testing –This tool performs A/B testing to discern which strategy is working out the best. Plus, you can also test elements including email templates, subject lines, email content and more. 

Performance insights – A wide array of robust analytic tools in Elastic Email helps you to analyze your success ratio so that you know where you are standing and what return are you getting. 

Pricing – Prices start from $9/month for 2500 subscribers and go up to $1069/month for 100,000 senders.

9. AeroLeads


AeroLeads is a powerful prospect & email finding tool, used by over 18,000 small and midsize businesses. They not only curates email addresses but also delivers phone numbers of the companies and people working in those companies.

Cold outreach – Once the user adds their prospects in the AeroLeads account, they can send bulk email with just one click. This feature makes the process of cold emailing decidedly easy. 

Real-time curation – the best part about AeroLeads is that it curates the email addresses and other contact information in real time. This avoids the chances of email addresses getting irrelevant. 

One-click data transfer – AeroLeads offer single one-click data transfer to various apps and softwares including salesforce, zapier, mailchimp, HubSpot, pipedrive etc. 

Pricing – Their services start at $ 49 per month and go up to $499 per month.



10. CakeMail


CakeMail’s email marketing tools completely spearhead your email marketing endeavour from the beginning till the end.

A/B Testing – CakeMail has A/B testing tools to analyze the working and results of email templates, subject lines, email content and more. They also help you discern how each of your email marketing campaigns is working out.

Default templates – CakeMail offers inbuilt email templates which can be customized as per the user’s preference.

Advanced editing options – They also offer HTML coding/editing options so that one can design the template as they want. The editor also allows the users to add, delete and rearrange various sections of the email like text boxes, images, QR codes and more

Pricing – For starters, they offer a freemium plan which allows 500 contacts and 500 emails. Otherwise, the paid packages start from $8 per month, with 30-day trial option.

11. Woodpecker

Woodpecker email marketing

Woodpecker, an email marketing tool is best suited for small and medium-sized companies for email marketing purposes like cold emailing, lead generation via emails and more. 

Automates email marketing – Woodpecker allows its user to schedule and automatically send emails and follow-ups to reengage with the clients. 

Wide outreach – this email marketing tool lets the users contact multiple potential clients at the same time. This also leads to a wonderful networking cycle and a wider outreach. 

Increased reply rates – Woodpecker avoids sending emails twice to the same email address as the software will automatically detect that the email has already been sent. 

Pricing – Initially, Woodpecker offers a 14-day trial and after that, the packages start from $40 per seat/month and goes up to $80 per seat/month. Apart from this, they offer an “Enterprise” package which can be customized to cater to an individual’s preferences.

12. Drip

drip Email marketing

Drip is another prominent email marketing platform that offers multiple unique features like customizable messaging options, robust data analytics and more.

Impactful visual content – We often overlook the importance of engaging images in emails, however, Drip helps create a wonderful and impactful visual-driven marketing to attract more leads via emails.

Customizable content – Drip makes personalizing your email content decidedly easy using automated tools and in-built templates.

Conversion tracking feature – It offers a conversion tracking feature that allows the users to track their performance and effectiveness of their campaign.

Pricing – Although their starter package is free to use which accounts for up to 100 subscribers, they also offer paid packages. Their paid packages start at $41 for up to 2500 subscribers and go up to $83 monthly for 5000 subscribers.

13. AWeber


AWeber has various wonderful features, starting from their autoresponder to their free trial package that offers diverse features.

Huge integrations – For one, AWeber integrates with Salesforce which allows the user to customize their account so that they can view who all have subscribed to their newsletter. Secondly, they also integrate with various shopping cart apps and tools so that whenever a new customer makes a purchase, you can automatically add them to your profile.

AWeber Labs – It also offers another uniquely wonderful tool called “AWeber Labs” to build your own personalized apps.

Pricing – Their monthly plan starts at $19 and works for up to 500 subscribers, unlimited emails. Furthermore, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

14. Campayn


Campayn makes the whole process of email marketing absolutely hiccup-free with their multiple engaging email templates.

Intuitive visual editing tools – Campayn has an intuitive editing tool that enables the user to add their own HTML or CSS code to customize the email templates. 

Built-in SPAM filter – Campayn has a built-in spam filter that double checks for any content that might be mistaken as SPAM.

Pricing – The basic package starts with 600 emails at $9.95/month to 2500 emails in $19.95 per month.

15. Remarkety

Remarkety simplifies email marketing for eCommerce brands using various features like tracking email marketing performance, customer behaviour, purchase history and more.

Personalized Coupons – You can design customized coupons and offers for your audience to integrate with your email marketing campaign. Remarkety also generates automated coupons for your target customers.

Automated Follow Up Emails – As soon as a purchase is made or someone subscribes to your emails, Remarkety sends an automated follow-up email asking for feedback and reviews.

Targeted Newsletters – Remarkety segments your mailing list accordingly and sends targeted and personalized emails based on this segmented list.

Product Recommendations – Looking at the past purchase trend, Remarkety will recommend similar products to your customers to make their shopping experience more engaging and personalized.

Pricing – Their package starts from $ 25 per Month for 500 Contacts and goes up to $ 800 per Month for 100,000 contacts.

16. Campaigner


Integrate all your social media accounts with Campaigner’s marketing system. Use the iPhone mobile app to track your campaigns on the go. 

 Over 500 email templates – Campaigner offers a wonderful email creation tool, which has over 500 pre-existing email templates. Moreover, these templates are categorized according to their industry and domain. 

Contact management tools – The email marketing tool offers various contact and mailing list management tools to avoid superfluous clutter. Plus, you can sort and filter the email list as per your need in order to personalize your email marketing campaign. Bounced and unsubscribed email addresses are automatically removed from your lists.

Robust analytics – It is necessary to track your success and results after you start your campaign. Thus Campaigner offers detailed stats and reports via email that demonstrates how your email marketing campaign is working out. 

Pricing – Initially, you can bag a 30-day free trial to firsthand test how Campaigner works out. After that, the basic package costs $20 per month.

17. Emma


Tons of email templates – Emma emails offer tons of engaging and email templates to choose from which makes the whole email marketing campaign swift and easy.

Superior design qualities – This is where they give tough competition to their contemporaries. Moreover, the editing options are simple and one can customize the templates using the drag-and-drop option. 

Integrations – This email marketing tool offers umpteen integrations to various platforms like Google Analytics and various social media platforms.

Pricing – Their basic package (Pro) starts at $89 and goes up to $729 (Enterprise).

18. Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet another mail merge (YAMM) is decidedly easy to use and helps the users in all their email marketing endeavours like sending personalized emails, newsletters, forms and more. 

Pre-existing templates – Yet another mail merge (YAMM) offers beautiful and engaging customizable templates. All the templates are responsive and are created to look good on the mobile version as well as the desktop version. 

Success metrics – They track and send reports after analysing important metrics like as open rate and click-through-rate to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Personalize your emails – You can specially tailor your emails as per an individual recipient to get better results.

Manage your mailing list – It offers various tools and integrations to manage and organize your mailing list. You can import your contact list from Salesforce CRM, your personal files (.csv, Excel and more).

Pricing – YAMM offers free services to everyone with a Gmail account for up to 50 emails/day. The premium paid package starts at $28 per year.

19. ConvertKit


All the features at ConverKit are built by the creators and work for the creators. Their features are completely tailored to suit the needs of an individual user. 

Opt-in forms – ConvertKit offers easy to embed and easily customizable opt-in forms so convert the viewer into permanent subscriber on a large scale. 

Organize and manage the mailing list – The user can easily manage and organize their subscriber list using segmentation, lists and tags features. Plus, it enables the user to send broadcasts when they have something sensitive to share. 

Pricing – Their packages start at $29/month for up to 1,000 subscribers and ranges up to $79/month for up to 5,000 subscribers. However, they also offer customizable packages that cater to over 7,500 subscribers. 

20. MailJet


MailJet combines customizable template based email marketing with transactional email marketing in a single web app. 

Supports several programming languages – MailJet allows users to customize their email marketing campaign using various programming languages including Python, Ruby and PHP, along with integrated apps like Magento, WordPress and much more. 

24-hour support – Whenever the user gets stuck, they can contact MailJet’s support team as they offer a 24-hour support.  

Segmentation – This email marketing tool has an inbuilt segmentation that allows the users to personalize their email marketing campaign. 

A/X testing – You can double check and test up to 10 layouts, or version of the things using the A/X testing feature. 

Pricing – The free plan bags you 100,000 contacts and you get to send 6,000 emails a month. The bronze package costs you around $7.49/month.

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  1. Domnick on August 24, 2016 at 9:36 am said:

    My favorite tool is Apptivo. This tool assists to reach out business and one of the reasons for my business growth. It suitable for small business and investment is low.

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  3. My favorite is GetResponse. 🙂 Their marketing automation is so easy to use.

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    Thanks for sharing these tools, I would like to add up tool which will be very useful for the Email Marketer.A hybrid email marketing which is very user-friendly and offers more than 10 SMTP relays.Delivering email through multiple SMTP relay server improves email inbox delivery and enhances email open rate, which finally results in improved ROI on email marketing.

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    I have tried Easysendy,worked well.

  7. Rimpal Tyagi on June 12, 2017 at 6:36 am said:

    Certainly the study done by you on different email marketing is commendable. I am using MailGet and quite satisfied with this. Investment for this email tool is very low and results are very good.

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