12 Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Website Owners


Lead generation is very vital for any company. Especially if you are in the B2B sector, your B2B lead generation campaigns should be most effective.

Being a software company in the B2B sector, providing a software, tools and Lead Generation Services aiding lead generation, we thought it would be best to share some of our learning to help you to generate leads from your available sources.

B2B lead generation campaigns do take time and consistent effort. They take up your resources and you need to ensure that you are not carried away. If you are concentrating all your resources on generating leads and not converting them, it is of no use.

So, what better way to generate leads that have higher chances of conversion than from your website. Your website is home to people or prospects who are interested in what you offer. The sole reason for their visit on your website is that they are interested in you. So why not use this to your advantage by drawing them into your sales funnel.

These are the best tips that we give you to generate B2B leads from your website:

1. Blogs:

The best way to getting the conversation started on your website is by way of blogs. This not only engages your visitors or audience but also helps in page ranking. If you have helpful content on your website, Google will rank your website better. One way to create helpful content is by writing posts that help people understand your industry. Answering questions, posting pictures of your industry or people at work etc, are great ways to start your blogs.

Having blogs with well-curated content also helps increase website traffic. Optimise your content so that people can find it. Ask people to share it. The more people engage with your content the better. It also helps in ranking.

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2. Demos or Free trials:

The best way to get your website visitors to engage with your service or product is by offering it for free.  Provide a demo sign up form to capture leads from this source. This not only expands your user base but also helps gain trust in your brand. By trying out your product or service for a set time, the user gets accustomed to it. This builds the trust in your brand and the user would want to continue the usage.

We at AeroLeads have witnessed this very thing. We ask our customers to sign up for a free trial and based on what value our product and service gives to them, they take a decision. Since the time we started to offer free trials, lead generation and the users have multiplied.

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3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

What better way to help people find your website than by SEO. This is a way of making your website search engine friendly. Do note that you need to optimize your entire website for the best results and not just a particular page.

If you do not spend resources on SEO proof your website then search engines cannot rank your website or categorize your website for relevant keywords to your business. You do require both, on a page and off page SEO. Merely copying the same SEO strategy from another website will not suffice. Your SEO strategy is unique to your website. More traffic leads to more B2B lead generation. To sum it up, the more you SEO proof your website, the more customers will know about your company.

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4. Whitepapers, Case Studies, Reports & More:

In addition to free trials and demos, you can also provide free whitepapers, case studies and reports for download. This will be of great value to your site visitors. This also increases your website traffic.

White papers, case studies, and reports provide information valuable information to users. They are very resourceful and you can leverage this for your B2B lead generation. Provide descriptive URLs to your whitepapers, case studies, and reports. A descriptive URL helps people understand what they are getting and increases downloads too (and it helps with a search to boot). To increase B2B lead generation from these offerings, give each one its own landing page. On the page, you can describe more about the offering and thereby sell your content.

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5. Customer Testimonials:

Testimonials are important because they tell your prospects and customers how others think of you. Adding customer testimonials does not only help in lead generation but also helps gain trust. A new visitor or user is your potential customer. He has zero trusts in your brand. By having testimonials on your website there is some basic trust that is established.

Testimonials are unbiased endorsements that give your product, service, and company a great deal of credibility. They also help lower the risk of doing business with an “unknown” company.

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6. FAQs:

This is the best way to engage your site visitors. People come to your website with questions. “Can this company help me solve my problem?” “Will this product or service be of value to me?” “Who else has done business with this company?”

The responsibility lies on your website to answer such questions. Granted, you cannot anticipate all the questions. This is where your opportunity to generate leads comes into play. Have a form that enables the customer to send his or her query to you. Of course, he or she will have to fill in their contact details.

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7. Multiple Product/Service Pages:

To help with SEO and generating leads, give each product or service you offer its own web page. This gives room for better optimization and also helps you in tracking and analytics.

Providing each of your service or product with its own individual page helps you to optimize each page around the product or service and also have more offers more room for you to explain what you do. The mistake a lot of us commit is thinking that the buyer knows what you do. Buyers are not aware till you provide them with insights.

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8. Customer Reviews:

In addition to FAQs reviews also help answer your customer queries. It is also a source for providing information that prospects need to make buying decisions.

You can use surveys, email your best customers to provide reviews and ask them for suggestions as well. A customer review is a great way for you to keep in touch with your customers and know exactly what your market needs. This also helps build the customer relationship.

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9. Inbound Links:

If your aim is to generate more B2B leads from your website or generating leads in general, make it easy for people to find your site. Have a lot of link directing to your website helps people find you easily. This does very well help in ranking your page.

An inbound link is a hyperlink from another website to your website. This also increases the link juice. A website has its own power in the eyes of Google. When a website links another website, that power is linked or transferred to the other website. This is link juice. This helps you in ranking better on Google. This has become a key strategy in SEO. Posting on social media, distributing media releases & other PR material, including links in your newsletters, email signatures & all marketing collateral and writing blog posts that people will want to share, all help you in generating multiple inbound links.

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10. Contact Page:

This is a no-brainer. But, I have personally come across websites that have unintentionally made it difficult to find their contact page. The very idea of having a contact page is to establish communication. Do not make it difficult for users to find your contact details and contact you.

Don’t make your users or customers hunt or fill forms through web pages to find your contact details. The best strategy would be to put your email ID and your phone number on top of every page of your website. Have your contact details in text format. You do not need any fancy themes or images. A simple text format will do the job most effectively. Do make sure that your contact details are not an image. When a phone number is text-based, people can call you using a smartphone simply by tapping the number. Also, do double check your contact details to avoid any mistakes.

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11. Offers and Promotions:

Your prospects or leads are in different phases of the buying cycle. The come to your website for clarity. So, if you want to generate leads, have something to offer to them no matter where they are in their decision making.

Offers and promotions act as lures of your website. It will attract a lot more audience to your website. You can provide your site visitors with e-books, demos, e-newsletters, free webinars, offer codes etc depending on your product or service. Once the user has procured and used the offer or promotions and finds it of great value to him, he will come back o your website and also refer different people to your website. This also helps build brand value.

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12. Opt-In Forms:

With all the above tips, having opt-in forms alongside them is the best strategy. Opt-in forms or sign up forms are also called as lead capture forms. Such forms are shown to the user before he avails any product, service, demo or downloads from your website to capture his details and contact information.

One good practice is to keep your forms short. Do not add lengthy explanations or descriptions to your forms. Provide space for name, email, and phone number. This will suffice for most companies. Also, do make sure that such forms are very easily visible. We would advise you to put a form on every page. Do not have a million pop-ups with such forms. This will bring down the user experience and may result in the user never again visiting your site.

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These are some of our learning and observations with regards B2B lead generation on your website. We advise you to link all your marketing campaigns back to your site. No marketing content should stand in isolation. Also, do follow up on your leads. If your leads are just piling up in your database, then these tips will not help you.

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