Top 10 Elements A B2B Email Should Always Contain

A B2B email is not that easy to create as you have to deal not with loyal individual subscribers and customers who love your brand and engagement elements in emails, but with the worldly-wise companies and enterprises.
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Make your business emails based on business email templates to save you lots of time. Choose the one you like, customize it down to every little detail.

And prior to sending it out to your staunch clients, make sure your email has all the elements mentioned below:

1. Sender name

Recipients, who are probably your clients, need to know whom they get emails from. Surprisingly, but some senders still do not fill out those fields and recipients see email address instead of the sender’s name. Once you have set your name, you need to make sure you are using your company’s domain. Otherwise, some Jason Cobain at any email client will not tell clients who you are. Setting sender name will increase open rate, as clients will know who has reached out to them.

So, a proper sender name should contain the company’s domain that goes after the “@” in an email address, and a person’s name set as the sender name itself.

2. Subject line

The subject line is the first thing your customers see. For B2C it is utterly important to write clear subject lines, as 65-75% recipients decide whether to open an email or not just by reading the subject line.

For B2B emails subject lines play an equally important role, besides clients judge by the subject line whether the sender is reliable and trustworthy.

Definitely, the subject line should tell the clients what’s it all about — be it a cold email or a reply to a client’s request. Thus, words like “Update”, “Order Status” or “Reply to your request” should appear in subject lines.

By just looking at this email preview, we know what the email is going to be about. And definitely, we should open it to see the final sum.

I registered to Litmus webinar two weeks back. And now they decided to remind me about this event. Due to this kindly reminder, I will not miss the webinar.

Note: the email subject line should be followed by a descriptive pre-header text.
A pre-header text is a copy your clients see in email preview, but do not see once it is opened.

3. Brand identity

Sender name and subject line are important, but they alone are not enough. Stay brand consistent across all emails and your website.

Use on-brand colours, and place the company logo in email header/banner — depends on the design you stick to.

Normally, most companies use one single header for all kinds of emails — promo, transactional ones, etc.

With, you create and save individual blocks to your personal content library. Whenever designing a new email again, all you’ll have to do is pull this element in the template. It saves you a significant amount of time.

4. Personalization

First of all, calling clients by name lets them know you are aware of who you are talking to and what is going on. Besides, we all love hearing our names. And thirdly, it is a mandatory element for a business email. So what is it going to be? “Hi, there” or “Hi dude” are appropriate for informal emails, but not for business ones.

The best solution for B2B would be: “Dear Mr Name”, or just “Hello Name”

Now, most modern ESPs allow implementing personalization.

By the way, you may use this option for email subject line optimization.
5. Images

Who said that B2B emails are boring, with no images or photos? No, they can also be enlivened and contain high-quality images.

Make sure to use photos of cheerful people as they look trustworthy.

Note: images should fit the situation and your type of business. Funny animations and GIFs won’t be appropriate for legal services and financial consulting.

In case, your photos are heavy, don’t forget to resize them by using proper tools.

Some companies prefer using photos of CEOs against to others which set themed images.

6. CTA buttons

You do not need to sell product items or even start a holiday sale to add call-to-action buttons in your emails. They are essential for B2B, as well. How will your clients confirm a meeting? How will they leave a feedback about your work if there is no CTA in the email?

Use a very descriptive button, place it on a notable place and set a bright colour.

7. Videos in emails

If you are a big selling company that deals with other companies, not individuals, then in order to show your customers big respect, you may embed videos — products reviews. In this case, your prospects will not bother you with calls, and will not have to search the web for feedbacks for they may see with their own eyes if the product is worth buying.

Care about your clients’ time as it’s too precious. And they will care about you and your products.

8. Clear closing

The conclusion of the email could serve as clear closing. Let your clients know what they are up into. Or remind them of the final idea to make it clear.

Certainly, if the main goal of the email was to notify you had received and got acknowledged with the information given in the previous message, you may merely mention it.

9. Signature

First of all, an email signature in the email will let you stay polite. Second of all, email signatures are there to remind your clients once again who you are and how to reach out to you when needed.

So, a proper email signature should contain:

➢ a photo of yours — the one where you are smiling, even if you are a lawyer. The supreme judge of the US is also smiling;

➢ your full name;

➢ your position;

➢ contact information;

➢ make sure to include links to your social networks’ accounts;

➢ work hours.

Note: for plain text emails, your signature could look like this

In this article, you will find more recommendations regarding email signature and how to set one in your email client.

10. A map in business emails

You may ask who now needs a map in emails as we can call and ask the directions? But no, your clients need it. Not only know they how close your office is located, but also they may find you on their own once they got lost, or by using your map clients may check if their GPS navigator is taking them right to your place.

You may either insert an image of a map or include a google map into the email.


We enumerated the top 10 elements a B2B email should contain. But apart from them, make sure to stick to the formal tone, to use email templates with responsive web design for only this way emails will be correctly displayed on all screens and devices. And certainly to stay polite throughout all your emails.

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