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Entrepreneurship is About Sales

It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurship is all about sales. Other than all the basic and the aspiring things, it is important for the entrepreneurs to understand that entrepreneurship is basically 80% of sales and marketing. If you intend to work is the founder, find yourself not obsessed with marketing and sales business, that Read More →


11 Thing to Start Doing with Your Digital Marketing

The way consumers interact with any business or product has changed drastically in the past few years. It now happens that most of your audience is spending much of their time online and so you must be able to market your business online. In modern times, Digital Marketing makes a big part of every business Read More →


Got an Email Address? Let Verify it

Since its introduction, email addresses have been reigning as the undisputed king among the various modes of contact in order to get in touch with someone (leads, in case of sales reps). Emails are one of the most versatile tools in today’s digital world, as it has a wide range of utilities including: To easily Read More →


Future of Social Media Lead Generation

Lead generation is a constantly changing process and evolves with time. There is no denying this. Being able to predict what’s next is somewhat of a sci-fi concept but still we, always try to and there are now technologies in place to do so also. Prediction is, of course, different from seeing into the future. Read More →


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