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Navaneetha, popularly known as "nav", loves to read, play badminton, play the keyboard and sing but when she's not doing any of those, she loves to write. What started as a high school hobby to write is now her ongoing passion. At AeroLeads, she manages Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

10 Quick Tips About Prospecting

Prospecting is the first step in the sales process, which consists of identifying potential customers/prospects.   When sales reps make outbound calls or send outbound emails to leads in hopes of creating opportunities for account executives, then prospecting is said to take place. It can involve cold-calling as well as reaching out to nurture leads Read More →


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Lead Generation

The Ultimate cheat Sheet on Lead generation is a must read for anyone who would want more leads in order to get more sales. Before mentioning the ultimate cheat sheet, it’s necessary to know few basic stuffs. What are leads? A Lead is the name of a company or a person which might be on one of Read More →


10 Common Myths About Sales

Myths about sales are widely held but they are just a false belief or idea. Well, not everyone would be a Jordan Belfort (portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in’The Wolf of Wall Street’ ), who is seen building his career by lying and ripping off clients in penny-stock scams. If you’re planning on starting a career Read More →


How to Find Phone Numbers Using Address?

To find phone numbers using the address of anyone is not only difficult but it’s also considered as ruining one’s privacy. After all, one of the reasons that people purchase a mobile phone is so they can have some measure of anonymity. But at times, you just have to get that phone number in order to Read More →


How to Write a Cold Email!

Cold email is still one of the most effective ways to present you to a targeted audience. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have already sent a dozen of these outreach messages, or you are about to do so. Either way, the main point behind every cold call email is to bring Read More →


List of 5 Email Extractor Chrome Plugin

What is an Email Extractor? Email Extractor is a type of software or program that finds email addresses and stores them in a list file, through email extractor plugin or an API. Each line contains one e-mail address. A lot of operations can be performed on this list containing tons of addresses. Operations include copying, searching, Read More →


10 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Do people who visit your page stick around on that page or bounce right off the page ? Ever wondered why? What is a Bounce Rate? Bounce rate tells you what percentage of people left a certain page on your website without viewing any other pages. A high bounce rate is significant, since it indicates that Read More →


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