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Navaneetha, popularly known as "nav", loves to read, play badminton, play the keyboard and sing but when she's not doing any of those, she loves to write. What started as a high school hobby to write is now her ongoing passion. At AeroLeads, she manages Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

10 Top Dialer CRM Software

Before listing out the various Dialer CRM softwares, one must understand few terms like CRM, Dialer CRM, etc. What is CRM? Well, the first term that you would come across is a CRM. So, what exactly is CRM? CRM, i.e, Customer Relationship Management, is a computerized system for identifying, targeting, acquiring, and retaining the best mix of Read More →


How to Track Sales Leads?

Why should we Track Sales Leads? So what exactly are leads and why is it necessary to track sales leads? A Lead is the name of a company or a person which might be on one of the company’s purchased lists or they might be on a list of people who attended your webinar. For more details Read More →


10 Best Practices on Customer Segmentation

What is Customer Segmentation? Customer segmentation is also known as consumer segmentation or client segmentation. Basically, Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests and spending habits. This allows an organization to be able to Read More →


How to ask for Referrals in Sales?

Any business requires some kind of referrals in order to gain more prospects and grow their company. What are referrals? So what exactly are referrals? It’s basically an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action. Hence, Referrals are gold. Referrals can be of 2 types. First, You get a referral from a Read More →


10 Best Sales Dialer Software

sales dialer

What is Sales Dialer Software? Sales dialer is basically a person or thing that dials an electronic device attached to a telephone to call pre-selected numbers automatically through software when activated. Just click to call and all of the data we need is automatically logged. The software is normally a dialer who helps in sales productivity. Also, you could contact the customers yourself through calls, messages, emails, etc. Read More →


List of Free Customer Profiling Tools

We all know the importance of Customer Profiling Tools, but before that one must know the importance of a customer profile template. For those who don’t, do read our earlier post, Ideal Customer Profile Template. What’s the need for Customer Profiling? Before learning about the various customer profiling tools, one must understand the necessity of a Read More →


Ideal Customer Profile Template

What is a Customer Profile? A Customer Profile is a description of a customer or set of customers that includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history. A Customer Profile is also known as Customer Persona or Avatars. Basically, it’s a generalized description of your ideal customer. It includes their demographics, likes/dislikes, preferred Read More →


Types Of Leads In Business

Why is differentiating each type of leads into a category that important? Well, every lead will have to be addressed uniquely depending on their qualification and where they fit into the sales and marketing process. It would not be time well spent if a sales rep, approached a seed lead that didn’t go through the marketing education Read More →


What is a Sales Funnel?

I’m sure that every businessman who has an online business would have heard the importance to create a sales funnel. A well-managed sales funnel will get all of your sales efforts well organized and put you in control of your sales results. Basically, it would help them convert their website visitors into paying customers. And if Read More →


How to Get an Appointment for Sales?

Getting an appointment from your clients is one heck of a job! One must remember that when you pick up the phone and start cold calling, or walk into a neighborhood and start knocking on doors, the goal should be to get an appointment with the decision maker. But before that, one must realize the Read More →


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