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I am a freelance writer and a photographer who loves to learn and dabble in everything. I am from an IT background but tilt more towards arts and nature as much as IT and everything associated.

WhatsApp Marketing for Business: A Guide to Getting Started

Marketing is so much more than just selling products. There is an entire process and cycle to be completed before reaching the end profitable result. Social media lead generation has become a significant part of marketing strategies. Apart from the major social media platforms to search for leads and other marketing practices, messengers are also Read More →


2017 Innovations that will Transform the Marketing World

2017 has been a great year and an even better one for technology and marketing. There have been so many advances in countless fields it is hard to keep track. The rate at which technology is advancing is baffling everyone and still, it is essential to keep up or lose the race. The latest trends Read More →


Data Driven Ways to Personalize Product and Marketing Emails

Email Marketing Stats

Data drives the world today and there is no denying that. We have been using and generating more and more data and in the past 3 years than the entire history of the internet. That is, data is being generated and used up exponentially and same goes for the applications of data. There is a Read More →


How to Achieve Big Results with a Small Team

Efforts pay off fruitfully on a big scale if they are done right on a small scale. To climb the ladder of success, you have to take small steps and just cannot leap to the top. A small team can have big successful achievements if the right efforts are put in. The way to get Read More →


21 Apps every Sales Rep needs on their Phone

In today’s age, there’s a technological solution for everything. From the most basic of tasks to the most advanced tasks, technology can help us in some way or the other. Also, the Apple Store also has the catch line, ‘There’s an App for that’, indicating there’s practically an app for all purposes or functions you Read More →


What’s New with LinkedIn’s New Website Demographics

LinkedIn has several tools at its disposal and powerful features people may not know it has. LinkedIn’s Website Demographics tool is one such powerful tool which allows advertising people to track and analyze their website traffic. It displays all the LinkedIn users which have visited the company website. It allows you to analyze these users Read More →


How to use LinkedIn to Find Prospects

LinkedIn is as powerful a tool as the companies and professionals it hosts are. There are a large number of professionals and companies on LinkedIn and the same goes for marketing professionals. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for lead generation and is being utilized by several sales professionals for lead generation. But for an effective Read More →


How to Generate Leads for Business Development

Business development requires a constant lead input. There is just no business growth without leads. To get leads you need to be smart and do things right and in the right way. Sounds like a cycle but it is quite simple, provided the lead generation efforts are on point. Lead generation is the lifeblood of Read More →


How to get Free Leads for your Business

Irrespective of your business type, most of the businesses today thrive because of their online customers. But getting these customers isn’t something that’s usually free or even easy. If people follow a website and regularly buy products, they do bring out a good revenue to the company. But to get such people one needs to Read More →


How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine

Lead generation and your website go hand in hand. The number of prospects you can gather over time totally depends on your website. Websites are literally your personal space where you can host information about yourself and the company you’re running. To host and properly execute, display products, services and offers in a way that Read More →


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