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I am a freelance writer and a photographer who loves to learn and dabble in everything. I am from an IT background but tilt more towards arts and nature as much as IT and everything associated.

5 Digital Marketing Approaches for Online Food Ordering Startups

Digital marketing isn’t a new concept anymore and is constantly evolving day by day. Making a business profitable used to be about plain buying and selling. But digital marketing is so much more and so much to offer. For companies that deal with online food ordering services as their specialty, digital marketing helps a lot. Read More →


5 Proven Ways to Generate Sales Leads for IT Industry

IT industry is an ever evolving and advanced branch. But to keep it evolving, there has to be marketing in place. There are several tools and strategies one can use to generate sales leads. Additionally, getting sales leads for your IT Company isn’t always free. It’s more of like an investment into information to get Read More →


10 Tips That Will Drastically Improve Your Prospecting Strategy

Getting your sales pipeline running smoothly is the blood of your company. If you don’t do prospecting, there will be no leads and no interest in your company. Since that is your first inlet and outlet of the company it is essential to go through how best things can be managed. Prospecting is the process Read More →


Why We Love Lead Enrichment (And You Should too!)

We all know today practically everything pretty much depends on data directly or indirectly. The same goes with marketing sectors and maybe even you have been making data based decisions. It is safe to say that being successful in some fields requires more dependence on data than others. If you have data quality to nurture Read More →


5 Data Enrichment Tools for Lead Generation

Data Enrichment Tools for Lead Generation

Data enrichment is basically fixing up your forms and data. By lead enrichment, it means to fix the problems like outdated data, missing fields, incorrect submissions. Using online sources and offline data analytics practices, data enrichment tools can handle a lot. Lead generation is perhaps the groundwork upon which you can build company profits. With Read More →


What is Lead Enrichment?

Lead enrichment is the process of collecting, establishing and verifying the data for the purpose of lead generation. The basic thought process behind lead enrichment is to increase the data quality. Data quality is basically the refining, filling and updating of data using several techniques. To increase the effectiveness of sales strategies as well as Read More →


5 Tools Everyone in The Lead Enrichment Industry Should be Using

Business meetings, decisions are something that have to be done a little too carefully. Apart from the presentations, suits and the discussions there is something more important that is at work in a discussion room. That is data and planning. No one goes to a business meeting unprepared. But there is a next step to Read More →


10 Best Lead Generation Services Providers

Lead Generation Services Providers

There are new tools for something or the other in the field of marketing every now and then. This is primarily because of the rate at which technology is being developed. The technological sector is racing ahead of us much faster than we can catch up with sometimes. Given the developments and the progress, there Read More →


Product vs. Marketing Illustration

Illustrations drive the product sales more than the descriptions occasionally. The way a page or product is presented says volumes about the company. In visual elements, little things matter a lot more than one can think. On occasion, photographs are best to describe or showcase a product. This is most frequently the case for companies Read More →


15 of the Best Advertising and Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Marketing is often about who aces the field in competition. To sell the same product sometimes it’s more about squishing the competition as well as of course making your product stand out. Everyone in today’s age is dependent on internet services and marketing is primarily done online than offline. Most bands are primarily dependent on Read More →


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