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What is Lead Enrichment? And Its Benefits

lead enrichment

What is Lead Enrichment? Lead enrichment is the process of collecting, establishing and verifying the data for lead generation. The basic thought process behind lead enrichment is to increase data quality. Data quality is the refining, filling and updating of data using several techniques. To increase the effectiveness of sales strategies as well as lead Read More →


How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the professional community that has created its own benchmark for usability in the corporate world. Marketing professionals like us, have to work a lot on lead generation activities to keep the company going forward. All this has to go on for the company to be profitable and successful. Many tools in the market Read More →


How to Shorten Your B2B Sales Cycle

Generate traffic. Capture Leads. Convert them quickly. This is the main goal, right? Especially the “quickly” part. After all, everyone wants to know how to accelerate the sales cycle. I know you are also keen to shorten your B2B Sales Cycle…but despite your efforts, you can’t seem to stop it from getting dragged on forever. Read More →


How to Generate Leads from Instagram

Instagram has become one of our favorite social media platforms over the years. With new features added frequently, and the user base of the platform, it is hard to ignore its impact. With over 800 million monthly users on Instagram, it is as good a platform as any if you’re targeting a media-centered user base. Read More →


7 Prospecting Strategies For 2020

Sales prospecting is an essential procedure that comes first in the sales pipeline. You can see prospecting as the process of gathering leads and getting more people interested in the business. A good prospecting strategy would mean getting better leads and prospects for a long term relationship. The sales team should be able to assess Read More →


10 Must Have Email Management Tools

Having a lot of emails in your inbox and not enough resources or people to monitor? Well, that’s where email management tools come in. Email management tools help in sorting out your client’s queries and responding to important emails. As an engaging company, there are bound to be thousands of messages every day or month Read More →


5 Tips For Startups to Drive Massive Organic Growth

Achieving organic growth is essential to build up any client base. Buying out such a thing like a fan base is not possible. You can’t buy people’s hearts unless you’re willing to give away free stuff forever. There are plenty of giant players in the market who have huge outreach. To feel small as a Read More →


7 Follow-up Strategies To Boost Your Sales in 2020

Following up is as essential in the marketing cycle as any other part. If you don’t follow up on your customers or leads, it won’t be a good idea in the long term. There is more chance of getting revenue and further marketing on existing customers than new ones. The thing is, it is as Read More →


7 Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Major Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a critical form of marketing that is just too important for any person to take lightly. Much like social media marketing, it is depending on users rather than the marketer. Yes, all marketing is user based and targeted for the user, but email marketing is something different. Like social media marketing, email Read More →


How It Can Hurt Your Business to Use Poor Quality B2B Database!

Your company’s database represents the core of your marketing division. Having accurate actionable data is the most important thing or your marketing team. Without it, your marketing team can’t perform, your revenue falters and sooner or later everything crumbles. Having a good quality B2B database is quintessential for your business in this age. This is Read More →


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