The Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch

In selling technique, a sales presentation or sales pitch is a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone or something, with a planned sales presentation strategy of a product or service. A productive sales pitch require beforehand work and a conscious effort to stray from the script. Creating successful sales presentations that are collaborative is an art that’s perfected over time and comes with years of hands-on experience. To sell anything in the field of marketing you need to have a perfect sales pitch to gain truly effective and efficient sales. As a person, we’re either selling our skills, services, products, ideas and so on. But to present your idea, you need a perfect sales pitch like a gift wrapper. Without this wrapper, a customer would not really be attracted to buying whatever you’re selling. Here are a few tips you could use:

1. Figuring out your step one:

Ask yourself three questions to prepare your sales pitch to perfection. These help figure out what you want before you go and convey your pitch.

‘What do I want’:

First thing is to figure out what your aim is from the meeting. If you don’t have a progressive step up to your demands, the buyer may not be interested if you’re not clear yourself. Do not demand too much in the first meeting itself. Start out by building your reputation.

‘What do they want’:

Doing too much research is not a bad thing for you regarding the buyer’s sales interests in your products or services. Figure out the advance in time how your sales pitch and ideas attract them or fit their agenda behind meeting you. Research your competition and use the words and language and incorporate it into your sales pitch.

‘What do they expect’:

Selling your idea is not something that is easy or predictable easily. By exceeding their expectations you can get a good edge over the competitors. Find out what the competitors are doing in the field and use it to get a significant boost.

The Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch

2. Preparing for the Q/A session:

Well if you’re going out to sell your ideas and expect no questions and answers to follow, which is probably going to burst your bubble of not being prepared. It is quintessential to prepare for any questions your audience might have regarding your services or products. A sales pitch not done right is equal to going to an interview unprepared. Write out any silly questions that could come up as best as possible, and prepare for everything.
The Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch

3. Making sure your idea attracts and sticks:

Making your idea stick means you have to imprint the thought into their memory and seed it. Much like the movie Inception, if you’re planting an idea right it will lead to outcomes that could benefit you. If your idea is attractive and sticky enough more and more people will capture it and will become your clients. To create an idea that ‘sticks’ it must have the following characteristics:

  1. Simple
  2. Unexpected
  3. Concrete
  4. Credible
  5. Emotional
  6. StoriesThe Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch

4. Pitches are best when in a team:

To carry out this task in a team is always much more effective than alone. This is because then you don’t have to carry out more tasks unevenly and everything gets distributed. This is more effective as it boosts the overall efficiency of the sales pitch. There are several roles you can assign to your team for better overall performance:

The Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch

5. Ally/Observer:

Handing over this role to someone on your sales team means having a person who acts as a secondary audience in full view. That person is supposed to be interested and act inquisitive as this shows the audience, that you’re really talking about something interesting. This is a bit of a psychological tactic but it plays out really well. If you’re speaking, the ally can also just observe the buyer reactions and convey how the audience reacts to certain parts of your sales pitch.

The Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch

6. Closer:

Apart from choosing whether your partner will be your ally, an additional role can also be suitable. This is the role of the closer or the quarterback. After the quarterback prepares the presentation, it is up toThe Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch the closer to ‘close’ the deal. Role distribution takes this way because it is more effective to keep different people for first raising the audience’s hopes to then being the technical guy.


7. Skipping PowerPoint:

Using PowerPoint means using a standardized prepared tool to explain your message better. But what happens when the lights go out and the audience starts using their phones and everyone loses their interest. In a presentation, people often avoid questions as the speakers are usually just aiming for completing the presentation. So use a whiteboard so you can explain your vision or get your sales pitch across without losing the interest as it keeps people hooked.

The Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch8. Don’t let it sound rehearsed:

Even if your pitch is well practiced and delivered to several audiences in the past, do not let it sound mechanical. This makes them feel as if they’re just another part of a machine that you’re trying to run to gain profits using your sales pitch. Make people feel special and most importantly interested. Use your enthusiasm and be just as excited as you were when you first set out in the field. This makes the sales pitch more genuine, which is transparent to the audience and not to the individual delivering the sales pitch.The Art of Perfecting your Sales Pitch

Using several methods, and approaches to deliver the perfect sales pitch is just as important as getting your audience to actually listen to you. Once they are interested it is entirely up to you to not sound like an average salesman but to really get their attention and drive it to get your goal. Define your goal, choose an approach, do this in a team and in no time you’ll be using the sales pitch method to gather an overwhelming number of clients that you couldn’t even anticipate. People often do not know what they want, find that something by researching across your competitors, and use it well. Sales and the process of selling your idea may be a bit difficult hands on but it is up to you to deliver it well and leverage it best for your use.

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