The Anatomy of Automatic Lead Generation

Lead Generation is an integral process in developing and maintaining a good sales rate. By Lead Generation, I meant the process of converting customer’s interest into a necessity. Lead Generation can be defined as the consumer interest on the products or services of a business. This consumer interest is later converted as a necessity to purchase the product. For this it is important to adopt 4 L’s rule of Lead Generation Strategy. The foretold 4 L’s are Lead Capture, Lead Magnet, Landing Page Conversion and Lead Scoring. Lead Capture is a strategy that ideally captures the interest of the consumer and then this interest is then made into a necessity by following the Lead Magnet and Landing Page Conversion methodology. Once a company is generating a fair share of Leads, it is recorded and analyzed using the fourth and integral strategy termed Lead Scoring. Surveys have proved that the companies which adopted this strategical method improved their sales by a major difference thereby maintaining a consistent record ever since. The Anatomy of Automatic Lead Generation

Important Factors of a Lead-Generating Website

It is not easy to generate sales all by alone. Many companies use Automatic Lead Generation methodologies for improving the Sales rate. These technologies don’t come cheap but, it guarantees a good sales record. So why is Automatic Lead Generation Software necessary, when you have the 4 L principle to help you out? Well, imagine that you are getting vast majority of views on the website and ultimately most of the viewer are giving you a huge amount of leads but it is not possible to convert all the interested customers into buyers easily. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Even if you work hard till midnight, it all depends upon the mood and mindset of the customer.  Furthermore it is impossible to send newsletter and updates to thousands of viewers manually. Henceforth the need for Automatic Lead Generation is essential for better Business.

The Anatomy of Automatic Lead Generation

Lead Generation Forms:

Automatic Lead Generation starts with the creation of a Contact form on the website in which the consumer is required to input all the relevant information so that the seller could retrieve the input to contact the buyer through mail id. Such forms are called Lead Generation forms. At the end of the Lead Generation forms one could find a default Subscription button which will automatically put the viewer in the mailing list where he/she receives newsletter. This methodology reduces time and increases the effectiveness as well. The said information is retrieved once the viewers request something for instance, demo or e-book from the website. Moreover hosting giveaways could get more subscriptions on return. As far as the lengths of such forms are concerned, it depends upon the quantity of the required information. If the website requires Email id alone, it is ideal to create a short form. But at the same time if the company need Address, Name, Age and other relevant information, the forms are made relatively bigger.

The Anatomy of Automatic Lead Generation

Form Scrapping Tool

Once a viewer has submitted the form, a Form Scraping Tool is used to automatically add the information entered into the contact database. This is where newsletters and other important updates regarding the products are sorted out. All the contacts in the database will be sent a lead nurturing mail which eases the workload of the company. All the processes are carried out instantaneously and no such delay or error is encountered while using these tools. In addition to newsletters, the form scraping tool tracks the leads and analyses the future behavior of the website as well.

Call To Action

It is important for a website to have a proper Call To Action commands. CTAs guide the viewers to what is to be done next. This allows easier interface and effective communication. Once a proper CTA is established the website gains improved lead generation as the viewer won’t be confused on what to do next. For instance “Learn More”, “Free Trial” are all some among the CTAs. Other methodologies include designing Pop up forms for quicker Information Retrieval.

The Anatomy of Automatic Lead Generation

Other Trust Building Factors:

All the said processes work only if the company generates enough trust and reliance. It is important for the company to be trustworthy so that people could give out their personal information on the Lead Generation Forms and Pop up Forms.

For gaining credibility a separate section for Customer Testimonials should be designed. While reading the testimonials the viewer will trust the company and provide the information without fearing the consequences.

In addition to the Customer Testimonials section, a trust seal should be allocated on the website. Trust seals are symbols that re-assure the visitors that their Information is protected and safe within the site. A trust seal is an effective way to increase the trustworthiness of the company.

The Anatomy of Automatic Lead Generation

Overall, Automatic Lead Generation is a cutting edge tool that contribute vast majority of leads when adopted. Hence the demand for such technologies. There are a lot of Automatic Lead Generation software that works efficiently to produce better sales. That being it is worth paying a lump sum for creating an Automatic Lead Generation Software.

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